Merit Medals are a ribbon-like object that serve as a collectible found throughout King of Cards. Similar to the other Collectibles, once a Merit Medal is collected it will be replaced with a grayed out version to mark its former location, which will not increase the total amount of medals if collected again. They are needed to buy most of the Heirlooms along with Vigor Cream Pies from Mom. For every 10 Merit Medals collected, the Bard will also give King Knight a song and 900 gold.

Like Music Sheets, Cipher Coins and Red Skulls, Merit Medals can be found scattered throughout the main stages of King of Cards, often in dangerous or hidden locations, or when beating Joustus players for the first time. In total, there are 135 Merit Medals in the campaign: 3 in every main stage, 5 in every House of Joustus, 1 in the Homestead, and 18 on the Glidewing. The number of Merit Medals left to find can be viewed in the world map, or alternatively, in the Gear tab while playing a stage.

After all 135 Merit Medals are collected, a statue of King Knight can be seen at the deck of the Glidewing.


  • In early versions of King of Cards, Merit Medals were triangular, yellow coins called Crown Coins.

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