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Shovel Knight Showdown
Developer(s) Yacht Club Games
Publisher(s) Yacht Club Games
Platform(s) Windows 10, Mac, Linux/Steam OS, Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release date(s) December 10, 2019
Genre(s) Platform, Fighting Game

Shovel Knight Showdown (formerly known as Battle Mode) is a fifth game in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Since it's only local multiplayer, it will not be appearing on the 3DS or PS Vita versions of the game. Shovel Knight Showdown can be also purchased as a stand alone game.

The mode was officially revealed on August 28th on the IGN website and YouTube channel,[1][2] as well as on Yachtclub Games' website.[3] It was officially released to the public worldwide on December 10th 2019.

Gameplay Edit

Shovel Knight Showdown is a platforming fighting game with 20 characters from the Shovel Knight series. There are 4 players matches and variety of modes to choose from. All 4 playable characters: Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, Specter Knight and King Knight have the move set from their campaigns translated into Showdown. Other characters get their own new move set, usually catering specifically for Showdown. There is also a unique parry move, where you can block incoming attacks.

Story Edit


All was not well at the Tower of Fate. A terrible truth had been revealed. Specter Knight stormed off, filled with rage at The Enchantress. Their final battle was imminent!

The residents of the tower gathered. They boldly decided to rebel and help their friend. Hastily, they hatched a plan to modify the magic mirror. Perhaps they could trap The Enchantress inside!

With the preparations complete, the ramshackle contraption sprang to life. But something went terribly wrong…

When Specter Knight parted for his final confrontation with the Enchantress in Specter of Torment, the various residents of the Tower of Fate who he made allies with decided to aid in his quest. They hastily modified the Magic Mirror Specter Knight had previously used to teleport across the Valley while recruiting members for the Order of No Quarter, hoping to capture the Enchantress within it. However the rushed and incomplete job yielded unforeseen consequences...


There are many modes in the game and such modes can be seen in a mode called Chester's Choice or in Story Mode:

  • Gem Clash - Players must collect a specific number of gems to win.
  • Fairy Frenzy - All players become fairies. As a fairy, their only attack is dashing into one another.
  • Showdown - where the only goal is to slash mercilessly to the bitter end!
  • Beeto Breach - A hoard of Beetos desend from the sky, dealing a single point of damage to players that touch them.
  • Eggstravaganza - The only items are Birder Eggs and eggs containing baby Griffoths or Fairies.
  • Big Hits - The knockback of all player's attacks is extremely high.

According to Shovel Knight's 5th anniversary stream, Showdown refers to Last Man Standing[4].

Playable CharactersEdit

Over 20 characters including:

Move Lists Edit

Every playable character in Shovel Knight Showdown has a unique set of moves.

Shovel Knight Edit

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Dig Slash- [attack]
  • Charge Handle- Press and hold [attack] then release
  • Shovel Drop- Hold down in air
  • Flare Wand- [special]

Editor's Note: Scanning the Shovel Knight amiibo will unlock the Baron Set for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch players.

Plague Knight Edit

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Double Jump- [jump] x2
  • Bomb Toss- [attack]
  • Spin Burst- Press and hold [attack] then release
  • Staff of Surging- [special]

Editor's Note: Scanning the Plague Knight amiibo will unlock the Boomtech Set for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch players.

Specter Knight Edit

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Hover Plume- Press [jump] a second time in the air; hold for more airtime
  • Scythe Slash- [attack]
  • Dash Slash- [attack] in air when slash mark shows over anything it can interact with
  • Wall Climb- move toward a wall and hold up; [jump] on a wall to Wall Jump
  • Throwing Sickle- [special]

Editor's Note: Hold up-taunt for 10 seconds on the Tower of Fate- Spires stage to unlock Donovan, an alternate costume. Scanning the Specter Knight amiibo will unlock the Lich Lord Set for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch players.

King Knight Edit

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Shoulder Bash- [attack]; can be used again in the air if a Spin connects
  • Roll- [attack] while Shoulder Bashing
  • Spin- hit a wall or opponent while Shoulder Bashing
  • Rat Bombardier- [special]

Editor's Note: Scanning the King Knight amiibo will unlock the Ultimate Supreme Set for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch players.

Shield Knight Edit

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Shield Toss- [attack]; can be aimed up, down, or straight
  • Buckler Blow- [attack] while shieldless
  • Shield Rush- [special]; can be aimed up, left or right
  • Rush- [special] while shieldless

Black Knight Edit

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Dig Slash- [attack]
  • Dark Wave- Press and hold [attack] then release
  • Dark Wave Dodge- Press and hold up and [attack], then release; can be held forward
  • Shovel Dive- Hold down in air
  • Stone Strike- [special], can be aimed left or right

Propeller Knight Edit

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Double Jump- [jump] a second time in the air
  • Glide- Hold [jump] while airborne
  • Corkscrew Kick- Down and [attack] in the air
  • Saber Guard- Hold [attack]
  • Saber Strike- Release [attack] during a Saber Guard
  • Saber Lunge- Release [attack] during a Saber Guard after saber gleams
  • Headwind- [special], can be aimed left/right

Polar Knight Edit

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Snow Slash- [attack]
  • Polar Plow- Hold [attack] then release
  • Shovel Slam- Hold down in air
  • Avalanche Kick- [special]

Tinker Knight Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Propeller Knight to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Wrench Toss- [attack]
  • Definitely Intentional Trip- Hold [attack] then release
  • Wrench Rain- After tripping, and while facedown, press [attack]
  • Mobile Gear Wheel- [special] on foot
  • Zap Drop- Fall while on Mobile Gear Wheel
  • Mobile Gear Flight- [special] while on Mobile Gear Wheel

Editor's Note: Wrenches are tossed forward on foot, and in an arc on the Mobile Gear. Mobile Gear can be cancelled by jumping.

Mole Knight Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Tinker Knight to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Claw Swipe- [attack]
  • Belly Slide- Hold [attack] then release
  • Spiral Drill- Up and [special]
  • Burrow Dig- [special]
  • Diving Dig- [special] in midair
  • Erupt- While underground, press [special]; hold the button to jump higher

Editor's Note: You can cancel the Burrow Dig by jumping.

Treasure Knight Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Mole Knight to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Diamond Shot- [attack]
  • Anchor Launch- [special], can be aimed up, left or right
  • Anchor Zip- Hold [special] during an Anchor Launch
  • Swim Dash- Hold [special] at the end of an Anchor Zip
  • Scuttle Slam- Down and [special]

The Enchantress Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Shield Knight to unlock her!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Hover- Hold [jump] while in the air
  • Magic Shot- [attack]; can be aimed in any direction
  • Scream Dash- [special], can be aimed up or down
  • Dark Strafe- Hold [attack], then release; can be aimed in any direction

Mona Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Plague Knight to unlock her!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Cipher Slash- [attack]
  • Burst Bomb- Hold [attack], then release
  • Conjure Potion- [special], repeat up to 3 times
  • Conjure Cluster Potion- Hold [special] briefly, then release
  • Conjure Hazardous Potion- Hold [special]

Editor's Note: All potions can be aimed left or right.

Liquid Samurai Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Mona to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Samurai Sprint- Hold left or right while on the ground
  • Sword Slash- [attack]
  • Claw Spin- [attack] in the air
  • Arrow Shot- Hold [attack], then release
  • Leap Backward- Hold up and [attack], then release (hold forward to Leap Forward instead)
  • Leap Shot- [attack] while Leaping
  • Blob Form- [special]; press any button to cancel
  • Blob Rise- Up and [special] while in the air or on ground
  • Blob Dive- Down and [special] while in the air or on ceilng

Editor's Note: Liquid Samurai cannot cling to the ceiling indefinitely; you will need to refresh the timer by jumping off and jumping back on.

Phantom Striker Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Specter Knight to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Foil Thrust- [attack], repeat up to 3 times
  • Foil Swipe- [attack] while airborne
  • Flash Trap- Hold [attack] then release, can be aimed up or down
  • Strike Step- Hold [special], can be aimed with up or down
  • Phantom Shroud- Down and [special] after Strike Step

Dark Reize Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Phantom Striker to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Dark Slash- [attack]
  • Teleport (Dark)- Hold [attack] then release, aim in any direction
  • Dark Dive Kick- Down and [attack]
  • Darkness Rising- [attack] while on ground after a Dark Dive Kick
  • Dark Boomerang Throw- [special]
  • Dark Boomerang Spike- Down and [special] while on ground / [special] while airborne
  • Dark Boomerang Pulse- [special] while boomerang is embedded

Editor's Note: Dark Reize can cling to walls by holding toward the direction of the wall.

Reize Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Dark Reize to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Flip Jump- [jump] again in the air
  • Hedgespin- [attack]
  • Dive Kick- Down and [attack] in the air
  • Boomerang Throw- [special], can be aimed up or down
  • Boomerang Recall- [special] when without boomerangs

Editor's Note: If the boomerangs fall out-of-bounds, Reize must recall them. Otherwise, the boomerangs must be picked up manually.

Baz Edit

Beat the Story Mode without losing a continue to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Ball Jump- [jump] while in a ball (after a Mighty Swing)
  • Elbow Drop- Down in the air
  • Whip Lash- [attack]
  • Electrify- Hold [attack] then release
  • Mighty Swing- [special]

Mr. Hat Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Baz to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Change Hats- Hold [attack] then release

While wearing Fancy Hat...

  • Teacup Toss- [attack]
  • Dodge- Up and [attack]
  • Flying Saucer- [special]
  • Cane Hop- Down while airborne
  • Cane Wall Hop- [jump] during a Cane Hop next to a wall

While wearing Military Hat...

  • Strong Slash- [attack]
  • Sweeping Slice- [attack] in the air
  • Javelin Lob- [special], can be aimed up or down

Editor's Note: Mr. Hat is a floaty zoner while Fancy, and a strong melee fighter while Military.

Goldarmor Edit

Beat the Story Mode with Mr. Hat to unlock him!

  • Jump- [jump]
  • Down Thrust- Down while airborne
  • Guard Stance- Hold [attack]
  • Sword Lunge- Release [attack] during Guard Stance
  • Swift Strikes- Release [attack during a fully-charged Guard Stance
  • Overhead Block- Up while in Guard Stance
  • Change Direction- Left or Right during Guard Stance
  • Anchor Toss- [special]

Editor's Note: Beat Story Mode with Goldarmor to unlock Dragon Goldarmor, an alternate costume.


Stage Unlock CriteriaEdit

  • Birder Bluffs - Shifting Balcony: Parry 10 times in a single match
  • Campsite - Dream: Clear Story with Shovel Knight
  • Clockwork Tower - Piston Furnace: Fall through any stage's warp floor a combined total of 50 times
  • Colosseum - Triad Hill: Win Sudden Death 5 times
  • Explodatorium - Potion Drains: Get a high score of 100,000 or more in Target mode.
  • Flying Machine - Sky Deck: Win a stock match of 3 or more without losing a stock.
  • Iron Whale - Treasure Vault: Clear Story with Treasure Knight
  • Lich Yard - Mausoleum: KO 100 total opponents
  • Lost City - Goo Gorge: Knock opponents into lava 50 times
  • Pridemoor Keep - Castle Tour: Clear Story with King Knight
  • Flying Machine - Fleet Tour: Play 10 matches on stages with pits or lava without falling in.
  • Stranded Ship - Grinding Glaciers: Clear Story with Polar Knight
  • Tower of Fate - Spires: Clear Story with Reize
  • Tower of Fate - Stronghold Tour: Clear Story with The Enchantress
  • Troupple Grotto - Axolongl Cave: Defeat 50 troupples during a match on Troupple Grotto - Royal Pond
  • Undervillage - Potionarium: Clear Story with Liquid Samurai
  • Village - Armor Outpost: Use all items in matches
  • Village - House of Joustus: Clear Story with Black Knight
  • Wilderness - Proving Grounds: See 20 different modes in Chester's Choice
  • Tower of Fate - Mirror Chamber: Clear Story on Hard
  • Event Horizon - Celestial Plane: Play a match on all other stages



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