The Claws of Fate is a music from the Shovel Knight soundtrack. This is the battle theme of Mole Knight and an arrangement of An Underlying Problem. It is Music Sheet #32 in Shovel of Hope. It can also be listened to in Sound Test after completing any campaign once.

Music SheetEdit

Music Sheet #32 can be found in the Lost City, at the end of a room past the second checkpoint. The room can be accessed by transforming lava into goo and jumping to a ledge instead of going down.


"It's a shame that Mole Knight has used his digging prowess for evil."


"Bard: Let's see here... Oh, you found "The Claws of Fate"! Mole Knight. Now there's a fellow who understands the concept of crunch time"."


  • The title references Mole Knight's weapons, but also plays on the expression "the claws of death".
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