Stranded Ship
Screen 14
Stage Type Main
Stage Subtype Order of No Quarter
Boss Polar Knight
Theme A Cool Reception
SoT Theme A Wintry Paradise
Relic War Horn
Arcana Berserker's Brew

The Stranded Ship is the ice-cold lair of Polar Knight and one of the last main stages of Shovel Knight.


The Stranded Ship is a large wooden wreck trapped in the Frozen Tundra, in the south-east of the valley's third quadrant. Ice-covered platforms are the main hazard in this cold environment, as well as the hungry wolves and various hostile fauna. Polar Knight's own crew of warriors guard the ship with their lives. Snow Drifts help covering spikes to form safe platforms, and Rainbow Bridges procure mobility through chasms and icy cliffs. Polar Knight himself awaits for a worthy opponent on the easternmost side of the tundra, past the weathered ship's hull.

In Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows, only the Frozen Tundra and the ship's upper bridges are explored, and the night sky is bathed in the pink light of an aurora. Specter of Torment and King of Cards feature an abandoned temple sunken in an ice cavern beneath the tundra, where part of the lower bridges of the Stranded Ship broke through. The end of the temple is guarded by Hurlsvelgr. The aurora beneath the starry sky outside is also tinted green.


The Stranded Ship and the temple beneath the Frozen Tundra were claimed sometime by the mighty Polar Knight and his crew before the rise of the Enchantress. Specter Knight later defeated him to recruit him and his men into the Order of No Quarter. Loyal to his new master, Polar Knight continued to keep watch over the Stranded Ship.

Polar Knight finally ended his watch when Shovel Knight or Plague Knight defeated him.

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