Music Sheet On and Off

Music Sheets (left: not collected, right: collected)

Music Sheets (also called Song Scrolls) are extra collectibles found scattered across the Valley in both Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows. They are usually hidden in secret areas or alcoves within the main Stages but sometimes act as rewards for completing bonus stages, with every Music Sheet redeemed unlocking a new song from the soundtrack. Similarly to the other Collectibles, once a Music Sheet is collected, it will be replaced with a grayed out version to mark its former location, and acquiring it again will not increase the total amount.

In Shovel of Hope, they act as the main and only collectible, and Shovel Knight can redeem them for 500 gold each to the Bard in the Village. The first five of these songs are already unlocked upon talking to the Bard, and the remaining 41 need to be found. Completing the Battletoads fight exclusive to Xbox One and PC versions will unlock 5 additional scrolls, while completing the Kratos fight (exclusive to the Sony version) will unlock 1 extra scroll. Each sheet has a description, plus the Bard has some colorful dialogue regarding each one of them. After beating the Tower of Fate: ???? stage or starting a New Game Plus, the Items Totals Menu becomes available. By pressing [SELECT] while hovering on a stage in the map, the menu is accessed revealing which Music Sheets are missing in said stage. Alternatively, accessing the stage and checking the Gear tab will also reveal if a sheet is missing in that area.

In Plague of Shadows, the 41 scrolls are a secondary collectible, coexisting together with Cipher Coins, and are instead known as Scrap Sheets. The one seeking them this time is Percy, who needs paper to continue his research in the Potionarium, and he will reward Plague Knight 500 gold for each and offer romantic advice of questionable usefulness. They are mostly in the same locations as the Music Sheets with the exception of the Village, Armor Outpost and Relics/Arcana stages. After certain amounts of Scrap Sheets have been redeemed, Percy will find a sheet with music scribbled on both sides and, deeming it useless, he will discard it into Oolong's head, unlocking a new song for him to play, for a total of 11 new tracks. Similarly to the Bard, Oolong has the first four songs already unlocked, and he has a description about each music track in his usual broken speech. Checking the Gear tab inside a stage will have the same effect as in Shovel of Hope. Also, the Items Totals Menu in Plague of Shadows can be accessed from the start, and it will reveal not only which Scrap Sheets are missing, but also the number of Cipher Coins collected.

In King of Cards, sheets don't make a physical appearance but are still seen as a paper during the ending of the campaign. Bard is seen dropping them off the airship, explaining how they got scattered across the Valley in the first place. Instead, Bard collects Merit Medals and gives 900 coins for each set of ten (he also gives 900 coins for the final five) and adds a poem about one of the area types of the game for good measure. Even if the King Knight has used the Medals for Heirlooms or Pies, Bard will count how many in total have been collected, not how many King Knight has at the moment.

The only campaign where the Music Sheets don't make an appearance in any shape or form is Specter of Torment, as no character fills the role of the Bard. Instead, after collecting every Curio, the extra Red Skulls can be similarly sold to Red for 500 gold each.

All the music tracks with their respective names can be found in the Sound Test unlocked upon beating each respective campaign.

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List of Scrolls in Shovel of HopeEdit

Scroll Title Location
1 Main Theme N/A
2 Steel Thy Shovel! N/A
3 One Fateful Knight N/A
4 A Decisive Blow N/A
5 No Weapons Here N/A
6 Pastorale  Village, Room 3 (roof of a house at right end)
7 The Local Happenstance  Village, Room 6 (right cellar)
8 Courage Under Fire  Armor Outpost, Room 1 (roof of a house)
9 Bucklers and Bonnets  Armor Outpost, Room 5 (top of airship)
10 Waltz of the Troupple King  Troupple Pond (Fishing Rod/Bait Bomb)
11 Watch Me Dance!  Village, Room 5 (after beating Specter Knight, talk to the Dancer)
12 Spin Ye Bottle  Village, Room 4 (score over 150 in Mona's game)
13 Fighting with All of Our Might  Defeat Reize
14 The Donor's Despair  Hall of Champions, Room 5a (left hidden room)
15 Backed Into a Corner  Hall of Champions, Room 8a (right hidden room)
16 The Starlit Wilds  Knuckler's Quarry/Bottomless Quarry, Goal room
17 The Requiem of Shield Knight  Frozen Flight/Shivering Sprint, Goal Room
18 The Adventure Awaits  Forest of Phasing/Forest of Fishing, Goal Room
19 End of Days  Tower of Fate: Entrance, Room 7
20 Strike the Earth!  Plains, Room 9a (hidden room behind second Skeleton)
21 The Rival  Plains, Room 12a (hidden room to the right of second Divedrake)
22 The Defender  Tower of Fate: Ascent, Room 8
23 In the Halls of the Usurper  Pridemoor Keep, Room 1a (go left from the start)
24 The Decadent Dandy  Pridemoor Keep, Room 16a
25 La Danse Macabre  The Lich Yard, Room 15
26 The Apparition  The Lich Yard, Room 9a
27 A Thousand Leagues Below  Iron Whale, Room 8a
28 The Bounty Hunter  Iron Whale, Room 14a
29 Flowers of Antimony  Explodatorium, Room 9 (before mid-boss)
30 The Vital Vitriol  Explodatorium, Room 4a (hidden room above first checkpoint)
31 An Underlying Problem  Lost City, Room 7a
32 The Claws of Fate  Lost City, Room 11a
33 Of Devious Machinations  Clockwork Tower, Room 10a
34 The Schemer  Clockwork Tower, Room 6a
35 The Destroyer  Clockwork Tower, Room 13b
36 A Cool Reception  Stranded Ship, Room 17
37 The Stalwart  Stranded Ship, Room 17a
38 High Above the Land  Flying Machine, Room 15a (after mid-boss, go all the way up)
39 The Spin Controller  Flying Machine, Room 13b (below Chester room, from sparkling pit)
40 The Fateful Return  Tower of Fate: Entrance, Room 13
41 The Inner Struggle  Tower of Fate: Ascent, Room 10
42 The Forlorn Sanctum Tower of Fate: ????, Room 4b (after long fall, go left and find the rest 5)
43 The Possessor Tower of Fate: ????, Room 4b 
44 The Betrayer Tower of Fate: ????, Room 4b 
45 A Return to Order Tower of Fate: ????, Room 4b 
46 Reprise Tower of Fate: ????, Room 4b 
Sp.1 The Blades Of Chaos Kratos Fight (Sony exclusive)
Sp.1 Meet the Toads Battletoads Fight (Xbox One/PC exclusive)
Sp.2 The Wookie Hole Battletoads Fight (Xbox One/PC exclusive)
Sp.3 To the Turbo Tunnel Battletoads Fight (Xbox One/PC exclusive)
Sp.4 Battle the Battletoads Battletoads Fight (Xbox One/PC exclusive)
Sp.5 Pause Battletoads Fight (Xbox One/PC exclusive)

List of Scrolls in Plague of ShadowsEdit

Scroll Title Sheets Required
1 Steel Thy Shovel N/A
2 A Decisive Blow N/A
3 No Weapons Here N/A
4 The Alchemist's Haven N/A
5 Prime your Potions! 3
6 Flowers of Antimony 6
7 Waltz for One 10
8 Disturbing the Peace 16
9 Art Through Adversity 22
10 Tango of the Troupple King 28
11 The Vital Vitriol 32
12 Battling the Burrower 36
13 The Battle Within 39
14 Out of the Shadows 40
15 The Final Note 41

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