Input accepted, master. I love you, master.
TMK-500, short for Turn My Key-500,[1] is a character introduced in Shovel Knight: King of Cards. It is a friendly Tinkerbot living in the Clockwork Tower, selling King Knight the Gyro Boots. Unlike other Tinkerbots, the band underneath its head as well as key and legs are grey as opposed to the normal one's blue. After recruiting TMK-500 to the Glidewing crew, Joustus can be played with it. During the ending, it is seen being fixed by Hengineer.

Joustus DeckEdit

RedCardTinkerbot RedCardTinkerbot RedCardTinkerbot RedCardTinkerbot
Tinkerbot Tinkerbot Tinkerbot Tinkerbot
RedCardElectrodent RedCardElectrodent RedCardCogslotter RedCardCogslotter
Electrodent Electrodent Cogslotter Cogslotter
RedCardSineDagger RedCardSineDagger RedCardFloatsmall RedCardFloatsmall
Sine Dagger Sine Dagger Floatsmall Floatsmall
RedCardFloatsmall RedCardBladescale RedCardBladescale RedCardBladescale
Floatsmall Bladescale Bladescale Bladescale


Before the key is turned:

"TMK-500: Turn my key! Turn my key!"

After the key is turned:

Thank you for reactivating me.
"King Knight: A... Talking automaton? If you can talk, then you can repay your debts! Do something, you brass boob!"
"TMK-500: Access granted. Heirloom is now available for purchase. Shop now?"


"TMK-500: Insufficient funds. Purchase cancelled. Please return with Merit Medals. Insert Merit Medals now."
"King Knight: Curses! This thing must be broken!

After buying the Heirloom:

"TMK-500: Purchase complete. Thank you! Please proceed to the goal.
Warning! Shoulder Bash disabled!

At the end of the course:

"TMK-500: Congratulations! You've reached the goal. Thank you, master. awaiting further input."
"King Knight: Oh, I'll put you in.... Steerage! The chicken will surely extract some value from your clanking chassis!"
"TMK-500: Input accepted, master. I love you, master.

When first spoken to at the Glidewing:

"TMK-500: Gems detected in volatile buffer. Dispensing for master.
Please take your cache.

When spoken to again at the Glidewing:

"TMK-500: Recreation deficiency detected. Commence Joustus subroutine?"


"TMK-500: Beep beep beep. It's party time!"


  • TMK-500 is the only character King Knight can play Joustus with that doesn't have its own card. This is likely because it is a Tinkerbot.
  • TMK-500, short for Turn My Key-500 has this name because the developers wanted to have some character say the line "Turn My Key!" since Shovel of Hope.[1]
  • In Free Play mode, TMK-500 is incorrectly colored like a normal Tinkerbot (blue instead of gray).



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