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Shovel Knight Showdown (formerly known simply as Battle Mode) is the fifth game in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Since it is only local multiplayer, it is not on the 3DS or PS Vita versions of the game. Shovel Knight Showdown can be also purchased as a stand-alone game.

The mode was officially revealed on August 28th on the IGN website and YouTube channel,[1][2] as well as on Yacht Club Games' website. It was officially released to the public worldwide on December 10th, 2019.


Shovel Knight Showdown is a platforming fighting game with 20 characters from the Shovel Knight series. There can be up to 4 players in Battle Mode matches, and there are a variety of match types and modifier events to choose from. All 4 playable characters (Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight) have the move set from their campaigns translated into Showdown, while the other characters get their own new move set. There is also a unique parry move,used to block incoming attacks and disperse projectiles. To test the movesets of the characters, a useful Practice Mode can be accessed in the title screen, alongside the main Battle Mode, the Story Mode and Percy's Targets Mode.



All was not well at the Tower of Fate. A terrible truth had been revealed. Specter Knight stormed off, filled with rage at The Enchantress. Their final battle was imminent!

The residents of the tower gathered. They boldly decided to rebel and help their friend. Hastily, they hatched a plan to modify the magic mirror. Perhaps they could trap The Enchantress inside!

With the preparations complete, the ramshackle contraption sprang to life. But something went terribly wrong…

When Specter Knight parted for his final confrontation with the Enchantress in Specter of Torment, the various residents of the Tower of Fate who he made allies with decided to aid in his quest. They hastily modified the Magic Mirror Specter Knight had previously used to teleport across the Valley while recruiting members for the Order of No Quarter, hoping to capture the Enchantress within it. However, the rushed and incomplete job yielded unforeseen consequences...

The Stories of Story Mode[]

Each character has a different story (Some character stories intertwine with each other, for example, Mona's and the Liquid Samurai's story). All characters have different adventures but in the end, each one destroys a separate version of the monstrous Mirror of Fate and are ejected back into the real world, where they experience their ending.

Shovel Knight: Shovel Knight awakens in the Colosseum, thinking this is another nightmare. Regardless, he ventures forward when enemies appear. He then encounters Shield Knight, who he sees as another nightmare. However, after battling her, he realizes that she really is Shield Knight. Once they encounter each other again, they must battle each other in order to summon the Mirror of Fate to escape. He then destroys the Mirror. In the end, Shovel Knight woke up back at his campsite. Realizing Shield Knight must be still alive, Shovel Knight journeys towards the Tower of Fate, triggering Shovel of Hope.

Plague Knight: Plague Knight awakens in the Colosseum, blaming a localized time distortion as the cause. He then ventures forward as enemies appear. He then encounters Mona, who is in no rush of escaping due to all of the research she can obtain, being particularly interested in a Liquid Samurai. They team up but they get separated shortly afterward. They encounter each other again sometime later. They must fight in order for the mirror to show up. Plague Knight is reluctant at first, but Mona is not. After battling the Mirror of Fate, Plague Knight inserts the Liquid Samurai Mona captured inside the same containment unit used in Plague of Shadows, making breakthroughs in his Essence research and triggering the events of Plague of Shadows.

Specter Knight: Specter Knight awakens in the Colosseum, thinking that The Enchantress found him out and involuntarily summoned him elsewhere. He is furious and decides to attack the enemies as they appear so he can reach Shield Knight as soon as possible. He encounters the Phantom Striker and engages in battle since Phantom Striker thinks Specter Knight trapped him in the mirror to further convince him to join the Order. After encountering each other again, before they fight, Phantom Striker calls Specter Knight a fool for believing that the Enchantress can restore his life. After escaping the mirror, Specter Knight takes a moment to think about Phantom Striker's words but pushes it aside as he climbs the Tower of Fate.

King Knight: King Knight awakens in the Colosseum, thinking someone summoned him there to usurp his throne. He then ventures forward, battling anyone in his way. He then encounters Specter Knight, who is extremely annoyed that he is trapped with King Knight. After battling, they encounter each other again, with Specter Knight vowing to escape and find a way to trap King Knight inside the mirror. After King Knight's escape, he wakes up back at Pridemoor Keep on his throne. He dismisses his experience as a dream caused by eating too many leftovers from another gala nobody attended.

Shield Knight: Shield Knight awakens in the Colosseum, being happy that she finally has a chance to escape the spell of the amulet, even if she has to battle anyone who gets in her way. She encounters the Enchantress, who apparently split from her once inside the mirror. Due to almost recognizing her and having something to do with her battle at the Tower of Fate, she battles the Enchantress for her freedom. Later they encounter each other again, and with determination to escape, she battles the Enchantress again. After seemingly becoming free from the mirror, she finds herself still trapped within the Enchantress, hoping for someone to rescue her.

Black Knight: Black Knight awakens in the Colosseum, still sad from the apparent death of Terrorpin. His sadness turns into a shock as intruders approach. Later, he encounters Polar Knight and the knights are glad to see each other. However, Polar Knight dismisses Black Knight's wishes for aid to free Shield Knight and wants to see what the Enchantress sees in Black Knight. Once they cross paths again, Black Knight wonders out loud why Polar Knight is refusing to help, but attacks him after Polar Knight insults his inability to protect his friends. After their battle and the fight with the Mirror, Black Knight returns to the Plains and vows to find a way to save everyone.

Propeller Knight: Propeller Knight awakens in the Colosseum, blaming last night wild events as the cause. He then encounters Tinker Knight, who believes that if they can find Propeller Knight's Flying Machine, they can escape, thus deciding to team up. But soon after they get separated. When they encounter each other again, Tinker Knight mentions they are both lost and forces Propeller Knight to admit he never had a plan, engaging them in battle. After the mirror's defeat, Tinker Knight tweaks Propeller Knight's propeller, with Propeller Knight admitting that sometimes having plans is not such a bad idea, and thinking that the Order will be fine.

Mole Knight: Mole Knight awakens in the Colosseum, thinking he tunneled in the wrong direction. He later encounters Treasure Knight, in which they both agree to team up due to the change in the environment. But soon after, they get separated. Once they encounter each other again, Treasure Knight betrays Mole Knight moments before Mole Knight could betray Treasure Knight. After the defeat of the mirror, Mole Knight and Treasure Knight decided to go their separate ways, leaving the other free to plunder their turf, at least for now.

Treasure Knight: Treasure Knight awakens in the Colosseum, blaming a mutiny or his ship capsizing as possible causes. He then encounters Propeller Knight, in which they have a bet to see how much money they can get, while temporarily teaming up. When they encounter each other again, they realize they are tied, so as a tie-breaker, they would battle. After the mirror takes Treasure Knight back to the Iron Whale, Propeller Knight honors Treasure Knight's win and gives his earnings willingly (75000 gold to be exact).

Polar Knight: Polar Knight awakens in the Colosseum, surprised at the situation, thinking this is a test of some sorts. He encounters Shovel Knight, who is glad to see Polar Knight, even though he thinks Polar Knight is another nightmare. Polar Knight then attacks Shovel Knight "for old time's sake." Later, they encounter each other again, with Polar Knight wishing that Shovel Knight joins The Enchantress and her cause. When he refuses, Polar Knight attacks him simply for being in his way out of the Mirror. After breaking the Mirror, Polar Knight resumes his training as his role demands and to be ready for Shovel Knight, if he ever encounters him again.

Tinker Knight: Tinker Knight awakens in the Colosseum, thinking he fallen asleep on his blueprints again. Confusion quickly turned into panic as enemies appeared. He later encountered Mole Knight and desired help from him. Mole Knight refused and the conversation turned into an argument. They then battled. Later they encountered each other again, with Mole Knight seeking help instead. Tinker Knight, fed up, refused and they argued again, which turned into another battle. Tinker Knight then destroyed the Mirror. Later, in the Lost City, Tinker Knight was working on a new invention, surprisingly with Mole Knight as partner, having put their differences aside for the sake of teamwork. They gave each other a high five, with Tinker Knight hoping the Order won't be used for evil in the future.

The Enchantress: The Enchantress awakens in the Colosseum and unsurprisingly, she already knows who is responsible and what she will do after leaving the Mirror. But first, she had to destroy everything in her way. She later encountered Black Knight, with him pleading to stop her madness. She, in turn, tells him that the Mirror reflects the truth and Black Knight is destined to join her. With no other options, Black Knight joins The Enchantress, mainly to protect Shield Knight trapped within her. But they get separated soon afterward. After they reunite, Black Knight pleads with Shield Knight to fight her corruption. In turn, The Enchantress attacks him to make him her thrall for all eternity. After destroying the Mirror, everything was going according to plan. But The Enchantress wasn't satisfied. She wanted Black Knight under her full control and she will not stop until succeeding.

Baz: Baz awakens in the Colosseum, confused about what just happened. Regardless, he decided to venture forward. On his way, he encountered Mr. Hat. At first, he was impressed by his helmet, but then things turned sour quickly as Mr. Hat recognized Baz due to his armor, which Baz stole from his shop. Mr. Hat then attacks him. Later they encounter each other again, with Mr. Hat offering mercy and a job for Baz if he repays his debt to him. Baz refuses and attacks. He then destroys the Mirror. Baz is later seen inside Mr. Hat's shop, sweeping. At last, his debt was repaid and he was ready to join whoever would need him because as Baz says - it's good to be part of something.

Reize: Reize awakens in the Colosseum, confused. He also vaguely remembers fighting in someone else's body. Regardless, he had to defend himself as enemies approached him. He later encountered Baz and was impressed by him. But Baz was having a bad day and told Reize to leave. Reize instead insisted that Baz would teach him. They teamed up afterwards but get separated shortly after. When they encountered each other again, Baz sadly informed Reize that they must fight. Reize reluctantly agreed and they battled. Reize then destroyed the Mirror. Reize thought he was free, but soon after the darkness surrounded him and he realized he was still trapped inside Dark Reize.

Mr. Hat: Mr. Hat awakens in the Colosseum, not particularly caring about the situation. He had two goals - to find new hats and new customers. He encounters Goldarmor, who wants to arrest him, since Mr. Hat is known for pilfering hats. Mr. Hat is delighted that someone recognized him and the Goldarmor's helmet catches his eye. He wants it and approaches Goldarmor. Goldarmor then calls reinforcements and they battle Mr. Hat. They later encounter each other again, with the situation still the same, only now the Goldarmor is alone to battle Mr. Hat. After the Mirror is destroyed, Mr. Hat is seen in the back of his shop, successfully taking Goldarmor's helmet. He puts it on and tries its power. He is delighted and starts to think about how to expand his collection.

Phantom Striker: Phantom Striker awakens in the Colosseum, with a chill in his spine. He didn't want to attract attention to himself but it found him anyways in the form of enemies. He then encounters Dark Reize, who is disappointed that he has to fight Phantom Striker. Phantom Striker is shocked that a child, like Reize, could be corrupted so severely. Regardless, they battle. Later they encounter each other again, with Dark Reize surprised that Phantom Striker is still alive. Phantom Striker is saddened from all this development and attacks Dark Reize to free him from his corruption. He later destroys the Mirror. Later, Phantom Striker is seen lamenting his failures and decides to find someone who will beat the source of darkness since he is unable to do it himself.

Mona: Mona awakens in the Colosseum, thinking she dozed off during her day job. She dismisses her situation as a prank but decides to do field research anyways. She encounters a Liquid Samurai and becomes instantly interested in his liquid properties, he, in turn, calls in reinforcements and they attack her. Later, Mona encounters the same Liquid Samurai, now alone. She still wants to study him, while he is confused about why she isn't scared of him. After that, Mona destroys the Mirror. Mona is then seen operating her bottle minigame and is revealed to have captured the Liquid Samurai. Her shift ends and she's ready to study him in the Potionarium.

Dark Reize: Dark Reize awakens in the Colosseum, blaming Specter Knight for his predicament. But he then realizes that this could be a chance to please The Enchantress, so he ventures forward to cause havoc. On his way, he encounters his uncorrupted self, Reize. He is pleased by this since he can destroy his good side once and for all, so he attacks. Later, they encounter each other again and Reize pleads with his evil side to return to the light. Dark Reize refuses and attacks. He then destroys the Mirror. Dark Reize is then seen on the rails, happy, as he is sure to have destroyed his good side. He is then suddenly called by The Enchantress, so he teleports to her.

Goldarmor: Goldarmor awakens in the Colosseum confused since he was just marching in the Pridemoor Keep with other Goldarmors. He then ventures forwards. He encounters his king, King Knight, and is happy to see him. He wants to ask for help, but King Knight shuts him down and tells him to serve him and find the way out. Goldarmor, disappointed, teams up with King Knight afterward. But soon after they are separated. When they are reunited, King Knight demands that Goldarmor does something useful. Goldarmor is fed up with him, refuses, and attacks his former king. He then destroys the Mirror. Unfortunately, he wakes up and thinks the whole ordeal has been just a dream. He is scorned by another Goldarmor and is last seen bowing to King Knight.

Liquid Samurai: Liquid Samurai awakens in the Colosseum, alone and disoriented. He wanted to find his master as soon as possible. He then encounters Plague Knight. Since both of them serve The Enchantress, he wants them to team up but Plague Knight has other plans, as a friend of his (Mona) wants to capture the Liquid Samurai for experiments. So they battle instead. Later, they encounter each other again and the Liquid Samurai informs him that he knows about his essence stealing scheme and will tell The Enchantress as soon as he finds her. But he attacks Plague Knight first. Then he destroys the Mirror. He is then seen with other Liquid Samurais inside the Tower of Fate, intending to tell The Enchantress about Plague Knight's betrayal.


The matches types can be selected in the options menu in the main Battle Mode and mainly consist of three types: Treasure Clash, where Players must collect a specific number of gems to win, Showdown, where the only goal is to slash mercilessly to the bitter end, and Chester's Choice, where the match is random. Chester's Choice is special in many ways because not only a match can either be a Treasure Clash or a Showdown, but also because many quirky events are selected before the start of the game. These modifiers, of which there are dozens, can put a twist in matches that completely changes the flow of battle; said events can only be seen in this type of match or in particular Story Mode matches. Some examples are:

  • Fairy Frenzy - All players become fairies. As a fairy, their only attack is dashing into one another.
  • Beeto Breach - A hoard of Beetos descend from the sky, dealing a single point of damage to players that touch them.
  • Eggstravaganza - The only items are Birder Eggs and eggs containing baby Griffoths or Fairies.
  • Big Hits - The knockback of all player's attacks is extremely high.
  • Repeller Rally - Repeller's are super common in this mode.
  • Hurricane - Ever changing winds blow players about.
  • Sudden Death - The match begins in Sudden Death mode.
  • Hyper Brawl - All players jump higher and run faster.
  • Timeless Battle - No time limit!
  • Giants - All the players are huge.

And many more. According to Shovel Knight's 5th-anniversary stream, Showdown refers to Last Man Standing.[3] Should a match reach the end of its designated time limit without a clear cut winner, it will either go in overtime or enter Sudden Death. In Sudden Death walls of lava begin to encroach the stage, either by its sides or its ceiling and bottom, progressively shrinking the arena until every opponent except for one ends up eliminated. Unlike the normal campaigns, the Health is represented only with full bubbles, for a possible maximum of 4 hit points; each attack always deals the same amount of damage, meaning that up to four hits are necessary to down an opponent,after which they lose one of their life stock.

Percy's Targets[]

Percy's Targets is a mode in Shovel Knight Showdown that can be accessed by pressing right when hovering over Story, or visited during the fifth battle of any Story Mode. It features a colosseum arena, where Percy uses with two levers to move the targets across the screen, and two mini catapults, which he uses to throw himself on certain big targets, making them harder to destroy. A special input cheat code, called Character Gauntlet, also supported for cooperative play, is available during Percy's Targets (not in the story mode version); once activated this code makes it so that the playable character is randomly swapped for another one each time a flashing bonus target is hit.

Playable Characters[]

The 20 playable characters are the following:

Note: Playable characters who possess alternate costumes will have different win quotes from their non-costumed counterparts, being somewhat considered in some ways as separate characters. This does not apply on Shovel Knight's Body Swap costume nor the four amiibo tied costumes.

Move Lists[]

Every playable character in Shovel Knight Showdown has a unique set of moves.

Shovel Knight[]

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Shovel Knight has a single mid-high jump.
Dig Slash [ATTACK] Shovel Knight slashes with his shovel.
Charge Handle Press and hold [ATTACK] then release Shovel Knight charges up and delivers a big slash forward.
Shovel Drop Hold [DOWN] in the air Shovel Knight drops down, shovel first, bouncing off of any enemies on impact.
Flare Wand [SPECIAL] Shovel Knight shoots a fireball from his Flare Wand.

Note: Body Swap costume already available from the start. Completing all feats will unlock Fish Head Shovel Knight, an alternate costume for regular Shovel Knight. Scanning the Shovel Knight amiibo will unlock the Baron Set for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch players.

Plague Knight[]

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Plague Knight has a low jump height.
Double Jump [JUMP] in the air Plague Knight has a second jump.
Bomb Toss [ATTACK] Plague Knight tosses a bomb that flies forward on ground and down-forward in the air.
Spin Burst Press and hold [ATTACK] then release Plague Knight explodes, spinning forward while turning his body into a hitbox.
Staff of Surging [SPECIAL] Plague Knight surges upward with his staff, gaining height.

Note: Scanning the Plague Knight amiibo will unlock the Boomtech Set for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch players.

Specter Knight[]

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Specter Knight has an average jump. Jumping off Dirt blocks will destroy them.
Hover Plume [JUMP] in the air Specter Knight uses his Hover Plume. Can be held for extra airtime.
Scythe Slash [ATTACK] Specter Knight slashes with his scythe.
Dash Slash [ATTACK] in the air when near a target When a slash appears through an object, Specter Knight will slice diagonally through it.
Wall Climb Touch a wall while falling Specter Knight can climb a wall for a small amount of time. Press [JUMP] to jump off.
Throwing Sickle [SPECIAL] Specter Knight will throw a boomeranging sickle forward.

Note: Hold up-taunt for 10 seconds on the Tower of Fate- Spires stage to unlock Donovan, an alternate costume. Scanning the Specter Knight amiibo will unlock the Lich Lord Set for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch players.

King Knight[]

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] King Knight has an average jump.
Shoulder Bash [ATTACK] King Knight rams forward with his shoulder.
Roll [ATTACK] while bashing King Knight cancels his bash with a roll.
Spin Hit something while bashing King Knight spins while bouncing up. If this move bounces off an opponent, Shoulder Bash can be used again.
Rat Bombardier [SPECIAL] King Knight tosses a bomb with a rat. Pressing [SPECIAL] again reverses its direction.

Note: Scanning the King Knight amiibo will unlock the Ultimate Supreme Set for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch players.

Shield Knight[]

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Shield Knight has a mid-high jump.
Shield Toss [ATTACK] Shield Knight tosses her big shield. It will boomerang back toward her after a second. Use up or down to bend the toss.
Buckler Blow Shield Knight punches forward. She can do this as long as she is shieldless.
Shield Rush [SPECIAL] Shield Knight rushes up, left or right with her shield out.
Rush Shield Knight rushes up, left or right. She cannot deal damage while Rushing.

Black Knight[]

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Black Knight has a high jump.
Dig Slash [ATTACK] Black Knight slashes forward with his shovel.
Shovel Dive [DOWN] in the air Black Knight dives down with his shovel.
Dark Wave Hold [ATTACK] then release Black Knight shoots an energy wave out of his shovel.
Dark Wave Dodge Hold [UP + ATTACK] then release Black Knight jumps back and shoots an energy wave. Hold [FORWARD] to leap forward and shoot behind.
Stone Strike [SPECIAL] Black Knight flings a stone into the air in an upward arc.Can do this up to twice.

Propeller Knight[]

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Propeller Knight has a high jump.
Double Jump [JUMP] in the air Propeller Knight's double jump is as high as his first.
Corkscrew Kick [DOWN + ATTACK] in air Propeller Knight kicks downward.
Glide Hold [JUMP] while airborne Propeller Knight glides down.
Saber Guard Hold [ATTACK] Propeller Knight readies his saber. While in this stance, frontal attacks won't work.
Saber Strike Release [ATTACK] during Saber Guard Propeller Knight stabs forward with his saber.
Saber Lunge Propeller Knight lunges forward with his saber, farther than before.
Headwind Hold [SPECIAL] and left or right Propeller Knight uses the propeller on his head to drag enemies to him or push them.

Polar Knight[]

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Polar Knight has a high jump.
Shovel Slam [DOWN] in the air Polar Knight slams down with his shovel.
Snow Slash [ATTACK] Polar Knight scoops forward with his shovel.
Polar Plow Hold [ATTACK] then release Polar Knight runs forward, tackling opponents.
Avalanche Kick [SPECIAL] Polar Knight kicks a snowball. If he slashes, it will be tossed at a wide arc.

Tinker Knight[]

Beat the Story Mode with Propeller Knight to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Tinker Knight has a mid-high jump.
Wrench Toss [ATTACK] Tinker Knight tosses a wrench forward. If on Mobile Gear, he tosses a wrench in an upward arc.
Definitely Intentional Trip Hold [ATTACK] then release Tinker Knight faceplants forward.
Wrench Rain After tripping, press [ATTACK] while facedown Tinker Knight rains wrenches as he gets up.
Mobile Gear Wheel [SPECIAL] Tinker Knight summons the Mobile Gear.
Zap Drop Fall while on Mobile Gear The Mobile Gear's wheel will electrify, hurting opponents underneath.
Mobile Gear Flight [SPECIAL] while on Mobile Gear Tinker Knight ejects the Mobile Gear's wheel, flying upward.

Mole Knight[]

Beat the Story Mode with Tinker Knight to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Mole Knight has a mid-high jump. Jumping off a Burrow Dig while on Dirt blocks will destroy them.
Claw Swipe [ATTACK] Mole Knight slashes forward with his claws.
Belly Slide Hold [ATTACK] then release Mole Knight slides forward belly-first.
Spiral Drill [UP + SPECIAL] Mole Knight digs down and buries himself.

Spiral Drill attacks up while the other two attack down.

Burrow Dig [SPECIAL]
Diving Dig [SPECIAL] in the air
Erupt [SPECIAL] while underground Mole Knight jumps up and cloaks himself in fire. Hold the button to jump higher. If performed while on Dirt blocks, it will destroy them.

Treasure Knight[]

Beat the Story Mode with Mole Knight to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Treasure Knight has a high jump.
Diamond Shot [ATTACK] Treasure Knight shoots a gem in a bubble.
Anchor Launch [SPECIAL] Treasure Knight shoots his anchor. It can be aimed up, left, or right.
Anchor Zip Hold [SPECIAL] after a shot Treasure Knight is pulled to the spot he shot.
Swim Dash Hold [SPECIAL] while zipping Treasure Knight floats in the direction of the zip.
Scuttle Slam [DOWN + SPECIAL] Treasure Knight slams down, sending four coins to his sides.

The Enchantress[]

Beat the Story Mode with Shield Knight to unlock her!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Enchantress has a floaty mid-high jump.
Hover Hold [JUMP] in air Enchantress floats downward, slower than usual.
Magic Shot [ATTACK] Enchantress tosses an orb of magic. Can be aimed in any direction except up or down.
Scream Dash [SPECIAL] Enchantress dashes in any diagonal direction. Can only be done twice before landing.
Dark Strafe Hold [ATTACK] then release Enchantress strafes in any cardinal direction. (Up, down, left, right)


Beat the Story Mode with Plague Knight to unlock her!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Mona has a mid-high jump.
Cipher Slash [ATTACK] Mona cuts forward with a spell.
Burst Bomb Hold [ATTACK] then release Mona performs a Bomb Burst and leaves behind a mine.
Conjure Potion [SPECIAL] up to 3 times Mona drops up to 3 potions in front.of her.
Conjure Cluster Potion Briefly hold [SPECIAL] then release Mona drops a cluster-bomb potion in front of her.
Conjure Hazardous Potion Hold [SPECIAL] then release Mona drops a hazard potion in front of her.

Liquid Samurai[]

Beat the Story Mode with Mona to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Liquid has a mid-high jump.
Samurai Sprint Hold left or right on ground Liquid runs forward quickly.
Sword Slash [ATTACK] Liquid slashes with its sword.
Claw Spin [ATTACK] in air Liquid spins in the air with claws.
Arrow Shot Hold [ATTACK] then release Liquid shoots two arrows. Leap back with up and leap forward with up-forward. This attack can destroy Dirt blocks.
Leap Shot [ATTACK] while leaping Liquid shoots down-forward while leaping.
Blob Form [SPECIAL] Liquid turns into a blob.
Blob Rise

Blob Dive



Liquid sticks to the floor or ceiling.

Phantom Striker[]

Beat the Story Mode with Specter Knight to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Phantom Striker has a high jump.
Foil Thrust [ATTACK] up to 3 times Phantom Striker slashes and stabs with his foil.
Foil Swipe [ATTACK] in the air
Flash Trap Hold [ATTACK] then release Phantom Striker releases a ball of lightning forward.
Strike Step [SPECIAL] Phantom Striker teleports forward. Hold the button for more distance.
Phantom Shroud [DOWN + SPECIAL] after Strike Step Phantom Striker appears with his cloth over him.

Dark Reize[]

Beat the Story Mode with Phantom Striker to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Dark Reize has a mid-high jump.
Dark Slash [ATTACK] Dark Reize slashes forward with his boomerang.
Teleport (Dark) Hold [ATTACK] then release Dark Reize teleports a fixed distance up, left, or right.
Dark Dive Kick [DOWN + ATTACK] Dark Reize divekicks diagonally down-forward.
Darkness Rising [ATTACK] on ground after a kick Dark Reize slashes up-forward.
Dark Boomerang Throw [SPECIAL] Dark Reize throws his boomerang.
Dark Boomerang Spike [DOWN + SPECIAL] Dark Reize embeds his boomerang into the ground.
Dark Boomerang Pulse [SPECIAL] while embedded Dark Reize's boomerang emits energy waves.


Beat the Story Mode with Dark Reize to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Reize has a high jump.
Flip Jump [JUMP] in the air Reize flips to jump higher.
Dive Kick [DOWN + ATTACK] in the air Reize divekicks down-forward.
Hedgespin [ATTACK] Reize spins, attacking with his scarf.
Boomerang Throw [SPECIAL] Reize throws one of his two boomerangs. It must manually be re-collected.
Boomerang Recall [SPECIAL] without boomerangs Reize calls his boomerangs back to him.


Beat the Story Mode without losing a continue to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Baz has a high jump.
Ball Jump [JUMP] after Mighty Swing Baz cancels his ball roll with a jump.
Elbow Drop [DOWN] in the air Baz strikes down with an elbow drop.
Whip Lash [ATTACK] Baz attacks with his whip.
Electrify Hold [ATTACK] then release Baz charges himself with lightning.
Mighty Swing [SPECIAL] Baz swings using his whip, rolling into a ball.

Mr. Hat[]

Beat the Story Mode with Baz to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Mr. Hat has a high jump.
Change Hats Hold [ATTACK] then release Mr. Hat swaps between Fancy and Military Hats.

Note: You start with the Fancy hat unless you hold [ATTACK] when spawning.

Fancy Hat: floaty zoner style
Teacup Toss [ATTACK] Mr. Hat tosses his teacup in an upward arc.
Dodge [UP + ATTACK] Mr. Hat dodges up-back while tossing his cup.
Flying Saucer [SPECIAL] Mr. Hat tosses a saucer forward.
Cane Hop [DOWN] in air Mr. Hat uses his cane like a pogo stick. Press [JUMP] next to a wall to hop off of it.
Military Hat: strong melee style
Strong Slash [ATTACK] Mr. Hat slashes forward with his cane.
Sweeping Slice [ATTACK] in air Mr. Hat slices around himself with his cane.
Javelin Lob [SPECIAL] Mr. Hat lobs his cane like a javelin in an arc.


Beat the Story Mode with Mr. Hat to unlock him!

Move Button Description
Jump [JUMP] Goldarmor has a high jump.
Down Thrust {DOWN] in air Goldarmor falls sword-first.
Guard Stance Hold [ATTACK] Goldarmor puts up his shield.
Sword Lunge Release [ATTACK] during Guard Stance Goldarmor lunges forward with his sword.
Swift Strikes Goldarmor strikes three times with his sword.
Overhead Block [UP] while Guarding Goldarmor puts his shield above his head.
Anchor Toss [SPECIAL] Goldarmor tosses an anchor in an upward arc.

Note: Beat Story Mode with Goldarmor to unlock Dragon Goldarmor, an alternate costume.


Stage Unlock Criteria[]

  • Birder Bluffs - Shifting Balcony: Parry 10 times in a single match
  • Campsite - Dream: Clear Story with Shovel Knight
  • Clockwork Tower - Piston Furnace: Fall through any stage's warp floor a combined total of 50 times
  • Colosseum - Triad Hill: Win Sudden Death 5 times
  • Explodatorium - Potion Drains: Get a high score of 100,000 or more in Target mode.
  • Flying Machine - Sky Deck: Win a stock match of 3 or more without losing a stock.
  • Iron Whale - Treasure Vault: Clear Story with Treasure Knight
  • Lich Yard - Mausoleum: KO 100 total opponents
  • Lost City - Goo Gorge: Knock opponents into lava 50 times
  • Pridemoor Keep - Castle Tour: Clear Story with King Knight
  • Flying Machine - Fleet Tour: Play 10 matches on stages with pits or lava without falling in.
  • Stranded Ship - Grinding Glaciers: Clear Story with Polar Knight
  • Tower of Fate - Spires: Clear Story with Reize
  • Tower of Fate - Stronghold Tour: Clear Story with The Enchantress
  • Troupple Grotto - Axolongl Cave: Defeat 50 Troupples during a match on Troupple Grotto - Royal Pond
  • Undervillage - Potionarium: Clear Story with Liquid Samurai
  • Village - Armor Outpost: Use all items in matches
  • Village - House of Joustus: Clear Story with Black Knight
  • Wilderness - Proving Grounds: See 20 different modes in Chester's Choice
  • Tower of Fate - Mirror Chamber: Clear Story on Hard
  • Event Horizon - Celestial Plane: Play a match on all other stages


  • Shovel Knight Showdown is the only game in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove where player can (sort-of) choose the track playing on the stage, thanks to the Theme Shuffle.