Ahhh, hats, my greatest passion. Nothing I enjoy more than the crisp snap of a well-tailored brim.

Mr. Hat is one of the Wandering Travellers in the world of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. This character was created by Alexander “Hatman” Hatzikides as a Director for a Day.[1]He runs the fancy shop at the Armor Outpost and specializes in hats

Official BioEdit

Mr. Hat is obsessed with hats, but for good reason! For although he wears a helmet, each hat that he places atop his head gives him the powers of that hat’s owner! Mr. Hat can switch from a charismatic foppish dandy to military genius in a moment, and he takes great pride in his varied fighting styles. Lately, though, there have been rumblings of an even greater warrior who wields a Shovel Blade; one with a wonderfully blue, horned helmet...


Mr. Hat appears as a sophisticated man, wearing a large grey and brown trenchcoat, with brown trousers and shoes. He wears a golden helmet, hiding his face, and carries a wooden cane with a red jewel at the tip. When fighting, he puts a hat on his head, with each type of hat defining his fighting style. He then uses his cane either to displace himself or as a sword.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, Mr. Hat is tending to his shop. However, as more hats are getting bought, he starts obsessing on refilling his stock. With the last customer gone, he addresses Shovel Knight about his helmet, and explains that each hat grants him the power of its previous owner. He then engages Shovel Knight in combat to take his helmet.

Mr. Hat finally regains his senses after his defeat, but still obsesses about Shovel Knight's hat. He leaves the shop after the knight makes him remark it is a helmet. He can then be found three times at the Outpost while not leaving the area. When found, he gives Shovel Knight gold to make the knight forget about him. He grows unnerved at the third time, and leaves the Outpost by launching himself from a catapult while laughing maniacally.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, Mr. Hat doesn't leave his shop after Plague Knight's attack on the Armor Outpost. He feels insulted when the knight asks if he craft hoods, then enraged by Plague Knight's belittling of hats, before engaging combat.

After the fight, Mr. Hat explains how his power comes from the hats he wears. Plague Knight is impressed and wants to buy his hats, but he explains how the powers only work on himself. He then leaves the shop with no grudge towards Plague Knight.

Specter of TormentEdit

In Specter of Torment, Mr. Hat appears briefly in the ending, when the army of the Enchantress attacks the Armor Outpost. He flees from his fancy shop during the attack.


Shovel of HopeEdit

When talked to with all three customers present:

"Mr. Hat: Ahhh, hats, my greatest passion. Nothing I enjoy more than the crisp snap of a well-tailored brim."

After buying a hat for one customer:

"Mr. Hat: HEH HEH, running out of customers, one by one. The hats are going. How shall I restock?"

After buying hats for two customers:

"Mr. Hat: J-Just one more customer. Then there's no more hats. No more hats. M-Must get more. More hats."

After buying hats for all customers:

"Mr. Hat: Argh! My precious hats! That's a lovely helmet, so lovely. So lovely!"
"Shovel Knight: I must inquire, sir, about your curious collection."
"Mr. Hat: Travel the land far and wide, I do -- searching, learning, teaching, collecting! All shapes! All sizes! Hats! Each one I wear grants me a new power. And your hat looks powerful indeed!"
"Shovel Knight: Intriguing, but ... I am rather attached to my helmet."
"Mr. Hat: Yes, yes... about that... HEH HEH HEH!"

After defeating Mr. Hat:

"Mr. Hat: Enough! I know not what came over me! My hunger for hats took control! Your.. beautiful hat.."
"Shovel Knight: It's a helmet."
"Mr. Hat: Right-o! I knew that! Wear it in good health! For now!"
"Shovel Knight: ....."
"Mr. Hat: ..... Right, well, off I go then!"

When finding him outside once:

"Mr. Hat: Oh bother...You found me. I'm so embarrassed! I promise I'll pester you no longer! Here's some gold for all the trouble."


"Mr. Hat: YOU?! You can't be serious! How did you find me again? You're following me everywhere! OK, OK! I won't come back. Just take some more of my gold and leave me to my hats!"

Third time:

"Mr. Hat: IMPOSSIBLE! Do you think your aggression is teaching me a lesson about my fancy hat obsession? I suppose I'm about to leave an impression! You'll never see me again... or will you?! MWAHAHA!"

Plague of ShadowsEdit

When talked to:

"Mr. Hat: Ah! So you're the one who's scaring off all my customers! It's enough to make a haberdasher flip his lid!"
"Plague Knight: Hee hee, do you do hoods? I could use a blast-proof lining on mine!"
"Mr. Hat: !!! You miscreant! HOODS! That's not even a proper hat! No structure, no support! No... FLAIR!"
"Plague Knight: Hats are a waste of felt, old man! They fall off in the wind! Hoods are objectively more utilitarian!"
"Mr. Hat: How... how DARE you, sirrah! I demand satisfaction! HAVE AT YOU!"

After the fight:

"Plague Knight: Hee, wow, for a geezer, you sure put up a fight! How'd you get all those moves?"
"Mr. Hat: Ah, well, my hats aren't just fashion accessories. Each one bestows great powers upon me!"
"Plague Knight: ... whoa, power? I'll take ten of your finest hats, then!"
"Mr. Hat: Sadly, the powers are unique to yours truly. They'd only make you LOOK powerful... and classy!"
"Plague Knight: Oh, blast! Well, hee hee, uh, see you later, then!"
"Mr. Hat: ... Indeed!!"



  • His sprite model is named "Hat Knight".
  • Mr. Hat is the only member of the Wandering Travellers not fought as an encounter on the map.
  • Mr. Hat, Phantom Striker and Propeller Knight are the only main characters in Shovel Knight to use a sword as a weapon.
  • Immediately after defeating Mr. Hat he can be chased around the Armor Outpost giving 1000 gold each time he is spoken to. First he appears on top of the sign to his shop, then he appears in the airship. If the second wave of the Order of No Quarter has already been defeated he can be found a third time by the catapult.
  • His conversation after being defeated by Plague Knight hints that he might be older than he looks.
  • In the Plague Knight playthrough, one of the minions in the armor outpost will mention something about removing the blast-proof lining on their hood, while Plague Knight asks Mr. Hat about adding one.
  • The developers designed a Body Swap version for Mr. Hat, although only the main cast of Shovel of Hope had one added to the campaign.
  • His artwork depicts him wielding his sword and cane separately, but his in-game sprite shows him turning his cane into a sword instead.


  1. Update: Almost there! and Director for a Day reveals! on the Kickstarter pages of Shovel Knight
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