The Shovel Drop is one of Shovel Knight's special motion in Shovel of Hope. When performed, he holds his Shovel Blade below him while in midair, allowing him to bounce off most enemies and breakable objects.


The Shovel Drop can be used to bounce off enemies and certain platforms. Once the move is initiated

in midair, Shovel Knight remains in the Shovel Drop position until he lands, takes damage, or performs an attack. Shovel Dropping has the same damaging power as a normal Dig Slash of the Shovel Blade.

Shovel Dropping can be very useful for staying above enemies, like during fights against the Enchantress and other bosses, but also against many common enemies throughout the land. There are however enemies throughout the stages that can counter Shovel Dropping, such as the Fire Blorb, which will damage Shovel Knight and take no damage from a Shovel Drop.

With the Dynamo Mail equipped, two consecutive Shovel Drops will result in a Charge Slash: Shovel Knight blinks repeatedly and his next shovel swing (on the ground or in the air, doesn't matter) will be a charge slash attack, which deals double damage. The effect disappears if Shovel Knight isn't bouncing on anything for a few seconds.

Both Black Knight and Polar Knight display personal variations of the technique, respectively called Shovel Dive and Shovel Slam as reaveled by Shovel Knight Showdown. They behave contrarily to one another, with Black Knight's Dive momentarily lodging itself into the ground if it doesn't hit an opponent but bouncing into the air otherwise, and Polar Knight's Slam bouncing on Dirt but lodging into the ground if it hits a target.


  • A common misconception is that the Shovel Drop was based on Scrooge McDuck's pogo jump from the video game DuckTales. It was actually based on Link's sword drop from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.[1]
  • In the Village, Shovel Knight can shovel drop on the Hoop Kid's hoop. He is rewarded with the Hooper Feat if he manages to bounce on it for a consecutive five seconds.
  • The Shovel Drop is one of the four core movement mechanics around which the level design specific for the campaign it appears in is build upon, in this case Shovel of Hope. The others are the Bomb Burst, the Dash Slash and the Shoulder Bash.


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