Summon a skeletal sniper and detonate with <RELIC>!
Upgrade: Fires more projectiles and has more health .

The Skeletal Sentry is a Curio that Specter Knight can purchase from Red for 9 Red Skulls after completing the Lich Yard.

Upon use, Specter Knight throws a skull behind him, which transforms into a Boneclang upon touching the ground. The Sentry fires three piercing projectiles in a spread pattern towards Specter Knight's direction. After firing two waves of projectiles, the Sentry self-destructs in a cross-shaped explosion, dealing damage to nearby enemies. The Skeletal Sentry can also be forced to self-destruct early by pressing the Curio button while it is active.

While it is active, the Sentry remains stationary, but can be knocked around by damaging attacks or from Specter Knight's scythe swing. The Sentry can only take a few hits before being destroyed. If the Sentry is destroyed by enemy attacks, it does not detonate.

When upgraded, the Sentry fires five projectiles in rapid succession and has more health.

Trivia Edit

  • If used the Cold Shoulder when activated the curio, hearts will appear around the skeleton.
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