the Airship Enthusiast

The Rooster Gent is a character in Shovel of Hope. He can be found in the Mysterious Area, an Xbox One and PC exclusive stage where the player fights the Battletoads.


The Airship Enthusiast appears as a bipedal white rooster with a red comb and an orange beak. He wears an orange shirt with a brown vest and brown trousers. He holds a black-red cane.


The Rooster Gent appear after the Battletoads have been defeated. He comments on the Battletoads' airship, the Vulture. Its creator, Professor T. Bird, greets him as a response to his admiration.


"Rooster Gent: I say! This airship rivals the Aerial Anvil... and so advanced! Who is the proprietor!?"
"Professor T. Bird: Greeting, fellow bird nerd! Ah, yes! The Vulture is my finest creation!"


  • Rooster Gent could be another name for the Airship Enthusiast. This is evidenced by both sharing the same model named "Rooster Gent", which is also the name of his original concept art.[1] They also both mention the Aerial Anvil when talking of aircraft.
    • This was further supported during the "Yach Club Presents" stream of the 8.28.19., where during the Q&A segment the developers talked about how much of a bigger role the Airship Entusiast, first encountered during Shovel Knight's campaign, will play in King of Cards, addressing the Airship Entusiast as Rooster Gent every single time.



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