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King Knight is an overconfident coward that relies on trickery and minions to do his dirty work. As such, his campaign will be full of self aggrandizing and humor!

Shovel Knight: King of Cards is the upcoming fourth campaign of Shovel Knight, featuring King Knight. Like the other campaigns, it will be available for free to owners of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. It tells the tale of how King Knight ascended to the throne and joined The Order of No Quarter. It will release sometime in December 2019.

King Knight can attack by dashing toward enemies with a move called the Shoulder Bash. He can dash in the air, too; it seems that hitting an enemy, a rough wall, or any object this way will send him into a twirl in which he can bounce off enemies like Shovel Knight, however, this action seems to be manually controlled. In "Dig the Vote", it was said he could reflect projectiles with a flip of his cape.

One of the ideas presented in "Dig the Vote" was that he would have a "Kingly Strut" meter that he can spend for special moves. Another feature mentioned in "Dig the Vote" is Royal Decrees: King Knight can spend gold to issue them and "cheat" on a level.

His life meter is in the shape of red hearts. He can also pick up heart-shaped collectibles when damaging enemies, which recover health. He uses another form of Relics, this time called Heirlooms. Like Shovel Knight and Donovan, King Knight's magic (called Vigor) is numerical as opposed to a meter. Like the previous two campaigns, this one features another unique kind of currency called Merit Medals (formerly Crown Coins).

Like Specter of Torment, this campaign will feature new stages, in this case, over 30, divided between 4 worlds, new enemies and new bosses. It will also include a card battle mini-game named Joustus. Unlike previous campaigns, some main stages don't end with a boss.


  • The introduction text can be found in the files of version 3.0 and onward of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove:
    • "Long ago, the lands were untamed, and roamed by legendary adventurers! While heroes seek their fortunes, villains lurk, plotting in the shadows. But none of that matters to King Knight, the most dapper dandy in the land! At heart, he is a monarch, but he is a king without a kingdom! This has to change! He’s ready for a quest! For recognition, for riches.. to conquer all! How will he attain glory? With brains? Brawn? Brilliant plotting? Not even King Knight knows! Nonetheless, full of determination, he sets out, ready take what is rightfully his… everything!"
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