Power. Honor. The traits of a respectable warrior.

Phantom Striker is one of many warriors in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. He is also one of the Wandering Travellers. His character was created by Steven Ness as a Director for a Day.[1]

Official Bio[edit | edit source]

A lone warrior, Phantom Striker appears to those that he deems worthy of challenging him. Light on his feet and wielding a fencing foil, this enigmatic fighter also controls the power of lightning! Always in search of an honorable battle, Phantom Striker may reward those who fare well against his cyclonic charge.

Story[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]

In both Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows, Phantom Striker follows the progression of Shovel Knight and Plague Knight, but only appear on the map after clearing one of the main stages in the third quadrant. When encountered, the day sky turns to night and he appears in a lightning burst. He then challenges Shovel Knight and Plague Knight to a battle, once defeated, judges and rewards the knights' performance. He then leaves as he came, but says that he will continue observing their journeys.

He reappears in both endings with the rest of the Wandering Travellers, facing Liquid Samurais in yet another battle.

Specter of Torment[edit | edit source]

In Specter of Torment, Phantom Striker keeps the dead from rising out of their tombs in the Lich Yard. Specter Knight seeks him out as a recruit for the Order of No Quarter. Phantom Striker does not recognize the knight's worth and challenges to a battle. Once defeated, he prefers to flee than to kneel to the Enchantress, judging her unfit to rule the Valley. He leaves, promising that he will see to the Order's defeat.

Phantom Striker reappears in the ending, trying to stop the horde of the dead from attacking the village by the Lich Yard. After this, Specter Knight takes his position as guardian of the graveyard.

King of Cards[edit | edit source]

In King of Cards, Phantom Striker appears after defeating The Big Creep inside the Eerie Manor. Phantom Striker traps King Knight, thinking he is a wraith, forcing King Knight to defend himself. After being defeated, he leaves without a word. He is later seen in the Glidewing, sitting at the table. If talked to, he says that his cape is named Phantom Shroud and it's not a blue napkin. King Knight is able to duel him in Joustus. He is then seen during the ending, herding The Big Creep and Invisishades (also Duelist Di, if she was taken to Glidewing by King Knight) inside the Hall of Champions, thus he is the reason the building is haunted in Shovel of Hope.

Joustus Deck[edit | edit source]

RedCardPhantomStriker.png RedCardInvisishade.png RedCardInvisishade.png RedCardInvisishade.png
Phantom Striker Invisishade Invisishade Invisishade
RedCardZamby.png RedCardZamby.png RedCardZamby.png RedCardBoneclang.png
Zamby Zamby Zamby Boneclang
RedCardBoneclang.png RedCardBoneclang.png RedCardSuperSkeleton.png RedCardSuperSkeleton.png
Boneclang Boneclang Super Skeleton Super Skeleton
RedCardSuperSkeleton.png RedCardBoneclangHoncho.png RedCardBoneclangHoncho.png RedCardBoneclangHoncho.png
Super Skeleton Boneclang Honcho Boneclang Honcho Boneclang Honcho

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

Before his fight:

"Shovel Knight: What magic is this?"
"Phantom Striker: Power. Honor. The traits of a respectable warrior."
"Shovel Knight: Sir, I don’t believe we’ve met..."
"Phantom Striker: We meet today, on the field of battle. We have both defeated many knights, and traveled far. Today we fight."
"Shovel Knight: Stand aside! You and I have no reason to battle."
"Phantom Striker: Conflict is a reason unto itself, brave knight. Today, you will be tested. Are you ready? "

After the fight, if Shovel Knight's health is above half:

"Phantom Striker: Your skills are as vast as I thought! I shall follow your journey from the shadows. Farewell, Shovel Knight!"

After the fight, if Shovel Knight's health reached below half or he has used an Ichor of Renewal:

"Phantom Striker: Ha! I’ve been bested… but barely. You still need training to overcome what lies ahead. Farewell, Shovel Knight!"

Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]

Before his fight:

"Phantom Striker: Ah. The alchemist. Tales of your exploits have reached far and wide."
"Plague Knight: Heh, hahaha, uh... really? And who are you?"
"Phantom Striker: An ... interested party. I seek only to find the bravest fighters, and test them."
"Plague Knight: What, by rubbing your shoes in the carpet and poking them? I’ve got places to be, haha! Zap!"
"Phantom Striker: Then prove your worth!"

After the fight, if Plague Knight's health is above half:

"Phantom Striker: I misjudged your ability. Your skill in dodging so many of my attacks is uncanny! You are surely capable of carrying out your quest! Take this reward, and farewell!"

After the fight, if Plague Knight's health reached below half:

"Phantom Striker: Ah... you see... book knowledge will never replace swordsmanship. Despite your sizable arsenal, I was still able to land many strikes. But one should never underestimate even the lowliest enemy. I shall leave you with that thought!"

And if Plague Knight drank any Health Tonic during the fight

"Phantom Striker: And your reliance on tonics has no place in a proper duel!"

After Phantom Striker leaves:

"Plague Knight: (Hahaha, I wonder if people can tell when I roll my eyes under this mask...)"

Specter of Torment[edit | edit source]

Before his fight:

"Specter Knight: A surprise attack...? Hardly befitting the honorable warrior I had hoped to meet."
"Phantom Striker: Ah, the wraith yet speaks of honor, having surrendered his own..to serve as an errand boy."
"Specter Knight: Hss..I merely invite you to continue your trials, at the behest of The Enchantress. Her power is unmatched!"
"Phantom Striker: And she expects this empty, broken husk to intimidate me? Your power is untrue, but mine comes from within. Let me demonstrate!"

After the fight:

"Phantom Striker: *pant* You may match me in battle, but you and your cohorts are unfit to rule this land. Your days are numbered, wretch; I will roam free and see your kind vanquished to the last."

King of Cards[edit | edit source]

Before his fight:

"Phantom Striker: Hark! My trap has ensnared another wraith. Your kind grows bolder by the day."
"King Knight: No! Wait! I'm alive. And I'm no wraith!"
"Phantom Striker: The sent of dark magic swirls about you like an aura of death. I've made no mistake."
"King Knight: Perhaps it's my lucky Joustus deck? Its previous owner
bear a striking resemblance to the grim reaper... But truly, how could you smell it over your own pestilent pong? You're the one who seems to reek of ghosts!
"Phantom Striker: Lies.
My patience ends here, ghost! Prepare to be banished!

At the Glidewing:

"Phantom Striker: This is not a blue napkin. This is my
Phantom Shroud
..You frustrate me, ghost.
No matter. Why not settle our petty differences with Joustus

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His sprite model is named "Bolt".
  • Depending on how well the player battled him, Phantom Striker will have different dialogue at the end of the battle and reward Shovel Knight or Plague Knight differently: If their health goes below half of its amount or if they heal, Phantom Striker will leave behind ten gems with a value of one piece of gold each. But if they defeat him without losing half of their health or healing, Phantom Striker will leave a reward of ten gems each with a value of 200 pieces of gold for a total of 2000 gold.
  • Phantom Striker, Propeller Knight and Mr. Hat are the only main characters in Shovel Knight to use a sword as a weapon.
    • As such, Propeller Knight and Phantom Striker's swords are both of French origin with Phantom Striker's being a fleuret and Propeller Knight's being a rapier.
  • Phantom Striker's dialogue ends with praise even if Plague Knight uses the Leech Liquid.
  • He is the boss of the Lich Yard in Specter of Torment and was potentially a candidate for the Order of No Quarter, but he denied the offer.
  • The developers designed a Body Swap version for Phantom Striker, although only the main cast of Shovel of Hope had one added to the campaign.
  • Phantom Striker is the only wandering traveler to be fought in all the campaigns.
  • In Shovel Knight Showdown, Phantom Striker is noted by nearly all of the characters as an "old man", and at the end of his story mode in showdown, it is said he is past his prime. This means that Phantom Striker might be older than shown.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Update: Almost there! and Director for a Day reveals! on the Kickstarter pages of Shovel Knight
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