A mercurial, unstable and everchanging garment.

The Pandemonium Cloak is obtained by collecting all 420 Cipher Coins, transforming them into the Pandemonium Chalice, and showing it to the Troupple King.

As its name implies the Pandemonium Cloak shifts its color frequently, but it also randomly changes the composition of Plague Knight's Bombs as well as which Arcana and Bursts are equipped. Note that the Pandemonium Cloak will never produce Tracer Powder, Sentry Fuse, or the Remote Fuse in any of its combinations.

While wearing this Cloak, Plague Knight can always have a maximum of three Bombs (or their effects) active at once, even with Powders that would normally limit him to one or two. In addition, all Arcanas (other than Staff of Striking) now cost only one bar of power meter, making this Cloak the vastly superior one in terms of attack potential.

The main drawback is however the inability to choose the combination of Bomb parts or arcana, which can be frustrating while platforming across the Stages.

Trivia Edit

  • The Pandemonium Cloak share similarities with the Donovan Set and the Armor of Chaos/Toad Gear, as each of these garments cannot simply be purchased, but instead are rewarded after completing a side task, such as collecting every single one of a specific collectible (Cipher Coins or Red Skulls) or find a secret item (Curious Map) and defeating a boss.
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