Strike the Earth! Cover Art

Cover art for the album

Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged is an album featuring 18 arranged tracks from Shovel Knight. Some were composed by Jake Kaufman for the marketing of the game, others are the work of guest composers. The album was released on Kaufman's Bandcamp account on June 27, 2014, to be downloaded at any price.[1] A few more covers can be found on the other campaigns' albums.

Track ListEdit

  1. Flying Machine – Manami Matsumae
  2. Hyper Camelot (Guest Director Boss Battle)
  3. Rough and Tumble (Black Knight) – Jeff Ball
  4. Shovel Knight Kickstarter Trailer
  6. A Knight's Darkest Hour – Jayson Napolitano
  7. Spadehands (Hall of Heroes) – Snappleman
  8. Apparitionized (Lich Yard) – Mark "Blaz" Soto
  9. Sub Atomic (Iron Whale) – coda
  10. Neon Cave Campfire – cap_colors
  11. Greenwaves (Plains of Passage) – Monomirror
  12. The Lovely Deer Ladies (Village) – Midee
  13. No Sense Running (Lost City) – SuperSquare
  14. Shovel Knight Trailer 2
  15. Luxury Liner (Flying Machine) – Mark "Blaz" Soto
  16. The Science Wizard (Explodatorium)
  17. Shovel Knight Release Trailer
  18. Ultimate VICTORY – DJ Bouche


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