Shovel Smith
Shovel Smith Art
Type Merchant
Locations Armor Outpost
The Shovel Smith (called Haggris in the artbook) is a minor character in Shovel of Hope. He forges Shovel Blades.


The Shovel Smith is a tall, brown haired and bearded man, and less gruff than his counterpart the Armorer. He wears a yellow shirt, trousers and gloves as well as a brown apron.


In Shovel of Hope, the Shovel Smith can be found at his forge in the Areivial Anvil, in the Armor Outpost. He can upgrade Shovel Knight's Shovel Blade with special abilities.

He appears in the ending, working with Tinker Knight and the Armorer in the Clockwork Tower to make toys for children.

Upgrades For SaleEdit

Cost Upgrade
 3000  Trench Blade
 4000 Charge Handle
 6000 Drop Spark


When looking to buy an upgrade:

"Shovel Smith: That's a nice Shovel Blade you have here, lad... But I can improve it! Unlock its true abilities!"

After buying all three upgrades:

"Shovel Smith: You now hold in your hands the ultimate Shovel Blade. How to use it is now your choice, lad."

When acquired the Grave Digger's Shovel

"Shovel Smith: Much as I hate to admit it, lad, I'm a shovel blade specialist. So this Grave Digger's Shovel is...A bit out o' my wheelhouse. Maybe the Armorer'd have some insight?"


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