• Hey again, Pauolo. Recently I adopted the wiki as the new bureaucrat considering the last bureaucrat has been quite inactive over the last couple years. My first focus is to promote an active, experienced user to help out PSI Seven as being active administrators on the wiki. Naturally, the first choice would be you as you've displayed outstanding work here on the wiki and you consistently work on projects that are normally an admin's job. Let me know if you're interested in this offer as I await consensus from PSI Seven. Cheers!

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    • Congrats on the adoption. :)

      I'm interested in the position. I'm currently admin on the Hollow Knight wiki, but there's not much work for me to do there at the moment since everything is already prepared for the next game. As an admin here I can directly work on the CSS and JS scripts. There are customization features I can bring from my work on the HK wiki such as imbedded Bandcamp media players for the OST pages, or multiple page themes (think having different background images, text and template colors based on which page you are).

      I don't think however I can be active at moderation on the long term. It can be such work when the wikis are at a peak in visitors that I'd rather you nominate a moderator instead.

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    • Sounds good, I'm glad you are interested! I'll grant you the rights whenever PSI Seven provides his consent.

      As for the moderation of the wiki, it doesn't seem to be that tedious. The wiki isn't exactly booming with activity, and if there's another user fit for the position, we will make sure the moderator status is fulfilled.

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    • PSI Seven has agreed so I've gone ahead and gave you admin rights! Don't forget to notify us before making any major changes to the wiki and feel free to message us if you need help or anything else at all.

      Congrautations and thanks!

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    • Thanks! And yeah, I'll be sure to consult with both of you if I have plans to make big changes to the wiki.

      I'll probably toy a bit with the Wikia.CSS to fix the header of the infoboxes. The bottom isn't displayed fully. I think I can change that by uploading a different version of the image used for header.

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    • Hm, that's kind of odd. I noticed the header image extended out a little bit and caused it to slightly repeat, so I decreased the line height to fit it. Would you mind providing a screenshot? It looks fine on my end after I fixed it, so it could simply be a resolution/browser issue. 

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    • Congratulations on your promotion :)

      I'm using Firefox on Windows 10 and I see the bottom of the title frame being cut off. I recently did a frame like that for another wiki, so I'm happy to help if you need.

      The main roadblock to getting things to look the way you want them is usually the Europa theme (which you have turned on). Europa is for wikis that don't want to do much styling of their infoboxes—sort of a set-it-and-forget-it kinda thing. If you plan on doing more style changes, I recommend turning Europa off.

      That said, I think the following CSS will fix the problem:

      .portable-infobox .pi-title {
          line-height: 1.8em;
          background-size: contain;
          background-repeat: no-repeat;
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    • Hey, Moviesign! Thanks for the advice, I've disabled the Europa theme and added the coding to the CSS. Seems as if the infoboxes need to be touched up a bit after disabling Europa, so I'll try and fix what I can. Of course if you have any more suggestions or fixes, feel free to let me know or go ahead and change the CSS yourself. Thanks!

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    • Alright, I've completely revamped the infobox so it should hopefully be compatible. Let me know if it looks good!

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    • @Moviesign



      Like Moviesign, I had the issue on Chrome but also on my phone's internet browser (Samsung something). As of now, the bottom is correctly displayed but the pic does not cover the full length of the infobox. I'll just resize the image manually to make it fit without affecting its resolution. It's just pixel art after all. :)

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