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Down here
am the foreman and
make the rules, and the rules are posted for a
In my caves, when you act high and mighty, you get
brought down to earth!

Mole Knight, Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Mole Knight is one of eight Knights of the Order of No Quarter who serves the Enchantress and an expert excavator. He is the boss of the Lost City.

Official Bio[]

The shovel may rule the confines of man-made gardens, but in the wild, the titan of tunneling is the mole! Mole Knight embraces this truth wholeheartedly. With his modified drop-forged armored claws, he mockingly tears through the earth with brute strength! Mole Knight calls the subterranean Lost City his home... an ancient abandoned metropolis. Shovel Knight must pass through the Lost City, but chances are slim he won’t be challenged to see who is truly the master of digging.
  • Pros: Great eyesight, shrewd, high endurance
  • Cons: Obsessive personality, gets sweaty in armor

Dig the Vote[]


Mole Knight is a self-serious badass that focuses on digging. His campaign will likely be about proving himself to be the strongest digger in the world.

Original Play Style Ideas[]

  • Incredibly fast while climbing and digging but somewhat slow otherwise.
  • Fireball projectiles.
  • Geomancy – Create and control dirt.
  • Dig Pile Warp – Can burrow into one mound of dirt and appear at another.
  • Mole Toss – Toss a friendly mole into the air. When it lands, it will burrow into the ground creating a dig pile.
  • Combine Mole Toss and Dig Pile Warp together and…


Treasure Knight[]

Ah, marine logistics showed up. You know how to excavate, right?

Mole Knight and Treasure Knight have a mutual respect for each other. They have a deal, where Mole Knight would remain in land and Treasure Knight would stay, submerged beneath the waves. They left one another alone so they wouldn't enter any conflicts.

Tinker Knight[]

Tinker Knight, there you are! We've gotta get out of here together- it's too dangerous. Safety first, right?

Mole Knight and Tinker Knight, as Shovel Knight Showdown states, are like oil and water, meaning that Tinker Knight believes safety should always be the first thing to consider while Mole Knight does what he thinks is the best thing to do, dangerous or not. They, however, because of the Order, work together sometimes, such as in the Magma Furnace of the Lost City where they cooperated.


Before Treasure Trove, Mole Knight made a reputation for himself in the Valley for his impeccable digging and treasure hunting skills. With his crew, he set a dig site in the Lost City with the intention of pilfering all of its untouched treasures. He even set there a hot tub for his minions and himself to relax during their rare breaks.

In King of Cards, King Knight inadvertently breaks the Lost Hot Tub by drilling into it while Mole Knight was taking one of his rare breaks. The excavator is even more angered when the unapologetic gilded dandy shows no respect for the rules of his dig site, and attacks him to throw him out. After his defeat, Mole Knight hops aboard the Glidewing to play a few games of Joustus. He feels uneasy by the airship's lavish looks, and would rather be back in his dig site, if not for the card game.
In the ending, Mole Knight is seen travelling through the Birder Bluffs with Polar Knight and Tinker Knight to reach the Tower of Fate; all three knights have accepted an invitation to the dark tower. Black Knight spies on them while concealing himself.

In Specter of Torment, Mole Knight is sought in the Lost City by Specter Knight. The Enchantress needs competent excavators to either dig out great valuables or undermine her enemies. The digger appreciates that his skills are recognized for their worth. However, he is not looking for any new employment and the phantom knight is impeding on his current work.

After they fight it out and Specter Knight defeats Mole Knight, the excavator shows up in the dining hall of the Tower of Fate. Mole Knight is disappointed with the quality of service in the Tower, and asks Specter Knight if he could orders to bring bread to his table.

In the ending, Mole Knight in enjoying some relaxation with his Moler minions in the now fixed Lost Hot Tub. He later bows down to the Enchantress in her throne room at the Tower of Fate along with the rest of the newly formed Order of No Quarter.

Shortly before Specter Knight's confrontation with the Enchantress in Specter of Torment, Mole Knight was tunneling through the Lost City when he was captured by the Mirror of Fate wreaking havok. He awakes in the Colosseum, and sees the place and foes appearing before him as new opportunities to increase his wealth.

As he progresses through the Mirror's worlds, Mole Knight Meets Treasure Knight in the Goo Gorge and requests his help to escape. The marine plunderer isn't against that offer but wants compensation for his work. The fiery digger then proposes to team up to steal as much loot as they can on their way out. The opportunistic treasure hunters come to an agreement and partner for their next fight. They meet again before the Mirror Chamber. While both knights were succesful on their respective treasure hunt, they had planned to steal from the other all along, although Treasure Knight was the first to come out. They fight it out and Mole Knight emerges victorious, before proceeding to shatter the Mirror of Fate and freeing himself. Back in the real world, both treasure hunters make peace, vowing to not step on each other's hunting grounds. At least for now.

While still trapped, Mole Knight meets Tinker Knight at the Piston Furnace. The panicked engineer wants to team up with the excavator to escape, but a misunderstanding leads to both wanting to take command, then to a fight which Tinker Knight wins. They meet again before the Mirror's Chamber. After facing the dangers of the Mirror's worlds alone, Mole Knight is more inclined in accepting Tinker Knight's offer. The over-confident engineer however disses his colleague as unreliable, leading to a second fight, again lost by Mole Knight. Later in the real Lost City, Tinker Knight and Mole Knight finally make peace in order to work on the Order's plans. They cooperate to create a magma furnace operating within safety parameters.

In Shovel of Hope, Shovel Knight on his way to the Tower of Fate, faces Mole Knight deep in the Lost City. The villainous knight first mistakes the Blue Borrower for a lost spelunker, then mocks his sense of justice and Shovel Blade.

After Mole Knight's defeat, the diggers face each other again at the dining hall of the Tower of Fate, surrounded by the rest of Mole Knight's colleagues. Mole Knight is the first to suggest a rematch between Shovel Knight and the Order of No Quarter all together. After the Battle Royale, if the Blue Borrower helps Mole Knight out of the pit he fell into, the fiery digger compliments him on his digging skills and hopes to be sharing notes some time.

In the ending, after the end of the Order of No Quarter, Mole Knight is seen excavating and leading an expedition of Knights and Horse Advenurers deep in the Lost City, this time sharing his valuable findings.

In Plague of Shadows, Mole Knight mistakes Plague Knight for the demolition expert he asked from the Order of No Quarter. The rogue alchemist, who had traveled to the Lost City to steal his colleague's Essence, does not hide that he is up to mischief. Having no time to lose, Mole Knight charges him.

After the digger's defeat, they meet again in the Tower's dining hall when Plague Knight unknowingly drops down in the middle of his former colleagues' banquet. Shovel Knight follows him but passes out from the fall. Mole Knight is however first concerned with the purpose of the rogue knight's visit. He enrages when the mad alchemist simply hints that he used the Order of No Quarter to follow his own plan. He is eventually defeated once again by Plague Knight and left to hang over a pit by an uncaring Shovel Knight, while the alchemist makes his escape.

In the ending, after the fall of the Order, Plague Minions have invested Mole Knight's dig site in the Lost City. There, the digger uses his fire skills to help Plague Knight and Mona produce Slimulacra en mass from a Goo-filled cauldron.

In Pocket Dungeon, Mole Knight is one of the many knights who were trapped inside the titular artifact. He can be randomly encountered as a boss fight and recruited to Puzzle Knight's campsite.


Mole Knight is a very high-mobility boss. It is difficult to do much damage to him in one go. When the fight begins, he will shoot out of the walls at high speed in an attempt to ram into you. The best thing to do in this phase is to charge up your Shovel, and attack him with it when he comes towards you, as this will negate his attack and damage him at the same time. After shooting out of the walls a few times, Mole Knight will land on his belly and slide across the ground, with his armor shooting out sparks from grinding against the ground. After this, he will dig up blocks to launch at you; the stacks of blocks he sends at you get progressively bigger the lower his health is. If you manage to get on top of him and Shovel Drop onto him, you can rack up a lot of damage on Mole Knight as he is stationary during this attack. After doing some damage to him, he will burrow underground and hide under one of four dirt piles. It is easy to find which one Mole Knight is under, as his visor will be peeking out. Digging this pile up stuns him for a short time, but watch out as a mole enemy is hiding under another pile and will damage you. After he emerges from the ground, he will call down magma to cover him, and he launches balls of magma which loosely track your movement while drops of magma fall from the ceiling. He is invincible while this attack goes on, so stay away from him and try to dodge the balls of magma. You can, however, hit some of the balls of magma back at him for a little bit of damage; the flashing magma balls do extra damage. When this attack ends, Mole Knight will stomp the ground to make some dirt blocks fall from the ceiling, and then he'll repeat the entire cycle.

In Specter of Torment, Mole Knight's battle is largely the same, but the dirt blocks he attacks with are replaced with green slime blocks. Also, he now covers himself in green slime instead of magma, which makes him able to attack by bouncing around the room until the slime wears off.

Joustus Deck[]

RedCardMoleKnight.png RedCardWhippicles.png RedCardMemmec.png RedCardMoleMinion.png
Mole Knight Whippicles Memmec Mole Minion
RedCardBigBohto.png RedCardCharflounder.png RedCardCharflounder.png RedCardCharflounder.png
Big Bohto Charflounder Charflounder Charflounder
RedCardRatsploder.png RedCardRatsploder.png RedCardMoler.png RedCardMoler.png
Ratsploder Ratsploder Moler Moler
RedCardTroupple.png RedCardTroupple.png RedCardBlazorb.png RedCardBlazorb.png
Troupple Troupple Blazorb Blazorb


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Before his fight "Mole Knight:
didn't read the
no diving sign,
and you broke the Lost Hot Tub during my only break!
"King Knight: Pah! It's beneath my royal rank to read rules, commoner. I prefer to
speak and be obeyed.
"Mole Knight: Down here
am the foreman and
make the rules, and the rules are posted for a

In my caves, when you act high and mighty, you get
brought down to earth!
Talked to aboard the Glidewing "Mole Knight: Wish I was back at the dig site. I loathe being aboard this expensive novelty, and I don't have time for games!
Well..... Maybe one.

Before his fight "Mole Knight: Break time is over. Are you in the right place? Ready to continue the dig?"
"Specter Knight: Very much fact, I'm here with a business proposal. The Enchantress has need of excavators and wishes to employ the best."
"Mole Knight: What? Who? Well, you've found the best...
The best
at digging! My claws are sharp! My technique is flawless!
"Specter Knight: Excellent, then you'll only need--"
"Mole Knight: But I'm absolutely
looking for new work.
And  break  time is over!!!
Talked to at the Tower's dining hall "Mole Knight: Are they bringing my bread out? I asked for bread. Everything up here takes
Could you go ask about the bread?

Third fight in Tinker Knight's story mode "Tinker Knight: Ah! You! The one with the claws. Yes, you can dig, and we're on the same team! At last, some help!"
"Mole Knight:
I'm nobody's servant. In fact, I could use an extra hand. How about you pick up these loose pebbles?
"Tinker Knight: So, you think you are the boss, eh? You have no idea what a bind we are in! I won't let you wreck my plan."
"Mole Knight: No, I'm gonna wreck
take your stuff, and dig my way to freedom!
Ninth fight in Tinker Knight's story mode "Mole Knight: Tinker Knight, there you are! We've gotta get out of here together- it's too dangerous. Safety first, right?"
"Tinker Knight: Oh, that's rich. You'll just slow me down at this point. You had your chance, dirt man."
"Mole Knight: Oh yeah? Well when I'm done with you, you're gonna be takin' a dirt
"Tinker Knight: I'll clean your clock,
End of the line!
Victory speeches "Mole Knight: That's it? The match is over? Good, I have important work to get back to."
"Mole Knight: You'd better stay out of the Lost City. As the foreman, I will not be undermined!"
"Mole Knight: Claws down, I'm the best at digging.
"Mole Knight: You're useless in battle, but we can always use help in the mines. Interested?"

Before his fight "Mole Knight: You're out of your depth, spelunker. Are you lost?"
"Shovel Knight: These ruins belong to the ages, Mole Knight."
"Mole Knight: They're mine now! But more importantly, is THAT your digging implement?

I'm astonished you made it ten feet down with that rusty trinket

Before his fight "Mole Knight: You've gotta be kidding me.
the demolitions expert? You're a day late! Don't just stand there! Start blasting! Hop to it!
"Plague Knight: Hee hee, I'm afraid i'm not exactly here to help with your dig... but... I'm certainly here for demolitions! Hee hee hahaha!
"Mole Knight: I should have known you were just gonna clown around. Can't let that happen on my watch! Let's make this quick!"

Random lines before his fight "Mole Knight:
Move it!
I'll claw my way out of here, and I don't mind going through you!
"Mole Knight: It's time someone took charge of this operation. I won't be undermined. Your shift is over!"
"Mole Knight: You just dug too deep, pal. When I'm challenged, I always come out on top!"
First time talked to at the camp "Mole Knight: I miss my precious dig site... But there's so much work to do here, I almost feel...
Talked to again at the camp "Mole Knight: Put me to work. I don't have time for games!"


  • Mole Knight's favorite food is jelly filled donuts.[1]
  • On his character bio page, it is stated that Mole Knight’s great eyesight is one of his strengths. This is ironic, as real-life moles have a reputation for being near-blind, as they use their feelers instead of their eyes to detect things underground.


Key Art[]

Concept Art[]


Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove[]

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon[]


  1. Confirmed during a Twitch stream on April 18th, 2019.
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