Screen 07
Stage Type Main
Stage Subtype Intro
Boss Black Knight, Specter Knight (alt)
Theme Strike the Earth!, From the Shadows (alt)

The Plains, also known as the Plains of Passage, is the first stage in each campaign of Shovel Knight. Its end is usually guarded by Black Knight, although King Knight also encounters Specter Knight there in King of Cards.

The Plains serve as an introductory stage to the basic game mechanics of each protagonists: Shovel Drop, Bomb Burst, Dash Slash and Shoulder Bash.


The Plains of Passage mark the entrance to the Valley. This lush, green forest-like area inhabited by Boneclangs, Beeto, and other different creatures. It has many secret destructible walls and large caverns, moving platforms, bottomless pits, spikes, and large dirt piles. In this stage, checkpoints are indestructible.

In most campaigns, the Plains is traveled during daytime. In Specter of Torment and the Spectral Ravine in King of Card, the sky is set to night and the environment has a darker, reddish tint. In the Valley of Dawn in King of Card, the Plains are traveled at dawn.


The Plains of Passage have been the only route to enter the Valley. This is where King Knight first met Specter Knight, who came to recruit him into the Order of No Quarter during his quest for glory. After this, the Plains were blocked by Black Knight, in his attempt to keep commoners from the Enchantress's evil aura, spreading from the Tower of Fate. He left his post when Specter Knight came to recruit him, going on a personal quest to find Shield Knight.

After the formation of the Order, Black Knight returned to his personal duty at the Plains of Passage, where he will meet Shovel Knight or Plague Knight. He leaves the Plains once again to pursue them across the Valley, believing they are out to harm the Enchantress.

Enemies EncounteredEdit


  • As the easiest stage in the game it is the only one where the boss possesses twelve hit points instead of the usual twenty.
  • In many above-ground areas, the Tower of Fate can be seen in the background.
  • There actually is an Order of No Quarter icon for the Plains for when the stage has not been completed yet, although it reuses the one for the Explodatorium. This is normally unseen by the player since the Plains is always completed first. It was only shown in the demo versions of Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment.[1]


  1. The Magic Mirror from the demo of Specter of Torment with the Plains incomplete.
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