Treasure Knight will be sunk some day. I'll live to see his vault picked clean like fish bones,
mark my words!
Skip is a recurring minor character in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, and a Fisherman annoyed by Treasure Knight's activities disturbing his work.


Skip has the same appearance and portrait as regular Fishermen, and he consistently wears blue clothes.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, Skip can be found at the Armor Outpost, festering about Treasure Knight as his salvaging operations with the Iron Whale scare all the fish in the sea. In the 3DS version, Skip will offer Treasures icon 100 in exchange for a 3DS's Play Coin.

In the ending, he can be seen with Bag Fellows aboard the Iron Whale, emptying Treasure Knight's ill-gained treasures. He only leaves behind a single coin.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, Skip can be seen at the Armor Outpost, out of reach. He will flee aboard the Aerial Anvil after Plague Knight's attack.

Specter of TormentEdit

In the ending of Specter of Torment, Skip can be seen fleeing the Armor Outpost during the attack of the Enchantress and her army.

King of CardsEdit

Skip's trade has been running low for months since Treasure Knight started scouring the Valley's waters with his Iron Whale. He proposes to sell his Scepter of Swiftness for 9 Merit Medals to King Knight in order to come by financially. He can be found at the beginning of its Heirloom Course, the Sprinter's Shoal.

Joustus DeckEdit

RedCardSkip RedCardBeeto RedCardRatKing RedCardRatKing
Skip Beeto Rat King Rat King
RedCardRatKing RedCardTadvolt RedCardTadvolt RedCardTadvolt
Rat King Tadvolt Tadvolt Tadvolt
RedCardWhippicles RedCardMacawbe RedCardSerprize RedCardMemmec
Whippicles Macawbe Serprize Memmec
RedCardGrapps RedCardHoppicles RedCardToadsdrake RedCardJumbolorb
Grapps Hoppicles Toadsdrake Jumbolorb



Before defeating Treasure Knight :"Fisherman: We languish like lubbers while Treasure Knight sails, under the waves in his dread Iron Whale. His treachery scares all the fish in the sea - do us a favor and thrash 'im fer me! YAAAARRRR!"
After defeating Treasure Knight :"Fisherman: With Treasure Knight thwarted, me timbers are shivered! I tearfully thank ye with lips all aquiver!"
(3DS version) after defeating Treasure Knight :"Fisherman: My ways must be mended, and what better way, than sharing my profits -- now what do ye say?"
"Fisherman: With 1 Play Coin for 100 gold, a bountiful trade, if I'd be so bold!"
(3DS version) Give :"Fisherman: My ill-gotten gains weigh no more on my soul, so thanks for the Play Coin, have fun with your Gold!"
"Fisherman: Will ye trade me more gold for another Play Coin?"
(3DS version) Not now :"Fisherman: Curses! The thought of this burden upsets me, but that's what a life of adventuring gets me!"

At the beginning of the Sprinter's Shoal :"Skip: Treasure Knight 'n his Iron Whale infest these waters. Ain't seen a decent catch in months. This Heirloom is the last trinket I've got to my name. Please, would ya' bail me out?"
"No" :"Skip: Oh,that's quite alright. I'll just wait 'round for a tug on me line. It'll come."
After buying the Heirloom :"Skip: Oh,
thank ye!
I'll see ya' on the other side of the shoals. Oh, and Shoulder Bash will roil the seas, so hold off.
At the end of the course :"Skip: Well, ye've dredged the trench, but nothing's left here for me. Need an able-bodied crewman?"
When first talked to at the Glidewing :"Skip: Treasure Knight will be sunk some day. I'll live to see his vault picked clean like fish bones,
mark my words!
When talked to again at the Glidewing :"Skip: You look the wagerin' type. Shall we drop anchor and play some Joustus?"
"Yes" :"Skip: I'm quite the card shark. You'll fall for my strategy.... hook, line, and sinker!"


  • In the 3DS version of the other campaigns, there is no NPC that fills in the same role of Play Coin trader as Skip, making this exchange feature unique to Shovel of Hope and unique to him.
  • Skip was only properly named in King of Cards, going instead under the generic name of "Fisherman" in Shovel of Hope.[1]



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