Hold [Attack] to charge, then release a superior scythe swing

The Striker's Shawl is a Cloak that Specter Knight can buy from Manny for 6000 gold.

It grants the ability to charge an attack that deals twice the damage of the primary attacks, similar to Shovel Knight's Charge Handle.

Unlike Shovel Knight's standard Charge Handle, Specter Knight is capable of moving at normal speed when an attack is charged and it emits sparks when fully charged.

A fully charged attack will apply not only to the normal Slashes, but also to a Dash Slash, simply by releasing the button when a gash is present.


  • The Striker's Shawl is one of the two of Specter Knight's Cloaks that costs the same amount of gold, the other of which is the Rail Mail.
  • Other than the Charge Handle, Shovel Knight also has his own version of the Striker's Shawl, in the form of the Dynamo Mail, an Armor with proprieties more similar to the ones of the Shawl.


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