Let's blow this joint.

Mona is a minor character present in the Village in Shovel of Hope, and a main character in Plague of Shadows, where she resides in the Potionarium. She is an alchemist dedicated to her research and a follower of Plague Knight.


Mona is a woman wearing an elaborate black and purple dress complete with gloves and a cape. She appears to be of a somewhat apathetic and melancholic temperament around other people. However, she shows her true colors when practicing alchemy with Plague Knight, being more enthusiastic and caring. She often indirectly flirts with him, although he usually doesn't notice or acts embarrassed.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, Shovel Knight can speak to her and play her minigame in exchange for 100 gold.

Depending on the player's performance, the reward is some gold, but if the score is over 150 points you will get the Juggler Feat and the Music Sheet Spin Ye Bottle.

In the ending, she appears in the Lich Yard, playing her game with Specter Knight, with Grandma Swamp and a Super Skeleton watching his performance.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, Mona is Plague Knight's partner in alchemy, aiding his quest to collect the ingredients for the Ultimate Potion, and also supports him by selling modifications for his attack's casing, powder, and fuse. Between some missions, she also gives a health potion that increase Plague Knight's base maximum health. Plague Knight can give his Cipher Coins to Mona so she can research new modifications in order to increase her selling inventory.

Mona likes to dance when she is alone, and has romantic feelings towards Plague Knight. Later in the game she leaves the lair due to a misunderstanding, but returns in the end to help Plague Knight. In the epilogue she and Plague Knight are seen dancing alone inside the underground lair.

Specter of TormentEdit

In the credits sequence of Specter of Torment, Mona is briefly seen with Plague Knight, building the giant vat to host the essences of The Order of No Quarter for Plague Knight's plan to brew the Ultimate Potion. She pulls some kind of mechanism coming face to face with him, causing the both of them to move apart, embarrassed.


Shovel of HopeEdit

When first talked to:

"Mona: Sigh... I suppose peaceful solitude is too much to ask for. Well, as long as I'm stranded here... Shall we pass the time with a little game? I'll just need 100 gold first."

When accepting to play:

"Mona: Alright...I'll conjure up some... things, and you can hit them toward the targets for points. Okay?"

When scoring below her expectations:

"Mona: You got [x] points! That's not very good, though. If you're trying to impress me, you should try for 75 next time..."

When scoring above 75 and below 150:

"Mona: You got [x] points! Good job, I guess. Take this, and come back if you get bored again."

When accepting to play:

"Mona: Sigh... I suppose peaceful solitude is too much to ask for. Well, as long as I'm stranded here... Shall we pass the time with a little game? I'll just need 100 gold first."

When coming back to play:

"Mona: You're back already? Do you want to play again? Just 100 gold..."

When accepting to play again:

"Mona: Great...I'll conjure more things.... again. Try to get more than [x] points this time. Ready?"

When scoring below 150:

"Mona: You got [x] points! YAWN... That's not very good, though. If you're trying to impress me, you should try for 150 next time..."

When scoring above 150:

"Mona: You got [x] points! YAWN... Well, color me impressed."

Plague of ShadowsEdit

Entering Mona's room for the first time:

"Plague Knight: Hee hee hee! Mona! We have a big, uhhhh, problem on our hands!! We've been found out!"
"Mona: Oh, the Black Knight thing? Yeah, Magicist filled me in. Don't worry your beak. That fool has nothing on us. Look. All we need to worry about is those final ingredients. We're stuck languishing here in obscurity until then."
"Plague Knight: Yes, hee hee, the Essences! I shall pay our friends a little visit and, uhhh, haha, "BORROW" them."
"Mona: Right. And while you're doing that, I'll keep researching ways to get more.. bang for our buck. Know what they say... the bigger the explosion..."
"Plague Knight: ...The better the alchemist! Yes, hee hee! Let's get to work!"

Entering the Potionarium for the first time:

"Plague Knight: Whoa, hee hee hee! These lifts never cease to both amuse me and nauseate... *HRP*"
"Mona: Truly a dizzying display of technology. Heh. Anyway, welcome back to the Potionarium!"

When talking to her in her room in the Village:

"Mona: Is the coast clear? Good. Let's go for a spin!"

Entering the Potionarium after acquiring the first Essence:

"Mona: Drop the Essence into my dynamo decanter here. Essences are volatile, but my breakthrough design stabilizes them. Once the Essences are all distilled together, if my research is correct, then we can craft the Ultimate Potion."

Entering the Potionarium after acquiring two Essences:

"Mona: !!!"
"Plague Knight: Mona, what were you.. doing in here?"
"Mona: Ahem! How long were you watching? And you operated my Torque Lifts unsupervised?!"
"Plague Knight: I.. I just dropped in! I barely saw anything! Come on, I'm not some creep."
"Mona: Well, I guess the charade is up. Yeach, I dance down here. All the time. By myself. Big Deal."
"Plague Knight: By yourself? hee, that doesn't sound like fun."
"Mona: Well, whatever. I don't see anyone rushing to join me. I'm used to the solitude by now."
"Plague Knight: I wish I could help you there.. But, heh, uh... You know, two left....f-feet and all."
"Mona: Yeah. It's no big deal. Anyway..."

After delivering the second Essence:

"Plague Knight: Your face... You look different! Is something the matter?"
"Mona: Silly. I'm SMILING! Oh, by the way, take a swig of this Health Potion I made for you. Maybe it'll help?"

After delivering the fifth Essence:

"Mona: We've got five essences! We're getting there! Let's relax and let the dynamo decanter do its thing..."
"Plague Knight: Hee, but a watched pot never boils!"
"Mona: ... Sure, but .. right now, something else has caught my eye."
"Plague Knight: This step takes concentration! We must drop the Essence slowly, it's very-"
"Mona: Why don't you come over here and help me un-jam this lever? The pivot seems to be stuck. It'll take two people to wrench it free..."
"Mona: Come closer, don't be shy. I'm right here."
"Mona: It won't budge... put your hand over mine..."
"Plague Knight: ..."
"Mona: ..."
"Percy: The forces of darkness reigns no longer! For I Percy, have fixed the power! How's it going? Eesh, that's a nasty stuck lever. Need a hoof with that? ... No? You're good? Fair Enough! I'll be in the other room. DOING SCIENCE!"
"Mona: Well, so much for that. Uh, where were we before? Oh.. Oh yeah..."

After discussing normally of the last completed stage:

"Mona: Oh, by the way, take a swing of this Health Potion I made for you. Maybe it'll help?"

Opening Mona's shop:

"Mona: So, what are we working on?"

Opening the Research section:

"Mona: Okay, so I have a bunch of new toys designed, but we still have to build them! We'll need [x] Cipher Coins for materials!"

Not enough coins for research:

"Mona: Look, I can't build this stuff on a shoestring budget, so until you have those coins, we're kinda stuck."

Refusing Research:

"Mona: Fine, don't want firepower? I mean, it's your choice and all."

Paying for Research:

"Mona: Yep, that'll do it. Okay, stand back as I test my hypotheses."
"Mona: Take a gander at your new arsenal. Heh."

Completing all available Research:

"Mona: Wow, that's my whole notebook. Thanks so much for helping me with my research... It means a lot to me."
"Plague Knight: What's that scribbled in the margin there?"
"Mona: ...Honestly, I'm not sure. It probably wouldn't work. Even if we collected every last Cipher Coin. Anyway, that's everything. Check out our full arsenal!"

If all Cipher Coins are collected and the Pandemonium Chalice is created:

"Mona: Is that... every Cipher Coin!? I'm impressed. Ok, Plaguey, you convinced me. Gimme those - Let's do some science!"
"Mona: Our research produced... this? It's pulsing with power, but I can't figure it out. what are we missing?"

Closing her shop:

"Mona: That's it then, huh? Well, safe travels out there."

Returning from Pridemoor Keep:

"Plague Knight: King Knight's Essence is ours! And I discovered that his crown isn't real gold!"
"Mona: Ha ha ha! I knew it! Pretender, indeed. Well, let's get down to business then!"

Returning from the Lich Yard:

"Plague Knight: Specter Knight has given up the ghost, hee hee hee!"
"Mona: Great! I needed to swing by the Lich Yard and scrape up some ectoplasm later. Fantastic!"

Returning from the Lost City:

"Plague Knight: That insufferable Mole Knight! Escaping that sweltering Lost City had me dancing for joy!"
"Mona: *SNORT* You, dancing? That's ... I can't even imagine what that'd look like."
"Plague Knight: UH, UM, heh, you see, UH, hee hee hee, uh.... Hm..... Yes, preposterous, hee..."

Returning from the Iron Whale:

"Mona: You look like you lost a fight with a pond!"
"Plague Knight: Ocean, actually. Had to go liberate the Essence of avarice. Nice place he's got down there."
"Mona: I never understood what he saw in gold. You can just make it from sawdust and mouse skulls...."
"Plague Knight: Some people do things the hard way! Hee! Let's do some work!"

Returning from the Explodatorium:

"Plague Knight: I had to stop by the Explodatorium to set my addle-brained minion in order! And you'll never believe who was there, wrecking my lab!"
"Mona: Um........ Shovel Knight?"
"Plague Knight: Impossible! You read my mind!"
"Mona: I dunno, it's weird. From my limited interaction with him, he just seems to love busting up glassware."

Returning from the Stranded Ship:

"Mona: Are those icicles I see on your mask? Are you all right? What happened?"
"Plague Knight: Polar Knight happened.. and I wouldn't mind a tropical beach getaway right now Mona..."
"Mona: Perhaps, when this is all over....... but let's focus! We're almost ready!"

Returning from the Clockwork Tower:

"Mona: Hey, I thought my research trip was tough, but you look like you were just hit by a ton of bricks!"
"Plague Knight: Actually, it was a giant machine that shot missiles at me."
"Mona: Tinker Knight is quite an engineer. But there was no way to avoid a confrontation..."
"Plague Knight: He had his chance to surrender... hee hee!"

Returning from the Flying Machine:

"Plague Knight: Ergh, something about that Propeller Knight just doesn't sit right with me."
"Mona: I dunno, I find it hard to resist his dashing, wind-swept look."
"Plague Knight: D-d-dashing? W-windswept? I, uh, heee haha uhhhhh..."
"Mona: Relax! I'm only teasing you! Let's do some science!"

When encountering Black Knight wandering across the Valley:

"Mona: This is all getting too risky. I can’t lose him. I’ll reward you however you want. Just do this for me."
"Black Knight: Why would you help that miserable lunatic seize power and beguile the Magicist? What’s in it for you?"
"Mona: Magicist? Are you kidding me? You’re just trying to talk up your asking price."
"Black Knight: Then there’s the other matter: I can’t be bought at any price."
"Plague Knight: !!! What are you two doing here?"
"Mona: So, the Magicist, huh?"
"Plague Knight: W-what about her? Is she okay?"
"Mona: Let me ask you something, Plague Knight. Where do *I* fit, in your big plans? Are we partners? Are we more?"
"Plague Knight: Wait... I... I... I..."
"Black Knight: Look at him, b-b-busted. C-c-can’t even formulate a response. HA HA HA! What a wimp!"
"Mona: This whole time, I thought we were in this together... was I just a tool to you? I need some time to think about all this."

After defeating the Enchantress:

"Black Knight: No! Stop your assault! Plague Knight, look! I've brought someone!"
"Mona: Plague Knight! Come to your senses... You don't need to go through this!"
"Plague Knight: Mona! You don't understand! I was too weak to say it before, but now I can show you I'm good enough!"
"Mona: Black Knight told me everything. You don't need a potion to win me over. You already have!"
"Plague Knight: Wh-what? I... But it's too late, I already defeated the Enchantress and began the final distillation!"
"Black Knight: !!! I was too late! I must go after her! You two - touch nothing until I return!"

After Black Knight leaves:

"Plague Knight: Where is all this... power coming from? This wasn't in our notes!"
"Mona: The Essences are reacting unpredictably! Watch out!!"

After defeating the Corrupted Essence:

"Mona: You did it! The reaction has stabilized! ... Wow... There it is... the Ultimate Potion... Well..... Are you gonna drink it now?"
"Plague Knight: Heh. I...... I don't... think I need it anymore, Mona."
"Mona: But we must take it with us! It's all we've been working for... My future as an alchemist is riding on it! Wait. I just got an idea. You know how much energy is contained in this potion, right?"
"Plague Knight: Yeah, heh, this much boom could easily level the whole tower..."
"Mona: ...and be seen for miles in all directions...."
"Plague Knight: Mona, I love the way you think! HAHAHA!!! The bigger the explosion..."
"Mona: The better the alchemist! Those bumbling townsfolk would throw us a parade! We could practice alchemy anywhere we want!"
"Plague Knight: We wouldn't have to hide away anymore!"
"Mona: But... You're holding a potion that can give you anything you could ever want! Are you sure about this?"
"Plague Knight: I.... I already have everything I could ever want."
"Mona: ................ Let's blow this joint."

After the ending sequence:

"Percy: You're back! You're alive! WONDERFUL! I'm going to assume that explosion was your handiwork?"
"Mona: Yep! That crusty old tower was an eyesore anyway."
"Percy: Amazing! I didn't get any rocks thrown at me today, I think the townspeople are actually ...GRATEFUL!"
"Magicist: Listen, Plague Knight... I know you made all these potions and blew everything up... all to impress me. I'm so flattered, really I am. I have to make a confession, though. You're ... not my type. I'm so sorry."
"Magicist: You see... I've fallen for a REAL MAN!"
"Plague Knight: ..."
"Mona: ..."
"Minion: Guys! GUYS! The villagers are all in the Juice Bar, and they want to buy us a round! Let's go!"
"Plague Knight: Hee, that sounds lovely! But I think we'll catch up later. There's science to be done! Mona?"
"Mona: Let's get started, Plague Knight. There's no telling what we'll brew up next!"


  • Her full name in her original concept art is "Mona Mopes", as seen in the official artbook.
  • The official artbook also states that she is left handed.
  • The developers changed Mona's hairstyle for Plague of Shadows. This is visible in her sprites where she sits at her desk, in the gallery below.
  • Like the Magicist, Mona only has her own portrait for dialogues in Plague of Shadows.
  • The developers designed a Body Swap version for Mona, although only the main cast of Shovel of Hope had one added to the campaign.
  • Even after beating the game, Percy will still take Mona's place in the Potionarium.
  • Even though it may not seem possible to return all the Cipher Coins to Mona (due to her leaving the Potionarium when encountering Black Knight on the world map), it is possible to do so. By getting every Cipher Coin (but one) then starting a New Game Plus file, then collect the last Cipher Coin and go to the Potionarium.
  • Trying to dance as Plague Knight while in the same room as Mona results in him embarrassedly touching his fingers together.


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