Red Skulls are the main and only extra collectible found throughout Specter of Torment. Similar to the other Collectibles, once a skull is collected it will be replaced with a grayed out version to mark its former location, which will not increase the total amount of skulls if collected again. Their main purpose is for Specter Knight to trade them to Red in exchange for Curios, although after trading all the Curios, Red will pay 500 gold for each of the remaining skulls.

In total, there are 100 Red Skulls in the campaign, with 10 of them found in each stage with the exception of Memories, 3 in the Tower of Fate hub area, and 7 in Tower of Fate: Ascent. As there is no map to navigate, Specter of Torment lack the Items Totals Menu, and the number of Red Skulls collected is instead displayed near each stage bounty. Checking the Gear tab while inside a stage is still an option or, in the case of the Tower of Fate hub, the only option.

The 80th Red Skull (wherever it is found) is the one belonging to Scarlet. It is recognized by its unique appearance and, once collected, it will permanently substitute the regular Red Skull icon found in the Gear tab. Returning this skull to Red will trigger their reunion and celebratory dance.

Upon collecting all 100 Red Skulls, Red will reward Specter Knight with his former Donovan Set and Caltrops.

Trivia Edit

  • Red search for Scarlet must have taken years if not centuries, as he has accumulated multiple towering heaps of Red Skulls.
  • The Red Skulls apparently belong to a red variety of Boneclangs, as some of them return to life during Red and Scarlet dance number.

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