The Valley[1][2][3] (often referred to simply as the land) is the setting of Shovel Knight.



Full view of the Valley, as seen in Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows.

The Valley features various environments including lush forests, gloomy swamps, green plains, dry lands, volcanic mountains, frozen tundras. The Valley can be accessed from the rest of the continent by the Plains of Passage to the east. The west opens on a deep chasm, at the edge of which sits the Tower of Fate, piercing the sky and dominating the Valley by its sight. The Valley also opens to the sea in the south.

There are several settlements throughout the Valley where free folks try to live peacefully under the threat of the Enchantress's power. Others as well as ruins are occupied by the forces of the Order of No Quarter. Locked gates divide the Valley into its four quadrants. Each locked gate is color-coded to the Order of No Quarter stage that needs to be beaten to unlock it. There are nine gates in total; one for each Order of No Quarter stage, except for the Iron Whale stage which possesses two gates.

In King of Cards, the Valley's map is slightly different and more detailed. Each main location is also divided into several smaller stages.


On a quest to defeat the three Joustus Judges and become the King of Cards, King Knight traveled across the Valley and vanquished not only the three Joustus Judges of the Valley but also the other future members of the Order of No Quarter, all while amassing an assortment of allies from all over the Valley. After it was revealed that Joustus was a deception created by the Enchantress, King Knight's quest led him to the Tower of Fate where he defeated the Enchantress, but then betrayed his allies and joined the Enchantress in her conquest to take over the Valley so he could become a real king.

Following King Knight's addition to the Enchantress's cause, Specter Knight recruited more knights for the Order of No Quarter, making the army strong enough to conquer the Valley. They succeeded, deposing King Pridemoor from his throne and attacking the Lich Yard and the Armor Outpost. They drove away the inhabitants of the former while the latter stayed to oppose her growing power. The Order also set locked gates to prevent undesirables from reaching the Tower of Fate.


Shovel of Hope/Plague of ShadowsEdit

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King of CardsEdit

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  1. King Knight: Oh, look, it's the loyal lapdog. Here to do your master's bidding, hmm? Chasing your tail around the Valley must be tiring. In fact, you look like death! Ha ha!
  2. Black Knight: Donovan! This has gone too far! Your meddling across the Valley has impeded my search for long enough.
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