All business, no pleasure, such a shame.

Propeller Knight is one of eight Knights of the Order of No Quarter who serve the Enchantress. He is the captain and boss of the Flying Machine, a giant airship.

Official BioEdit

This aerodynamic ace commands the Enchantress' flying machine with the cocksure attitude of a sky pirate! With his Heli-Helmet, he can zoom short distances with ease. Shovel Knight encounters Propeller Knight on top of the aircraft as it zooms through the sky; earth fights against air in a true battle of elements!
  • Pros: Talented Fencer, Mechanical Heli-Helmet, Debonair!
  • Cons: Arrogance, Lightweight, Outrageous Accent!

Dig the Vote Edit

Tone Edit

Propeller Knight is brash, melodramatic, and arrogant. His campaign will be funnier, and focus on his devil-may-care misadventures.

Original Play Style Ideas Edit

  • Charge Jump – Hold down the jump button to charge your jump and release it to go soaring into the air! Let loose a charging jump even after walking off a ledge.
  • Slow Fall
  • Charge Fencing – Hold down attack button to unleash different lunging attacks
  • Charge Cancel – Cancel charge attacks into a laugh taunt and store them for later.

Strategy Edit

Propeller Knight has several different attacks. He will fly across the stage, make quick lunges with his sword, use his helmet to launch you into the air (and then attempt to impale you on his rapier on the way down), or try to blow you into the holes at the edge of the stage. After lowering his health, he will call in an airship to attack you. They first launch bombs at you, which he will then try to blow at you. You can knock the bombs into Propeller Knight, doing heavy damage. Upon losing more health, Propeller Knight will command the airship to launch two large cannonballs at the stage, breaking the platform into three segments and making positioning markedly more difficult.


Shovel of HopeEdit

Before his fight:

"Propeller Knight: Ahh, my petite blue friend. The sunset, she is beautiful, no?"
"Shovel Knight: Get down here and face me, you gyroscopic jester!"
"Propeller Knight: Oh! So rude! My crew, they were not hospitable? My ship, it was not magnificent?"
"Shovel Knight: I'm not here to be entertained! I must reach the Tower of Fate!"
"Propeller Knight: All business, no pleasure, such a shame. Very well, then! En garde!"

Plague of ShadowsEdit

Before his fight:

"Plague Knight: They let airheads have airships? Hee hee, ha ha ha! Come down here, I need to borrow something!"
"Propeller Knight: How pedestrian! I was expecting the grand entrance! Substance over style, always with you scientists. So, I heard the most delicious rumor - you envy my suave, daring nature, do you? Get in line!"
"Plague Knight: Haha, don't flatter yourself, flyboy! Your essence is the teensiest part of my plan!"
"Propeller Knight: My essence can't be taken from me! But if you ask nicely, I'd consider giving you flying lessons! Of course, my pernicious pupil... I'LL HAVE TO CHARGE!"

Specter of TormentEdit

Before his fight:

"Propeller Knight: Oh hoh hoh! Such tattered robes! Are you here to join the galley crew, then? Magnificent!"
"Specter Knight: On the contrary, you shall join us. An alliance of elite knights will surely compliment your carefree crew. As the captain of the Enchantress's flagship, the skies will belong to your rivals no more."
"Propeller Knight: Rivals? Me?! NEVER! I'll cast you overboard! Hope that your blade is better honed than your sense of style. EN GARDE!"

At the tower's banquet hall:

"Propeller Knight: Hoh, with the juice selection here, we'll be right at home among the commoners! How quaint! Must I send for my private reserve?"


  • Propeller Knight, Phantom Striker, and Mr. Hat are the only main characters in Shovel Knight to use a sword as a weapon, furthermore Propeller Knight and Phantom Striker both wield rapiers.
  • In the credits of Plague of Shadows, he is seen wearing a tuxedo, making him one of two characters in Shovel Knight seen wearing an entirely different outfit, the other being Specter Knight (as Donovan).
    • Interestingly while in this outfit his helmet latck his signature propeller bades.
  • Propeller Knight's design, dialogue, and fighting style are reminiscent of 18th century European military uniforms. His speech patterns and accents are French inspired.
  • Before his boss fight in Shovel of Hope, he calls Shovel Knight "petite". Although incorrectly agreed to the feminine form, it translates to "small " in French.



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