Super Skeletons are major enemies in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. They initially appear as a mixed pile of giant bones, but upon their target's approach, they assemble into a giant skeleton that jumps toward him.


After three jumps, the Super Skeleton collapses into a pile of bones once more, and the cycle repeats. It possess eight hit points.

Two Super Skeletons show up in the Lich Yard, and a third shows up in the Lich Yard Encounter stage. There is one more added in the extended area of the Lich Yard in Plague of Shadows.


Super Skeleton CardEdit

One of the Joustus cards in King of Cards is a Super Skeleton card, which can push other cards to the left, right, and down.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, a Super Skeleton can be seen partying at the Lich Yard with Specter Knight, Grandma Swamp, and Mona in the credits sequence.

In the 3DS version, Shovel Knight can meet a friendly Super Skeleton, the Passmaster, who is the champion and host of the StreetPass Arena.

Specter of TormentEdit

In Specter of Torment, a red-colored variation guards the hidden room of Specter Knight, impersonating Specter Knight. After completing the Lich Yard, it also appears in the Tower of Fate at the banquet, this time impersonating the Phantom Striker. Specter Knight scolds him for not guarding his hideout.

After the formation of the Order of No Quarter, a normal Super Skeleton can be seen leading the undead that are taking over the Lich Yard.


When first talked to at the Lich Yard:

Specter Knight
"Specter Knight: ..."
"Super Skeleton: Oh wait,
Specter Knight.
Nya ha ha!
Did I scare you? Jumped up and everything, just like you said.
"Specter Knight: ... Indeed."
"Super Skeleton: I kept your hideout safe and sound. Only Specter Knight gets in here. Nobody else, not a soul."
If talked to again:
"Super Skeleton: I promise, I'll keep an eye out... Both of 'em, in fact!
Nya ha ha ha!

At the Tower's banquet:

"Super Skeleton: I'm the Phantom Striker!
"Specter Knight: ..."
"Super Skeleton: Yeah, yeah, I know.. I'm not
Phantom Striker. Did I fool you?
"Specter Knight: If you are here, then who guards my hideout?!"
"Super Skeleton:


  • The two different Super Skeletons and the Passmaster share the same sprite sheet, although with a different color palette each.
  • The Super Skeleton's design was heavily inspired by the Skull, a character from the animated movie The Last Unicorn.[1]



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