Ride over hazards and reach higher places! Hop on and hold on!
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The Mobile Gear is a Relic used to safely traverse over spikes and small pits and can also be used to kill small enemies and damage larger ones. When used, Shovel Knight tosses out a small box onto the ground that turns into a device comprised of two gears. One of the gears is standing up vertically and the other is laying down horizontally on top of the standing gear. The device will move in the direction the player is facing once the player jumps onto it, including over spikes. If the device encounters a pit, it will hop a small distance into the air, clearing short pits. If the device hits a wall while in midair it sticks to the wall and can be used as a platform.

The Mobile Gear can be purchased from Chester for 3000 gold in Tinker Knight's stage or in the Village for 3500 gold if it was not picked up before completion of the level. Interestingly and rather ironically, Shovel Knight can defeat the first form of Tinker Knight in a single hit with Mobile Gear, being the only Relic in the game capable of doing so.

The Mobile Gear is traded to Chester for the Fleet Flask in Plague of Shadows.

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