This here's
neighborhood post. Play Joustus with a horse like me, you get trampled. But if you insist...
Ruffian is a minor character in King of Cards. He is a Joustus player who can be challenged in the House of Joustus.



Ruffian is a bipedal anthropomorphic horse much like Adventurers and Percy. He has brown fur and wears a green tunic with a yellow lining.


King of CardsEdit

King Knight can find Ruffian on the lower level of the House of Joustus. When King Knight speaks to him, Ruffian warns him that the area is his neighborhood post and that he could easily defeat King Knight in a card game of Joustus.

If King Knight defeats Ruffian in the Joustus game, he will be rewarded MeritMedal 1, Treasures icon 500, and one of Ruffian's cards of the player's choosing.

Joustus DeckEdit

RedCardPropellerRat RedCardPropellerRat RedCardBlitzsteed RedCardBlitzsteed
Propeller Rat Propeller Rat Blitzsteed Blitzsteed
RedCardBlitzsteed RedCardBlorb RedCardBlorb RedCardBeeto
Blitzsteed Blorb Blorb Beeto
RedCardBeeto RedCardBeeto RedCardWizzem RedCardWizzem
Beeto Beeto Wizzem Wizzem
RedCardSuperSkeleton RedCardGriffoth RedCardGriffoth RedCardGoldarmor
Super Skeleton Griffoth Griffoth Goldarmor


When King Knight first speaks to him in the House of Joustus:

"Ruffian: Never seen hoof or hide of you before, goldy. This here's
neighborhood post. Play Joustus with a horse like me, you get trampled. But if you insist...


"Ruffian: You'll need to pay Chester a fortune to reclaim all the cards I win from you!


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