The trajectory of a woman's heart is merely a matter of ballistic physics. Solve the equation!

Percy the Scholar is a recurring character in Shovel Knight who studies mainly ballistics, often at the expense of those using his catapults. He is secretly helping Plague Knight in Plague of Shadows, in which he pays for collected Scrap Sheets and assist in the alchemist's arsenal development.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Percy is an anthropomorphic horse much like the Adventurers. He wears a blue tunic with a matching feather hat.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite his profession and love for science, Percy is an airhead. His competences are as much hit and miss as he is oblivious of the situation surrounding him or the backhanded insults thrown at him. Despite this, the Scholar is competent enough to manipulate some of the Potionarium's mechanisms, fixing them or even completing Mona's bombs research.

He also imagines himself well-known in love matters. Ironically enough, the Magicist fell in love with him, proving the effectiveness of his love advice.

Story[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

In Shovel of Hope, Percy, known as Scholar in this campaign, can be found in the Armor Outpost, on top of the Aerial Anvil next to a catapult he aimed at the Village. His calculations are actually correct as his device hits its expected target, unlike his usual mishaps. Another catapult appears later in the Village, aimed in reverse at the Armor Outpost.

In the ending, Percy joins Plague Knight's advanced potion class in the Explodatorium.

Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]

In Plague of Shadows, Percy joined Plague Knight's ranks in the Potionarium to conducts his ballistics research, much to the alchemist's dismay. He is however short on paper to write his calculus and pays Plague Knight 500 gold for each Scrap Sheet brought to him. He also rewards him with bad love advice.

Beside his work below the Village, Percy appears outside the Armor Outpost to test out his Catapult. He claims to have calibrated it to reach an unguarded "faraway trove of treasure and armaments", but requires 50 Cipher Coins to order a torsion rod for the device. Once fixed the device instead launches Plague Knight right into the middle of the Armor Outpost, forcing the alchemist to fight his way out through an assaulting squadron of guard knights. He still claims afterward to have fixed his calculations, although the catapult only launches Plague Knight to the Village.

At some point, Percy interrupts Mona's flirting of Plague Knight by fixing the power shortage in the Potionarium by himself. Later on, Percy takes Mona's role in the Potionarium after she left Plague Knight's side due to a misunderstanding regarding the Magicist. From that point onward he both uses Mona's research to develop the alchemist's bomb arsenal, eventually crafting the Pandemonium Chalice with all remaining Cipher Coins, and assists him in crafting the Ultimate Potion.

In the ending, Percy has entered a relationship with the Magicist. They join the Hedge Pupil in managing the Explodatorium, although the place soon becomes even more chaotic.

King Of Cards[edit | edit source]

Percy is an optional boss fight in King Of Cards. He fights King Knight in order to keep him out of Plague Knight's secret lab. King Knight got in due to Percy leaving the door open. He also plays the role of one of Plague Knight's attacks during his boss fight that takes place directly after Percy's.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

Atop the Aerial Anvil:

"Scholar: Hm... If I adjust the trajectory, I should be able to target the Village! I simply adore ballistic physics!"

Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]


Talking to Percy about Scrap Sheets for the first time :"Percy: Ah, Plague Knight, my good friend. A moment of your time?"
"Plague Knight: *SIGH* ..... HOW CAN I HELP YOU, Percy?"
"Percy: I've run out of paper, and I can't fit any more ballistic formulae on my hoof! I'm in desperate need!"
"Plague Knight: Hey, do you need glue as well? I know how to make some, hee hee."
"Percy: Oh! Why, thank you, but just the paper will do... And by the way, you're looking a bit forlorn lately. Maybe I'll repay your kindness with some LOVE ADVICE!"
1 Scrap Sheet brought :"Percy: Brilliant! You've brought me a sheet of paper! 500 gold for your trouble!"
Bringing more Sheets :"Percy: My ally, that's [x] sheets of paper you've brought me! 500 gold each!"
Refusing to trade :"Percy: Well, whenever you're ready to trade, I will rush to your side!"
Giving a Scrap Sheet :"Percy: Sharps... Flats... Time signatures? What's all this? Eh, I'll just write on the back... Oh, I nearly forgot! As I promised, a fitting reward: A romance tip from Sir Percival!"
Percy's love advice :"Percy: Love can easily be distilled: it all comes down to having the proper chemistry."
"Percy: The trajectory of a woman's heart is merely a matter of ballistic physics. Solve the equation!"
"Percy: Her heart will be putty in your hands, if you merely recite this poem: Thy love is a Summer's rain. Dewdrops upon thine face, shining in thy light. Be with me, Lady."
"Percy: Gently stroke her hair as you tenderly feed her some oats. Move slowly... Don't spook her!"
"Percy: Everything you need to know about romance can be found in books. Read up!"
Plague Knight's reaction :"Plague Knight: (... What a blockhead, heh...)"
"Plague Knight: (It's amazing that he can even dress himself, let alone dispense love advice!)"
"Plague Knight: (Hee, was he talking? I must've blanked out...)"
"Plague Knight: (Is that really all there is to it? Hmm...)"
"Plague Knight: (How does this MUSKMELON have any luck with romance?)"
"Plague Knight: (Why do I even put up with this simpleton?)"
"Plague Knight: (Was this guy raised in a barn, or what?)"
Giving a Music Sheet :"Percy: Wh.. what is this folly? There's some sort of ...musical notation scribbled all over it, ON BOTH SIDES! There's nowhere for me to write! Useless! Into the trash bin it goes!"
Talking again to Percy with Sheets left to be found :"Percy: My friend! You look well. My research is progressing steadily, but I still need more paper!"
Finding all Sheets :"Percy: My friend! I am forever obliged, MY RESEARCH IS COMPLETE! Now I can move on to other scholarly pursuits!"

First time talking :"Percy: Ah, just in time! I've set our coordinates directly to a faraway trove of treasure and armaments! Best of all, it's completely unguarded!"
"Plague Knight: I want to believe you, Percy, but our last "direct flight" was directly into the ocean. I can't afford another set of waterlogged bombs!"
"Percy: Fear not, friend! I've quadruple-checked my numbers. I just need to change out the torsion rod. That's a cheap fix, only 50 Cipher Coins. A pittance for our institution, yes?"
Not enough coins for part :"Percy: Is our endowment that meager? The future of ballistics depends on ample funding!"
Refusing to pay :"Percy: Hmph, not a patron of the hard sciences? Maybe Mona wants to fly through the clouds instead."
Paying for the part :"Percy: Excellent! I'll send for the part. We'll be soaring in no time!"
Returning to the repaired Catapult :"Percy: Perfect! Now, that's one beautiful torsion rod. Hop aboard, and the spoils are as good as yours!"
Returning to the Catapult after clearing the stage :"Percy: Well, hello again, Plague Knight! Why the long face?"
"Plague Knight: Heh, it takes one to know, you fool! You fired me right into the Armor Outpost!"
"Percy: Oh bother... Where did I go wrong? I see now! Forgot to.... carry... the 1.... Perfect! Let's try again. It should be accurate within a centimeter. Just say the word!"
Returning again to the Catapult :"Percy: You don't have to give me that look. I KNOW why it didn't work. Just give me another shot hop on!"

Acquiring the fifth Essence :"Percy: The forces of darkness reigns no longer! For I Percy, have fixed the power! How's it going? Eesh, that's a nasty stuck lever. Need a hoof with that? ... No? You're good? Fair Enough! I'll be in the other room. DOING SCIENCE!"
After defeating Black Knight on the map :"Plague Knight: Mona? Hey, where'd she run off to?"
Percy descends with the torque elevator :"Plague Knight: Oh, Mona, good, heh, listen, uh, we have to talk. I'm really sorry that I wasn't forthcoming about..."
"Percy: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Percy on deck! I love ridding that thing. Hey, Mona was in a hurry. Gathered some things and took off. Is she ill? Well, no matter. Rain or shine, Percy will fill in as needed."
"Plague Knight: (... Is she really gone?)"
Returning from the Stranded Ship :"Percy: Something tells me Polar Knight knows how to sling snow. But that shovel is no match for a catapult, eh?"
"Plague Knight: Heh, exothermic reactions are my specialty. He simply couldn't take the heat, hahaha!"
Returning from the Clockwork Tower :"Percy: Ah, now Tinker Knight. There's an engineer who knows ballistics. Too bad he doesn't know when he's outmatched!"
"Plague Knight: heh, yeah, I asked nicely, but he was too stubborn."
Returning from the Flying Machine :"Percy: Despite Propeller Knight's crude courtship rituals, I admit his vessel is romantic. A fine setting for wooing a fair mare!"
"Plague Knight: Sigh..."
After defeating all Knights :"Percy: By the way I noticed Mona left a Health Potion among her notes. Surely it was meant for you. Take it!"
"Percy: Incredible! The penultimate Essence! Quite the accomplishment for you!"
"Plague Knight: I wasn't working alone ... at least, not in the beginning."
"Percy: Such humility! I realize I helped, but the credit largely goes to you!"
"Plague Knight: ..."
"Percy: Well, anyway, the time is nigh! I'll use Mona's decanter to pack up the Essences for you. Be incredibly careful with these!"
"Plague Knight: *Sigh* ....."
"Plague Knight: ... Thanks, Percy. Don't wait up for me, hee hee!"
Ending :"Percy: You're back! You're alive! WONDERFUL! I'm going to assume that explosion was your handiwork?"
"Mona: Yep! That crusty old tower was an eyesore anyway."
"Percy: Amazing! I didn't get any rocks thrown at me today, I think the townspeople are actually ...GRATEFUL!"
"Magicist: Listen, Plague Knight... I know you made all these potions and blew everything up... all to impress me. I'm so flattered, really I am. I have to make a confession, though. You're ... not my type. I'm so sorry."
"Magicist: You see... I've fallen for a REAL MAN!"
"Plague Knight: ..."
"Mona: ..."
"Minion: Guys! GUYS! The villagers are all in the Juice Bar, and they want to buy us a round! Let's go!"
"Plague Knight: Hee, that sounds lovely! But I think we'll catch up later. There's science to be done! Mona?"
"Mona: Let's get started, Plague Knight. There's no telling what we'll brew up next!"

Percy in Mona's room :"Percy: Oh hi, friend! Did you miss me? Let me take you down to the lab."
Opening the Research shop :"Percy: Hm, Mona's notes are pretty thorough! Looks like we require [x] Cipher Coins to complete her design!"
Not enough coins for Research :"Percy: Unless I'm reading this wrong, we can't do this with spare parts. We'll need at least [x] Cipher Coins for materials!."
Refusing research :"Percy: What, is Mona's design substandard? I'm rather fond of her design, personally."
Paying for Research :"Percy: Stellar! Now, simply watch as Percy dazzles you with engineering precision!"
"Percy: Now, marvel at the wonders made possible by Mona's research!"
Closing the shop :"Percy: Best of luck, my friend! Stop by any time if you need a tune-up."
Completing all available Research :"Percy: Incredible! we've done all the research in Mona's notebook! ... Actually, something's scribbled on the margin! but it seems impossible, even if we collected every last Cipher Coin. But enough hypotheticals! I present to you... your full arsenal!"
Creating the Pandemonium Chalice :"Percy: Great Geldings!? Is that ALL of the Cipher Coins!? Give me those. Let's throw caution to the wind and do some science!"
"Percy: Well, it's finished, but it seems useless. Pity since you collected all those coins! Anyway, here ya go!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like Mona, Percy has a less detailed sprite model in Shovel of Hope. He also only had two different sprites and was simply named "Scholar".[1] His sprite model was updated in Plague of Shadows to look closer to his original artwork, reused for the cover art of the campaign.
  • He refers himself as Sir Percival while telling love tips.
  • Some art shows Percy with hooves while other art shows him with hands.
    • In dialogue he refers to himself as having hooves, however.
  • Although Percy has been depicted as having both hands and hooves, it was confirmed he is supposed to have hands.[2]

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