Artbook cover

The artbook's cover art.

Shovel Knight: Official Design Works is the official artbook for Shovel Knight. It contains mostly illustrations and design artworks of characters, enemies, and items designed for the original campaign, Shovel of Hope, commented by the developers of Yacht Club Games. The artbook is published by Udon Entertainment and was first released in paperback and digital format in October 17, 2017.[1] A free version titled Shovel Knight: Digital Art Collection was released in digital format on October 11th, 2017.[2] It only contains the first section, "Characters and World".


  • Foreword by the developers and a gallery of large illustrations.
  • Characters and World
  • Rough Sketches / Early Concepts
    • Every first sketches and concepts of characters, titles and logos, environments, unused concepts, and the Body Swap Mode designs.
  • Archives
    • Sprite sheets, background development, and early menu screen mockups.
  • Extras
    • Promotional illustrations for Kickstarter and distribution, a few illustrations and concepts for Plague of Shadows, cutscenes, cameos, and turnarounds.
  • Bonus
    • Interview and fan art.



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