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The Shovel Blade is Shovel Knight's signature weapon, also used by his rival Black Knight. It is a versatile tool used for digging as well as attacking, and is the only gear that Shovel Knight doesn't need to equip.

The two primary attacks that can be performed with the Shovel Blade are called the Dig Slash, which is a standard forward strike, and the Shovel Drop, a downwards bouncing attack.

There are also three additional upgrades that Shovel Knight can purchase for the Shovel Blade from the Shovel Smith at the Armor Outpost:

  • The Drop Spark, which makes Dig Slashes generate rolling sparks while Shovel Knight is on full health.
  • The Trench Blade, which lets the Shovel Blade dig up Dig Piles with just one Dig Slash instead of five.
  • The Charge Handle, which lets Shovel Knight charge up the Shovel Blade to perform stronger Dig Slashes.


  • In the Shovel Smith's shop, it's possible to spot a green Shovel Blade next to a helmet of the same color, both resting on a table in the shop.
  • A wandering NPC who rarely appears at the Armor Outpost also uses a Shovel Blade.
  • Shovel Knight's gelatinous doppelgangers, the Slimulacras, also possess Shovel Blades.
  • In a similar fashion, Polar Knight wields a Snow Shovel, and it is implied he also followed the Code of Shovelry before he began serving The Enchantress, as referred by his relationship with Shovel Knight and Black Knight.
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