During the Specter of Torment campaign, at some points Specter Knight will fall into a deep remembrance while staring at his treasured Keepsake Locket, thinking about his last adventure as the mortal Donovan, when he and his friend Luan tried to claim the cursed amulet for themselves.

These flashbacks appear sepia-tinted and two of them are full-blown stages, called respectively Memory of Adventure and Memory of Conflict. The flashbacks, including the Memory stages will begin immediately after their prerequisites are met, not allowing Specter Knight to rest at the Tower of Fate hub.

Memory of AdventureEdit

The Memory of Adventure appears after three stages have been cleared (including Plains). It recounts how Donovan and Luan reached the external walls of the Tower of Fate, before settling a camp for the night.

Just at the beginning of the stage, behind a fake wall, a chest containing the Caltrops can be found. During both Memories, while Donovan is still alive, the Caltrops will function similarly to a Relic instead of a Curio, depleting a numerical Magic Capacity refiled only by jars just like Shovel Knight's.

Memory of Adventure is one of the few proper stages to lack any sorts of Boss fight, the others being the Village, the Troupple Pond, the Shortcut?, the Relic/Arcana courses and the Loot/Encounter mini-stages.

Enemies :

Memory of ConflictEdit

The Memory of Conflict appears when six stages have been cleared. It continues the story of the previous memory, showing Donovan and Luan starting again from where they previously camped and reach the amulet resting chamber, only to have their way blocked by Shield Knight. After a Boss fight against her, the Memory abruptly ends, with both Donovan and Luan plummeting into a dark abyss.

If the Caltrops were not claimed in Memory of Adventure, Luan will personally entrust them to Donovan at the beginning of Memory of Conflict.

Inside the Tower of Fate, the little black creatures that compose Manny make a brief appearance, fleeing in fear at the sight of Donovan and Luan.

Unlike Memory of Adventure, memory of Conflict has a secret extra room, accessed by going left from the fifth room.


Both Memory stages contain the unbreakable Checkpoints usually found in the Plains and Tower of Fate: ????, one in Memory of Adventure and two in Memory of Conflict.

Other flashbacksEdit

Alongside these two stages two other flashbacks exist, however contrarily to the formers they are purely cutscene based:

  • The third flashback occurs after eight stages have been cleared. It follows directly after the Memory of Conflict, recounting how Donovan was transformed in the ghostly Specter Knight.
  • The fourth and last flashback occurs after the ending credits. It is chronologically the oldest one, and it shows how Donovan acquired the Keepsake Locket from Luan. 


  • Even in New Game Plus, where almost all food is replaced by a bomb, the food found in the memory stages remain unaltered.
  • By inserting the cheat code NO&SEPIA, items, characters, enemies and texts in the flashback sequences will not have a sepia tone, but instead will have their true colors.
  • Interestingly, the ledge Luan and Donovan sit on at the end of Memory of Adventure is one tile longer than its appearance at both the Tower of Fate hub, and the start of Memory of Conflict.
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