Stages are the platforming sections of Shovel Knight accessed from the map screen.

Main StagesEdit

Main stages are mandatory to complete any campaign. They can be further subdivided into three categories; the intro stage, Order of No Quarter Stages and Tower of Fate Stages. Each has at least one boss battle at the end of them. In King of Cards, main stages are divided in three shorter stages each, with only the third one featuring a boss battle.

Intro StageEdit

The intro stage introduces each campaign's gameplay mechanics. This level has to be completed before any of the protagonist can access the map or select any of the other stages.

  • Plains
    • Beeto Burrow
    • Should Bash Pass
    • Winding Falls

Order of No Quarter StagesEdit

Eight themed levels scattered across the Valley, with one of the Order of No Quarter as the boss. Beating these removes a corresponding Locked Gate. For Shovel Knight and Plague Knight, the Order of No Quarter Stages are split into three groups where each group must be completed to access the next group, while Specter Knight can tackle each stage in whichever order he pleases.

Tower of Fate StagesEdit

The endgame stages that must be beaten in the given order.


Villages are safe areas where Shovel Knight and Plague Knight can buy upgrades.

Item StagesEdit

Item Stages are special stages intended to be completed with use of a specific items. Shovel Knight and Plague Knight have entirely different Item Stages. They are marked with a gem icon which turns into an empty chest icon when completed. Specter Knight has more, shorter item-related stages within the Tower of Fate.

Relic StagesEdit

Relic stages are intended to be beaten with a particular relic as the name implies. Once cleared they cannot be replayed.

Arcana StagesEdit

Arcana stages replace the relic courses in Plague of Shadows. Like Relic Courses they are intended to be beaten with a particular Arcana. Unlike Relic Courses they can be replayed when completed.

Curios CoursesEdit

Curios stages can only be played after paying Red with Red Skulls in order to obtain a new Curios. Each course limits Specter Knight to the use of the newly acquired Curio, which can be kept after finishing the stage.

  • Dread Talon Stage
  • Will Skull Stage
  • Throwing Sickle Stage
  • Spider Scythe Stage
  • Chronos Coin Stage
  • Bounding Soul Stage
  • Shadow Warrior Stage
  • Barrier Lantern Stage
  • Hover Plume Stage
  • Judgement Rush Stage
  • Skeletal Sentry Stage

Memory StagesEdit

Memory stages are Specter Knight's reminiscence of his past with Luan. Unlike other stages, they limit his items to the Caltrops and are in Sepia colors.

  • Memory of Adventure
  • Memory of Conflict


Encounters are special events that appear on the map and disappear when cleared. With the exception of the loot bonus stages they roam around the map freely.

Roaming BossEdit

A simple Boss fight. Each one has a unique map icon based on the boss in question.

Bonus StagesEdit

A short section of level with plenty of treasure and enemies. The two encounter stages are marked by a Goldarmor Icon that moves on the map whilst the loot stages are marked by a gem that remains on the appropriate stage. When the bonus stages are completed they disappear from the map.


Areas that don't fit into any other categories.

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