Ratsploders are minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They run back and forth. They appear in the Explodatorium, the Tower of Fate: Entrance, and the Tower of Fate: Ascent. When the player is close to them or above them, the ratsploder will jump at the player causing them to take damage losing half of a heart. When the player hits them, the ratsploder will be knocked back and will explode. The explosion can cause the player to lose one heart of health. If a ratsploder is killed with a relic, they won't be knocked back, but will explode. When defeated, they drop a blue gem worth two gold and a jar. In Specter of Torment while in water, they run really slow. They only have one hitpoint.

All of Plague Knight's arsenal will cause Ratsploders to detonate immediately.

Trivia Edit

  • In Plague Knight's room a baby Ratsploder can be seen running on a treadmill.


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