The Destroyer is a music from the Shovel Knight soundtrack. This is the battle theme of Tinker Knight's second phase and a dramatic arrangement of Of Devious Machinations. It is Music Sheet #35 in Shovel of Hope. It can also be listened to in Sound Test after completing any campaign once.

Music SheetEdit

Music Sheet #35 and can be found in two different places the Clockwork Tower. The first place is hidden by two breakable walls, in the right side of the second room above the first checkpoint's. The second place is in a room with two Cogslotters and a moving platforms, at the far left above the third checpoint.

Descriptions Edit

"...But very large in ambition, and heavy in firepower."


"Bard: Let's see here... Oh, you found "The Destroyer"! I could hardly hear myself think over that cursed tank, with all those missiles going off!"


  • The description completes The Schemer's and the title mirrors Tinker Knight's reliance of heavy weaponry to defeat a single foe.
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