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Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope is the original campaign of Shovel Knight. The campaign was originally named just Shovel Knight, but was renamed after the release of Treasure Trove. This main story features Shovel Knight on his quest to rescue his lost partner Shield Knight from the Tower of Fate. To do so, he must defeat the Enchantress, protected by her Order of No Quarter. The story runs parallel to the events of Plague of Shadows, and it is preceded by the events of Specter of Torment and King of Cards, which combined act as a massive prequel.


Shovel of Hope has a relatively simpler gameplay compared to the other campaigns. Shovel Knight can use his Shovel Blade to slash at or bounce off enemies, dig piles and destroy obstacles. He can use Relics bought from Chester as a secondary weapon consuming Magic. He can also upgrade his Shovel Blade and Armor at hubs for new effects as well as his own Health and Magic Capacity. Music Sheets can also be collected throughout the stages to listen to the game's music played by the Bard.

Stages throughout the Valley can be accessed through a map divided in four quadrants. Each quadrant features 3 main stages, with at least one boss at the end of each. Completing main stages is required to access the next quadrant. In addition, there are hubs like the Village and Armor Outpost where upgrades and Relics can be bought. There are also optional stages and encounters to collect more Treasures.


Main Characters[]

The Order of No Quarter[]


Long ago, the lands were untamed, and roamed by legendary adventurers!
Of all heroes, none shone brighter than Shovel Knight and Shield Knight.
But their travels together ended at the Tower of Fate; when a cursed amulet wrought a terrible magic.
When Shovel Knight awoke, the tower was sealed, and Shield Knight was gone.
His spirit broken, a grieving Shovel Knight went into a life of solitude.
But without champions, the land was seized by a vile power: the Enchantress and her Order of No Quarter!
Now, the tower is unsealed, and devastation looms. A new adventure is about to begin...

First Quadrant[]

Shovel Knight clears his way through the plains, defeating all foes in his path. He then encounters Black Knight who tries to dissuade Shovel Knight from reaching the Tower of Fate, but Shovel Knight ignores his warnings and defeats him. The Black Knight then flees defeated.

When resting at a campfire Shovel Knight suffers a nightmare about Shield Knight falling with him trying to catch her.

When Shovel Knight first arrives at the Village, Farrels warns him that he cannot enter the village with a weapon. However upon seeing the Shovel Blade he laughs it off and allows Shovel Knight to walk freely through the village.

Shovel Knight ventured to Pridemoor Keep and The Lich Yard and defeated both King Knight and Specter Knight.

After this he suffered another nightmare about Shield Knight falling. This time enemies were attacking him as he tried to catch her.

Second Quadrant[]

Shovel Knight pressed on further into the Valley and visited the Explodatorium, the Iron Whale and the Lost City, defeating Plague Knight, Treasure Knight and Mole Knight.

After defeating all three he suffered another nightmare about Shield Knight, only this time with more enemies in the nightmare.


Shovel Knight encountered Reize who had heard of a Shovel wielding knight terrorizing the villagers and attacked Shovel Knight believing it to be him. Shovel Knight defeated Reize and assured him that he had not done so. Shovel Knight and Reize parted on good terms.

Shovel Knight also encountered Baz who was angry at being rejected from the Order of No Quarter. Believing he would earn a Knighthood if he defeated Shovel Knight, Baz attacked him. After being defeated Baz threw a temper tantrum hitting the ground whilst sobbing.

When Shovel Knight visited the Armor Outpost he paid for the customers in the hat shop which caused Mr. Hat to go into a frenzy, seeking to take Shovel Knight's helmet. After being defeated Mr. Hat apologized profusely and fled. However Shovel Knight caught up to him repeatedly with Mr Hat giving him money each time he did.

Shovel Knight also visited the Hall of Champions. After paying his entrance fee he was sealed inside and learned that the Hall was infested with ghosts. After purging the Hall of Champions of ghosts and defeating The Big Creep Shovel Knight continued on his way.

Third Quadrant[]

In the third area Shovel Knight ventured to the Clockwork Tower, the Stranded Ship and the Flying Machine, defeating Tinker Knight, Polar Knight and Propeller Knight.

He suffered yet another nightmare about Shield Knight afterwards. This time with even more enemies.


Shovel Knight also encountered the Black Knight again who had been conversing with the Enchantress. After Black Knight refused to join her the Enchantress vanished. Black Knight fought Shovel Knight again but was defeated and fled one more time.

Shovel Knight was also approached by Phantom Striker who challenged him. Although Shovel Knight tried to avoid an unnecessary fight Phantom Striker was insistent. After being defeated Phantom Striker appraised Shovel Knight's skills and left him some treasure, the amount depends on how well Shovel Knight fought him.

The Tower of Fate[]

At last Shovel Knight entered the ramparts of the Tower of Fate. After navigating them for a while he encountered Black Knight once more. After the Black Knight declared he would not let Shovel knight go any further The Enchantress appeared and asked Black Knight to join her again. After he declined she fired magic at him in order to offer him 'a tiny taste of the power he spurned'. The Enchantress then vanished and Shovel Knight and Black Knight fought one last time. In the fight the Enchantress' magic allowed Black Knight to teleport, fly and summon meteors but in the end Shovel Knight came out victorious. As Shovel Knight prepared to move on Black Knight pleaded with him not to hurt the Enchantress asking if he could 'see who he was trying to save'. Shovel Knight acknowledged him and pressed onward and upwards.

After climbing further up the Tower of Fate Shovel Knight ended up landing in the middle of a feast the Order of No Quarter were having. They each fought him in turn but even between themselves they could not win. The Order was left hanging and King Knight pleaded with Shovel Knight to help them up, which is an optional action. After he helps them up, the Order members give Shovel Knight praises and wish him luck.

Shovel Knight eventually reached the Enchantress and asked her, who turned out to be a possessed Shield Knight, to return with him. The Enchantress mocked him proclaiming Shield Knight was gone. They fought and eventually Shovel Knight won, breaking the curse and releasing Shield Knight. He caught her and they were reunited at last. However, the curse of the amulet had taken the form of the Remnant of Fate and attacked both of them. Working together Shovel Knight and Shield Knight were able to defeat the Remnant of Fate but in doing so the Tower of Fate started crumbling. The Remnant then attacked, stunning Shovel Knight. Shield Knight held off another of the Remnant's attacks. Black Knight appeared and Shield Knight swore him to protect Shovel Knight and flee. Despite his initial protests he relented and fled with Shovel Knight, leaving Shield Knight behind.

Credits Sequence[]

From the Village many villagers are seen watching the Tower of Fate. As the tower starts to crumble the villagers start rejoicing.

Pridemoor Keep - King Knight - The rightful king returns[]

The Deposed King is seen sitting on his throne with the hat shop customers in the throne room. King Knight is seen cleaning the floors. In a moment of anger King Knight throws his rag at the ground and shakes his fist.

Troupple Pond - Let the celebrations begin[]

The Troupple King is seen dancing as is the Dancer. The male Troupple Acolyte is also cheering.

The Lich Yard - Specter Knight - The life of the party[]

Specter Knight is playing a game wherein he tries to keep a potion in the air by hitting it with his scythe whilst Mona and Grandma Swamp watch. He eventually misses and Mona writes something down.

Iron Whale - Treasure Knight - Ill-gotten gain reclaimed[]

Villagers are seen leaving the Iron Whale with sacks of gold. As a fisherman leaves he flicks a single gold coin toward Treasure Knight who is sitting in the corner, looking defeated.

Explodatorium - Plague Knight - Advanced Potion Class[]

Plague Knight seemingly transforms The Alchemeister into a woman resembling the Magicist who is also present. The Goatician and the Scholar look on.

Lost City - Mole Knight - Excavations and Expeditions[]

Mole Knight is seen leading a small party through an expedition of the Lost City.

The Wandering Travellers - Always ready for battle[]

A swarm of Liquid Samurai are seen approaching the four Wandering Travellers who ready themselves for battle.

Flying Machine - Propeller Knight - Living the life carefree[]

Propeller Knight makes a small swish of his sword which makes a group of onlookers including Mary Sweets and Molly swoon.

Clockwork Tower - Tinker Knight - Toys for the children[]

The Armorer and Shovel Smith work at their anvils whilst Tinker Knight makes a miniature Tinker Tank that the Hoop Kid and Playing Kid chase after. Tinker Knight tries to chase after it too but trips up.

Stranded Ship - Polar Knight[]

Polar Knight is seen staring off into the distance, his helmet on the ground, facing away from the player's screen.

Pre-credits Scene[]

Black Knight is seen resting the unconscious Shovel Knight against the log whilst noting that he kept his promise to Shield Knight. He wishes Shovel Knight good rest and then leaves.

Post Credits Scene[]

Sometime after, Shield Knight appears at the campsite, her larger shield missing and clutching one of her arms. She lies beside Shovel Knight and falls asleep.