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The Rookie is a minor character in King of Cards. He is a rookie at the Joustus card game who aspires to become a skilled player.



The Rookie appears as a young man with long hair covering half of his face. He wears casual medieval attire.


King of CardsEdit

When King Knight first attempts to enter the House of Joustus, the Rookie comes running out and bumps into King Knight. He tells King Knight he had a good run during a Joustus tournament, but ended up losing and claiming he will never be able to challenge King Pridemoor. He notices King Knight's newly-acquired Joustus deck and offers to go over the rules on how to play the game. King Knight first refuses, but the Rookie insists on playing a game so he can have a better understanding of the rules.

If King Knight decides to accept his challenge, him and the Rookie will proceed to play a mock game that serves as a tutorial on how to play Joustus for the player. The Rookie explains the rules and once the game is finished, tells King Knight that in real games, the winner gets to take an opponent's card for keeps.

If King Knight denies his offer or wishes to challenge the Rookie again, he can always be found outside the House of Joustus to play a game.

Joustus DeckEdit

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When King Knight first arrives at the House of Joustus:

"Rookie: Smite it all! Had such a fine run, I did. Pah! I'll never be good enough to challenge King Pridemoor. My, my, is that a brand new Joustus deck? Perhaps we could go over the rules together?"
"King Knight:
I need no prior experience to defeat a knave at cards. Stand aside!
"Rookie: I mean no disrespect, your highness, but you'll be trounced and your riches squandered without proper advice. It'd be wise and valorous for us both to practice Joustus. Milord?"

If King Knight accepts his challenge:

"Rookie: Ready for a bit of a brush-up on the card-playing parlance, sire?"

During the card game:

"Rookie: To win Joustus, you have to claim more gems than your opponent. To start, pick a card from your hand and place it on the board."
"Rookie: If your card covers a gem, you claim it. But you can't just place a card onto a gem... You have to
Arrows indicate which direction your card can push. Push the card you already placed to claim the gem.
"Rookie: As you can see, I claimed the gem by pushing your card up. Push the card right to reclaim the gem for yourself."
"Rookie: Oh, but you see, you can't push there. Your card is blocked by an opposing arrow! There's still a way to push my card off the gem. You can insert your card in between."
"Rookie: The match is almost over! The game ends when the center squares are full... Each player must place a card on their turn, but the only move I can make will lose me the game. My hand is forced!"

After King Knight wins the card game:

"Rookie: A fine match, milord. It's lovely to play for fun. In real games, the winner takes a card, y'know...

If King Knight denies his challenge:

"Rookie: Well, should you change your mind, you know where to find me."

When King Knight speaks to him again:

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