Slash and dash through the tragic prequel!

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment[3] is a stand alone campaign or a free expansion for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. It features Specter Knight's campaign, which is set as a prequel to Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows. The expansion also included challenges for Specter Knight, Body Swap Mode and the Co-op Mode (meaning players no longer require an amiibo in order to play).

Notably, unlike Plague Knight in Plague of Shadows, Specter Knight's play style is very different from his boss fight. The levels are also heavily altered from the Main Story Line, Shovel of Hope.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

'Long ago, the lands were untamed, and roamed by legendary adventurers!
But although the land is peaceful... for some, freedom is a far gone memory.
Specter Knight, servant to the Enchantress, has been given a harrowing task.
He must recruit a group of knights and form an invincible order!
With each member gathered, a treasured keepsake grows in power...
An artifact that can restore his humanity, but only when his task is complete.
Now, he leaves the confines of the Tower of Fate. It's time for the reaper to pursue his quarry.'

Major Differences from Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

  • Specter Knight has a different set of abilities in contrast to Shovel Knight and Plague Knight:
    • The health bar is green and is labeled "Will". This is a reference to Specter Knight being undead.
      • To cope this, the healing items have been changed to turkey bones, rotten apples and carrots. However he can still heal with blue fish.
    • Similarly to Plague Knight's Power bar, Specter Knight has his own special bar, called Darkness. This resource is refilled by collecting Darkness Jars, which drop from opponents (upon death or when hitting them) and after destroying some objects.
      • Darkness is used for his Curios, which play a similar role to Shovel Knight's Relics and Plague Knight's Arcana.
    • Will or Darkness can be increased permanently by opening Wisp Chests hidden in each stage. If he fails to open chests, he can buy them instead.
    • Much like Plague Knight, Specter Knight has a very short jump.
      • He will break blocks when jumping off them, in any form.
    • Specter Knight can perform an attack called Dash Slash against enemies and certain objects while airborne; a gash will appear on the target, and if the attack button is pressed, Specter Knight will fly through the target with a scythe attack.
      • Specter Knight will Dash Slash downward/upwards if he is above/below his target, respectively.
      • He can also perform Chain Dash Slashes by hitting opponents/objects multiple times.
    • Specter Knight can climb up walls and also perform wall-jumps.
      • If Specter Knight gets to the top of a wall, he will automatically flip up to the adjacent surface.
      • The distance of wall climbing is limited and he will drop down upon reaching the limit.
      • Specter Knight can not climb certain surfaces. The surfaces he cannot climb all share a distinct texture that varies depending on what stage you're in. Usually, the walls he can climb have "flat" textures while the walls he cannot are covered with something (i.e. in the Plains walls that cannot be climbed are covered in grass).
  • Similarly to Cipher Coins in Plague of Shadows, Specter Knight can buy more Curios by collecting Red Skulls.
    • Curios are unlocked to buy as the player progresses through the game.
  • Specter Knight's base of operations is the Tower of Fate. There, levels are selected at a Dark Portal as opposed to a World Map. All 9 major stages are accessible from the beginning, and can be completed in any order. Their difficulty is implied by the amount of gold gained from each one (varying from 1000, 2000 and 3000).
  • There are new enemies, mini-bosses and Bosses. Some optional Bosses were removed and the existing Bosses also have different attacks or variations from before.
  • Core stages are heavily altered to accommodate Specter Knight's Abilities. Some of the levels (mostly optional) were removed but there are new set of levels exclusive to his campaign. The most notable removal is that there is no variation of the Battle Royale in his campaign, nor he can access the Hall of Champions.
  • Specter of Torment has extra stages in the form of a flashback story after, which happen upon completing a set number of levels.
  • Some Boss encounters happens inside the Tower of Fate (i.e. Dark Reize and Shield Knight), replacing the optional World Map Bosses.
  • The Phantom Striker is encountered as the Lich Yard's Boss.
  • There is a new Tower Climbing mini game replacing Mona's Potion mini game.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Plains - Black Knight[edit | edit source]

Specter Knight begins his quest during the twilight to search for the first Knight. He finds Black Knight and tries to convince him to join The Order of No Quarter. Black Knight refuses and instead summons Terrorpin, his shelled steed, and battles Specter Knight. After Specter Knight wins, Black Knight recognizes Specter Knight's fighting style and realizes that Specter Knight is actually a rogue named Donovan. However, he still refuses to join The Order and Specter Knight returns to the tower empty handed.

Tower of Fate[edit | edit source]

As Specter Knight sits on a lonely parapet reminiscing, The Enchantress appears before him. She asks if Black Knight joined their ranks. Specter Knight replies that neither words nor force were able to persuade him and that Black Knight persists on his own quest. The Enchantress scolds him for his failure and commands that Specter Knight recruit the other Knights immediately before vanishing. Specter Knight is greeted by the Dark Acolyte who operates the Magic Mirror which can open a Dark Portal that can instantly take him to the locations of the other potential Order recruits. The locations and knights are:

First Donovan Memory[edit | edit source]

After recruiting two knights, Specter Knight reminisces about his past. In this memory Specter Knight's former self, Donovan, and his companion Luan, have a short dialogue concerning the tower and the treasure it holds. The two adventurers scale the base of the tower, battling enemies along the way, before finally stopping to rest near a lonely parapet. Luan expresses his concern for his son, stating that he's worried his reckless nature will get him into trouble. Donovan replies that the amulet that the two seek will protect Luan's son.

Reize[edit | edit source]

After recruiting three knights and selecting a stage Reize breaks into the tower. Reize says that his uncle told him there was " evil stuff " happening at the Tower of Fate and Reize wants to stop it. The Enchantress then appears and as the Dark Acolyte runs away she thinks that Specter Knight got his own apprentice, but Specter Knight says Reize is a nobody and he will escort him out. The Enchantress takes this differently and she then proceeds to shoot magic at Reize putting him under her control as Dark Reize. Dark Reize then attacks Specter Knight and after a battle Dark Reize is appointed as the new operator of the magic mirror.

Second Donovan Memory[edit | edit source]

After recruiting five knights, Specter Knight reminisces about the past once again. In this memory Donovan and Luan have just woken up from their rest. They then keep proceeding in to the Tower of Fate while facing many more enemies. They then find the amulet and right before taking it, Shield Knight appears and warns the two adventurers about the dangers of the amulet. Donovan thinks Shield Knight is trying to take the amulet for herself and tells Luan to just take the amulet. Luan reconsiders about taking the amulet because of Shield Knight's warnings. Then Donovan says to Luan they should not just let Shield Knight tell them to not to take the amulet. Shield Knight then attacks Donovan, they then both have a battle while Luan stands on the side. After the battle the tower crumbles as Donovan wants to take the amulet, but Luan wants to leave. Luan tries to convince Donovan that the amulet is not worth it, but Donovan tells Luan to get out of the way and badly injures him by slicing Luan with his sword, then as the room falls apart, before Donovan can attack again, he falls down when the floor crumbles, as Shield Knight watches from a safer area.

Third Donovan Memory[edit | edit source]

After recruiting six knights, Specter Knight reminisces his life as Donovan again. In this memory Donavan has fallen to his doom and is close to death.Then out of nowhere the Enchantress appears and offers Donovan a chance of life if he brings her a army of knights.Donovan accepts and The Enchantress turns Donovan into a undead reaper, she then decides to name her new henchman " Specter Knight ". The Enchantress then takes a locket from Specter Knight and then make it have the ability to grant life when Specter Knight has recruited eight knights. The Enchantress then sends off Specter Knight to his task.

When Recruited 7 Knights[edit | edit source]

When Specter went into the Magic Mirror, Dark Reize is nowhere to be found. Then Black Knight burst from the ground with Terrorpin and says how Specter Knight's quest is getting in the way of his search. Specter Knight responds to Black Knight and says the Enchantress is powerful to stop but he still offers a role of a knight, Black Knight declines and than the Enchantress appears. When Black Knight sees The Enchantress, he refers to her as Shield Knight, and Black asks her if they could leave the tower, but The Enchantress declines.The Enchantress then commands Specter to dispose of Black Knight as she leaves. Specter Knight, realizing The Enchantress is Shield Knight, wants to get revenge for everything she had done to him. Black Knight leaves, still wishing to protect her, and through the hole he came from comes the Dark Acolyte. The Dark Acolyte offers Specter Knight help with defeating The Enchantress by operating the Magic Mirror again.

Tower of Fate: ????[edit | edit source]

After Specter Knight defeats Black Knight in the Tower of Fate: Entrance, he then proceeds to enter The Tower of Fate: ????. After facing many deadly traps, he goes to the room where he originally fought Shield Knight and finds The Enchantress.The Enchantress is expecting an eighth knight from Specter Knight, but Specter Knight wants to end The Enchantress. The Enchantress gets aggravated for Specter Knight not following orders and starts attacking Specter Knight. After a battle, The Enchantress summons Dark Reize and gives him more dark magic to transform him into Nightmare Reize and sends him to fight Specter Knight. After Specter Knight defeats Nightmare Reize, Reize is seen wounded as Specter Knight says he won't serve The Enchantress no longer. As Specter Knight quits his job as a henchman, The Enchantress says that she would make Reize the final knight and the locket would now give life, since eight knights have been recruited. Specter Knight says to leave Reize alone and decides to be the Eighth Knight of the Order of No Quarter. Specter Knight then uses the power of the locket to bring Reize to life instead of himself. He is seen then carrying Reize to bring him to safety.

Credits Sequence[edit | edit source]

As the Magic Mirror crumbles, the land is opened as a a wounded Reize is being carried by Specter as they leave the Tower of Fate.

Pridemoor Keep - King Knight - The Golden Reign Begins[edit | edit source]

Pridemoor Keep is being turned into gold by Wizzems, as King Knight makes the Deposed King sweep the floors.

Troupple Pond - The Fruit of Redemption[edit | edit source]

The Dark Acolyte and Missy are seen by the Troupple King, the Dark Acolyte then begs The Troupple King. Then the Troupple King spits at the Dark Acolyte and than the Dark Acolyte turns into the Troupple Acolyte.

The Lich Yard - Specter Knight - Overrun With The Undead[edit | edit source]

Villagers are being chased away from the Lich Yard by Boneclangs, Ghosts and The Super Skeleton.The Phantom Striker appears and attempts to fight them off.

Iron Whale - Treasure Knight - Pay Day[edit | edit source]

Treasure Knight is seen paying minions for their work with the Enchantress.

Flying Machine - Propeller Knight - The Fleet Takes Flight[edit | edit source]

Propeller Knight is sending his army off to the land. The 'Edge Farmer is look at Propeller Knight's army and isn't really impressed, then he sees the Airship Enthusiast flying with the army and he is surprised.

Explodatorium - Plague Knight - Bubbling Chemistry[edit | edit source]

Mona is briefly seen with Plague Knight, building the giant vat to host the essences of The Order of No Quarter for Plague Knight's plan to brew the Ultimate Potion. She pulls some kind of mechanism coming face to face with him, causing the both of them to move apart, embarrassed.

Lost City - Mole Knight - Letting Off Some Steam[edit | edit source]

Mole Knight is in a hot tub with his moles.

Armor Outpost - Vanquishing The Valorous[edit | edit source]

The Enchantress and her army are seen destroying the Armor Outpost as Knights fail to defeat them.

Clockwork Tower - Tinker Knight - Automated Assembly[edit | edit source]

Tinker Knight is seen pulling a lever to make his army.

Stranded Ship - Polar Knight - Tending to the Wounded[edit | edit source]

Polar Knight can be seen taking care of Terrorpin.

Village - In Safe Hands at Last[edit | edit source]

Specter Knight carries a wounded Reize and puts him in the care of the Hedge Pupil and the Hedge Farmer.

Tower of Fate[edit | edit source]

The Enchantress is seen with her new found army of Knights surrounding her. All members of the order bow as The Enchantress raises her hands; all of them except Specter Knight, who stands tall, defiant to the end.

Pre-Credits Scene[edit | edit source]

Specter Knight is shown at the Lich Yard when Black Knight enters. Specter Knight has lost all hope in stopping the Enchantress, as the Order will sweep through the land without mercy. Black Knight, however, still has hope she can be reached, but Specter Knight replies that she will destroy Black Knight, as she had done to him with no remorse, having finally accepting his fate in serving the Enchantress. Black Knight departs, telling Specter Knight to keep her safe. With those encouraging words from Black Knight, Specter Knight takes out his weapon and floats into the air, extending his cloak and becoming his boss appearance. He then turns his boss room black, foreshadowing the boss fight in Shovel of Hope/Plague of Shadows.

Post-Credits Scene[edit | edit source]

Specter Knight is in his secret room, he then pulls out his locket and has one last reminisce as his time as Donovan. In this memory it takes before Luan and Donovan headed to the Tower of Fate, After a quick chat Luan gives Donovan a locket. He gave Donovan the Locket because Luan felt Donovan like family and Luan would hope Donovan would be family to his son, " Reize ".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After defeating Plague Knight, talking to the Plague Minions inside the Tower of Fate hints that Plague Knight has a secret base (the Potionarium) in addition to the Explodatorium, and that he is on a new project involving Essences. Furthermore, the ending shows Plague Knight's first romantic interaction with Mona while working on the same vat which will later hold the Essences harvested from the other knights, alluding to the events of Plague of Shadows.
    • The location and aesthetics where Plague Knight steals the Phase Locket in Plague of Shadows are different from Specter Knight's room found in The Lich Yard. However during the ending sequence, we can see that water has began seeping into the room, giving it a transitional look between its previous appearance and what it will become in Plague of Shadows.
  • Shovel Knight is never seen nor mentioned for the entirety of the campaign. However, Specter Knight and Black Knight final conversation references his campaign Shovel of Hope, due to their repeated use of the word "Hope".
  • Since King Knight was already ruler of Pridemoor Keep and subservient to the Enchantress, it implies that the events of King of Cards happened between Donovan resurrection as Specter Knight and his initial attempt at recruiting Black Knight at the Plains. Specter Knight faces King Knight again only because he was slacking off on his own renovations of Pridemoor Keep and must be put back on schedule.
  • This is the only campaign where it is directly said that Shield Knight is the Enchantress.
  • This is the only campaign without optional bosses.

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