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==Track List==
==Track List==
#[[A Proclamation Most High]] (Intro)
#[[A Proclamation Most High]] (Storybook Intro)
#[[Visiting Mom]] ([[The Homestead]])
#[[Visiting Mom]] ([[The Homestead]])
#[[These Noble Halls]] ([[House of Joustus|Village House]])
#[[These Noble Halls]] ([[House of Joustus|Village House]])
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#Show up for the Showdown! (Battle Start)
#Show up for the Showdown! (Battle Start)
#[[The War in the Mirror]] ([[Colosseum]])
#[[The War in the Mirror]] ([[Colosseum]])
#[[Make Haste!]] (Timer Low)
#[[Make Haste!]] (Timer Under 20 Seconds)
#Hyper Victory ([[Mirror of Fate|Mirror]] Phase 1 Win)
#Hyper Victory ([[Wandering Travelers]] Victory Theme)
#[[Showdown Results]]
#[[Showdown Results]]
#King of Cards (Trailer)
#King of Cards (Trailer)

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King of Cards OST Cover Art

Cover art for the album

Shovel Knight: King of Cards Original Soundtrack is a 50-track album featuring all new music composed by Jake Kaufman for Shovel Knight: King of Cards. It also includes tracks from Shovel Knight Showdown. Tracks 1 to 40 are from King of Cards, with track 49 being the trailer theme, while tracks 41-48 are from Showdown, with track 50 being the trailer theme. Also, tracks 3 to 17 are related to Joustus. It was released on Kaufman's Bandcamp account at any price and added to the album DLC of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove on December 11th, 2019. A vinyl and CD edition published by Brave Wave is set to be released after the campaign.[1]

Track List

  1. A Proclamation Most High (Storybook Intro)
  2. Visiting Mom (The Homestead)
  3. These Noble Halls (Village House)
  4. Canon in B-Flat Major (Joustus Game 1)
  5. Just a Minuet (Joustus Game 2)
  6. The Royal Overture (Joustus Boss)
  7. Earthen Waltz (Cave House)
  8. Magmazurka in A Mine-r (Joustus Game 3)
  9. Overlook Interlude (Mountain House)
  10. The Hatchling's Reflection (Joustus Game 4)
  11. Étude de L'ordre (Tower House)
  12. Sonatina Della Torre (Joustus Game 5)
  13. Infinity's Prelude (Joustus Cardia)
  14. Troops, Form up! (Joustus Deck Editing)
  15. Victory, As Expected (Joustus Victory)
  16. Dealt a Setback (Joustus Lost)
  17. A Stalemate (Joustus Draw)
  18. Pride Before Order (Pridemoor Map)
  19. Glory to King Knight! (Stage Clear)
  20. Long Shall His Majesty Triumph (Boss Defeated)
  21. I Shall Be King For All Time (Cutscene)
  22. A Round on the Crown (Cutscene)
  23. Boss Intro Buildup 1
  24. Boss Intro Buildup 2
  25. Boss Intro Buildup 3
  26. The Swift Kicker (Boss)
  27. Cruise Control (Airship)
  28. A Silly Talking Fish (Troupple Map)
  29. The Buzz in the Grotto (Troupple Pond)
  30. Ye Fruitly Benediction (Boss)
  31. The Fairy Glade
  32. All Hail the Fairy King (Cutscene)
  33. Some Blasted Hill (Birder Mountain Map)
  34. The Crosswise Crosswinds (Birder Mountain)
  35. The Oblique Angel (Boss)
  36. Crowd Control (Upgraded Airship)
  37. My Ascent Looms (Tower Map)
  38. The Twilight of Tomorrow (Boss)
  39. Fit to be Crowned (Boss)
  40. Coup D'état (Ending)
  41. Fields of Fire (Showdown Title Screen)
  42. Select a Character!
  43. Some Kind of Colosseum (Character Intro)
  44. Show up for the Showdown! (Battle Start)
  45. The War in the Mirror (Colosseum)
  46. Make Haste! (Timer Under 20 Seconds)
  47. Hyper Victory (Wandering Travelers Victory Theme)
  48. Showdown Results
  49. King of Cards (Trailer)
  50. Showdown (Trailer)


  • Victory, As Expected, Dealt a Setback, A Stalemate, Glory to King Knight!, Long Shall His Majesty Triumph, Show up for the Showdown!, Hyper Victory and all Boss Intro Buildups cannot be played in Sound Test mode.
  • The sound test for Showdown includes a track named Par-tay Rap!, which isn't present in the soundtrack.


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