The Donor's Despair is a music from the Shovel Knight soundtrack. This is the theme of the Hall of Champions before defeating the Big Creep Shovel of Hope, and a moody and slower arrangement of No Weapons Here. It is Music Sheet #14 in the campaign. It can also be listened to in Sound Test after completing either this campaign or Plague of Shadows once, although it is never played in that campaign.

Music SheetEdit

Music Sheet #14 can be found inside the Hall of Champions, in the top left room hidden by a breakable wall.


"A bit foreboding for a peaceful, non-threatening portrait gallery, don't you think?"


"Bard: Let's see here... Oh, you found "The Donor's Despair"! "Make it spooky," they said. I don't understand, it's an art gallery! Why spooky?"


  • The title references the Kickstarter's donors, to whom the Hall of Champions is dedicated.
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