The Lich Yard
Screen 06
Stage Type Main
Stage Subtype Order of No Quarter
Theme La Danse Macabre
SoT Theme Hidden by Night
Relic Phase Locket
Arcana Leech Liquid

The Lich Yard is an old village overrun by the undead and the lair of Specter Knight. It is one of the early and hard stages of Shovel Knight, located in the first quarter of the Valley. Once cleared, it unlocks the Forest of Phasing or Forest of Fishing.


The Lich Yard takes the appearance of a spooky, dark, worn-down village in the middle of a swamp. It neighbors a large cemetery cluttered with gravestones, catacombs and many more death-related details. Gravestones sometimes release an Invisishade when damaged by an attack from above. Some parts of the stage are pitched black, with only brief lightning strikes to give a glimpse of the surrounding platforms. It always takes place during the night.

In Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows, only the cemetery and catacombs are explored. The village itself is visited in Specter of Torment, and has larger buildings than the Village north from it and the Armor Outpost. Specter Knight's secret room can also be found there but gets devastated after the Lich Yard is abandoned by the living.


The Lich Yard is older than the Village, as hinted by its imposing cemetery. While the restless dead occasionally rose at night, they were kept from attacking the village by the Phantom Striker. However, the latter left his post to wander across the Valley after Specter Knight defeated him in order to recruit him for the Order of No Quarter. Later when the Order was fully formed, the Enchantress had Specter Knight and her newfound forces of living dead overrun the Lich Yard and drive out its inhabitants.

Specter Knight guarded the Lich Yard until his defeat by Shovel Knight or Plague Knight. After the Enchantress's demise, he returns to the Lich Yard to partake in games with Mona and some other villagers.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the files, the Lich Yard is called the "Village of Death".
  • A secret in the wall in Specter of Torment reveals that Specter Knight lived in the Lich Yard, even when he was alive. His room is guarded by a Super Skeleton impersonating Specter Knight to intimidate and repel trespassers.
    • To find the secret room, in the room before the second checkpoint, slash the left most wall, and then jump on the ground it exposes, and a ladder should appear. Go down said ladder, talk to the Super Skeleton, and enter the room.
    • As shown in Specter of Torment, the room contains various items from when Donovan was alive, including a picture that can be torn (which will spawn an Invisishade) and an empty chest guarded by chains. Specter Knight returns there to hide his keepsake locket inside the empty chest during the campaign's ending.
    • This is the same room (albeit somewhat different) where Plague Knight finds the Phase Locket in Plague of Shadows, which he later trades with Chester, and which is then sold to Shovel Knight in Shovel of Hope.
    • In the post credits scene of Specter of Torment, Donovan remarks "And you simply made off with his boots?". These same boots can be found in Specter Knight's secret room in the Lich Yard.
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