Pridemoor Keep
Screen 08
Stage Type Main
Stage Subtype Order of No Quarter
Valley Quadrant First
Boss King Knight
Alt Boss King Pridemoor (KoC)
Theme In the Halls of the Usurper
Alt Theme In the Halls of the King (SoT / KoC)
Music / Scrap Sheets 2
Cipher Coins 30
Red Skulls 10
Wisp Willful
Relic Flare Wand
Arcana Big Boom
Unlockable Curio Shadow Mirror

Pridemoor Keep is a fortified tower ruled by King Knight and guarded by soldiers, wizards and flying rodents. It is one one of the early and easiest stages of Shovel Knight.


Pridemoor Keep is a large, golden and lavish castle, sitting in the first quadrant, the western side of the Valley. Its flooring is mostly composed of red carpets, and is littered with red banners with cross symbols, Goldarmor statues, dangerously unstable chandeliers, pots of boiling lava, and other dangerous or purely aesthetic features. The castle is guarded by two Griffoths, Plume and Beaky.

In Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows, Pridemoor Keep is explored at dawn, as suggested by the purple hue of the sky. In Specter of Torment and King of Cards, the sky is set at dusk, and Pridemoor Keep has stone bricks banners depicting gryphins.


Pridemoor Keep was once ruled by King Pridemoor and kept sentinel over the entrance to the Valley and the nearby villages. King Knight overthrew the king in his quest for glory and sat on its throne when he joined the Order of No Quarter. Specter Knight later visited him when the Enchantress noticed King Knight's irresponsibility to pursue the keep's renovation. When the Order was completely formed, King Knight used the Enchantress's forces to change Pridemoor Keep to gold, in accordance to his lavish lifestyle.

Later, Shovel Knight or Plague Knight forced their way through the keep's army to confront King Knight on his golden throne. After the defeat of the Enchantress, King Pridemoor takes back his now golden throne and King Knight is forced to clean the keep's floors.

Enemies EncounteredEdit



  • Pridemoor Keep is the only stage where the special Plague Knight section isn't marked with a Cipher Coin embedded in a wall.
  • Pridemoor Keep is the only stage that feature a revolving wall with a Shovel Knight silhouette engraved into it. While Shovel Knight and Body Swap Shovel Knight need just to be still for the wall to activate, Custom Knight wearing either the Baron set or the Fish head costumes is forced to do completly different poses in order to fit in it. This also applies to Plague Knight, who by default does not fit the silhouette even less so while wearing the Boomtech costume.
  • In the beginning of this stage, the Yacht Club Games logo can be found in the section immediately to the left, after destroying the large wall above the rightmost screen.
    • In the PAX 2013 demo, Yacht Club Games had yet to have its own logo. The secret area displayed instead "YCG!" in gold bricks.[1]


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