The Dinghy Dropper is a Mini-Boss in the Flying Machine in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. It is a small flying boat piloted by three Hoverhafts.


The Dinghy Dropper has a total of sixteen hit points, making it nearly as resistant than a stage boss. The boat moves towards its enemy by rising, and then falls abruptly whilst dropping two bombs. The ground shock can stun anyone standing on it when the boat falls. The bombs can be bounced over to the Dinghy to damage it. It is only vulnerable from the left and right sides.

In both Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows, the Dinghy Dropper is fought in a open and flat room. In Specter of Torment, three platforms were added on which the Dropper lands. This allows Specter Knight to Dash Slash it from below the platforms.


The Dinghy Dropper CardEdit

One of the Joustus cards in King of Cards is a Dinghy Dropper card which has 4 Bomb Arrows facing in all four directions.


  • The model for the Dinghy Dropper is named "Flying Stomper" in the game's files.


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