Escape from all harm... briefly. You can even walk on spikes!
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Shovel of HopeEdit

The Phase Locket is a Relic that makes its holder temporarily invincible and capable of phasing through enemies. It can be purchased from Chester for 1000 gold in Specter Knight's stage, or in the Village for 2000 gold if it was not picked up before completion of the stage.

The Forest of Phasing Relic Course is intended to be completed using the Phase Locket.

The Phase Locket is the subject of the Another Dimension feat which is earned by collecting 2,000 worth of gold lying on spikes, while using the Phase Locket.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, it is found once again in Specter Knight's stage, and it can be traded to Chester for the Leech Liquid Arcana.

Specter Knight is seen feeling angry at its loss during the credits.

Specter of TormentEdit

Stirs memories of the past, and is a constant reminder of your future.

In Specter of Torment,the Phase Locket appears in the gear tab as the Keepsake Locket and keeps track of how many knights have been recruited to The Order of No Quarter.


The Phase Locket as it appears in the intro cinematic to Specter of Torment.

The Keepsake Locket holds significance to Specter Knight. At the start of the game and after every level, Specter Knight is seen reminiscing with the locket on the balcony of the Tower of Fate. As the campaign goes on, it is revealed it was originally a normal locket, a family keepsake of the departed Luan, and Luan had given it to Donovan, because he had come to regard him as part of his family.

When The Enchantress killed and resurrected Donovan, she used the locket as a means to ensure Donovan would gather the 8 knights for the order as he had promised. When 8 knights swore allegiance to the Enchantress, the locket would then be able to reverse death itself and bring one person back to life, but only once.

After Nightmare Reize was defeated at the end of Specter of Torment, The Enchantress sought to make Reize the final knight, but Specter Knight chose to swear loyalty to her in Reize's place, finishing the deal and granting the locket power, which Specter Knight chose to use on Reize instead of himself, protecting Luan's son from an undead lifetime of servitude to The Enchantress with his final act of free will. He then decided to hide the locket inside a chest in his personal secret hideout in the Lich Yard.


  • The Phase Locket and the Mobile Gear are the only items in the game that have a connection to all four campaigns.
  • Its implied that the invincibility powers of the Phase Locket originate from the residual magic left in it after its use on Nightmare Reize, which made it no longer able to completly control life and death but only able to temporarily "phase" between the two states, rendering its holder invulnerable as a side effect.
  • The only time the locket will show 8/8 knights recruited is during the final cutscene after Specter Knight says he'll become a part of the order, at which time the Keepsake Locket icon becomes blue as a result.
    • However, it will show 7/8 knights recruited and the locket will be red once again if the game's file is reloaded.


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