Relics are items for Shovel Knight to use in Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope as alternative weapons to his Shovel Blade.

Similarly to King Knight's Heirlooms, they both deplete numerical values as opposed to a gauge, although Relics consume Magic rather than Vigor. The Magic Capacity can be replenished by collecting Magic Jars.

Relics can be found in each Order of No Quarter stage by finding Chester's blue chest in a stage and by buying them from him for a price. If a stage is finished without buying the Relic in it from Chester, he will sell it in the Village for a higher Price.

Shovel Knight's initial Magic Capacity can be further increased by buying Magic Drinks from the Magicist in the Village.

The Relics also make an appearance in Plague of Shadows, where Plague Knight encounters the same various items but deems them worthless, trading them to Chester for Arcana, explaining how Chester came in hand with them for Shovel Knight to buy. Until he trades them away they are kept in the Relic Heap in the Gear tab. Each Relic can be traded for the appropriate Arcana and should the Arcana be purchased without the Relic, the Relic becomes useless.

Name Magic Stage Cost


Cost (Village) Description
Flare Wand 4 Pridemoor Keep 1000 2000 It's a wand that shoots fireballs! Watch your magic meter!

Conjure fiery blasts!

Phase Locket 6 The Lich Yard 1000 2000 Escape from all harm... briefly. You can even walk on spikes!
Dust Knuckles 2 Lost City 3000 3500 Dash through dirt and foes alike!
Throwing Anchor 6 Iron Whale 3000 3500 An unstoppable arc of destruction. Crush foes above and below!
Alchemy Coin 8 Explodatorium 3000 3500 Toss a coin for a chance at riches. If you're lucky you can win big!
Mobile Gear 6 Clockwork Tower 3000 3500 Ride over hazards and reach higher places! Hop on and hold on!
War Horn 20 Stranded Ship 4000 5000 Clear a space around you with a powerful blow!
Propeller Dagger 4 Flying Machine 4000 5000 Soar through the sky blade first!
Fishing Rod 6 Village N/A 1250 Cast into a pit, and wait for a bite!
Chaos Sphere 6 Village N/A 2500 An orb of boundless combat potential. Give it a good throw!
Troupple Chalice N/A Village N/A 1500 A vessel for storing mythical ichor.
Troupple Chalice N/A Village N/A 1500 //

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  • The word "Relic" usually relates to an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical interest.

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