Order of no quarter intro

The image of all the members of the Order of No Quarter from the intro to the game.

The Order of No Quarter is a villainous group of knights led by The Enchantress. The Order took over the Valley, dividing it into four quadrants closed by locked gates. In addition to their individual skills in combat, each knight has a specific role in The Order.

The Enchantress has dispatched The Order to prevent Shovel Knight from reaching the Tower of Fate. Each member of The Order guards a specific location in the valley and must be defeated to reach the Tower of Fate.

The members of the Order of No Quarter and their role are:

The Enchantress tried to recruit Black Knight and Phantom Striker to the Order but they escaped her grasp. Conversely, Baz tried to join but was refused.

While not necessarily evil, each Knight is shown to have their own selfish reasons for joining The Enchantress. King Knight is given his own castle, while Treasure Knight is given a lot of treasures. As seen in Plague of Shadows, Plague Knight, unlike the rest, is planning on defeating each member on his own and getting their essences to brew the Serum Supernus, the ultimate potion. On the other hand, Polar Knight's motivations and why he rejected his oath to the Code of Shovelry are never made clear.

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As shown in Specter of Torment, the members didn't actually join of their own free will; rather, The Enchantress sent Specter Knight to "persuade" them if they proved reluctant and relented after being beaten by him (and Specter Knight only serves due to The Enchantress' magic controlling his undead form). She initially wanted Reize Seatlan to be the 8th Knight when Specter Knight proved strong-willed enough to resist her magic initially, but added him when he made a deal to become a member in Reize's place.


  • The phrase "no quarter" loosely means "take no prisoners". "A victor gives no quarter when the victor shows no clemency or mercy and refuses to spare the life in return for surrender" (Oxford English Dictonary: quarter).
  • The concept of an Order of Knights is a reference to the many orders that exist in the real world, such as the Order of the Garter, the Royal Order of the Seraphim, and the most notorious and enigmatic Order of the Knights Templar. Also relevant are fictional, legendary orders, such as the Knights of the Round Table.
    • Each of these orders has its own criteria for eligibility, but knighthood is generally granted by a head of state to selected persons to recognize some meritorious achievement. This explains how The Enchantress selected those various knights to serve her.
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