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Tinker Knight is one of eight Knights of the Order of No Quarter who serves the Enchantress and a brilliant engineer. He is the boss of the Clockwork Tower.

Official Bio[edit | edit source]

Some knights love rushing into the glory of battle, ready to crush the skulls of their enemies! Tinker Knight is not one of those knights. He does his fighting before the battle begins, laboring on diabolical devices that do his work for him. The wrench is the tool of his trade, doubling as an engineering device and a melee weapon. Some are quick to dismiss Tinker Knight’s lethality... usually just before falling victim to one of his mechanical monstrosities!
  • Pros: Gregarious Demeanor, Hard Worker
  • Cons: Rough Hands, Works Long Hours, Always Out to Prove Himself

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Tone[edit | edit source]

Tinker Knight is a diligent trickster. He would likely be aloof to goings-on, instead focusing on honing his craft and defeating anyone in his way.

Original Play Style Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Throws wrenches in an arc pattern
  • Fixed jump trajectory and double jump
  • Workbench – Spend money in level to construct limited use items.
  • Construct Gear Cycle – Fast moving vehicle for extra mobility.
  • Construct Drill – Propels Tinker Knight forward and breaks blocks for an extra melee attack.
  • Construct Armor – Construct a suit of armor to take a few extra hits.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tinker Knight is described as gregarious demeanor and hard working, always one step ahead with a plan beforehand. He valorizes safety as much as he hates taking risks. He was the only member of the Order of No Quarter with good intentions since the start, as he wished the group was fair and just and hoped it wouldn't be a force of evil. At the end of Shovel of Hope, he is seen building toys for Hoop Kid and Playing Kid, showing he has a liking for kids.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Plague Knight[edit | edit source]

Oh, look, it's Plague Knight! I heard you might show up! Why have you come here?

Tinker Knight seems to be the only member of the Order of No Quarter that Plague Knight respects, as they are both men of science. They share similar ideals, and the alchemist respects his craft. Plague Knight even tries to convince him to surrender his Essence peacefully. However, when Tinker Knight makes his refusal clear, Plague Knight does not hesitate to take his Essence by force.

Propeller Knight[edit | edit source]

You did not ask, you just
Like you still do, right now. But no more from you,
I've had it!

Propeller Knight and Tinker Knight have opposite opinions, as Tinker Knight believes having solid plans is the best way to handle a situation, while Propeller Knight believes that no reward is without risk. However, as they are in the same group, they respect each other and sometimes work together.

Mole Knight[edit | edit source]

Ah! You! The one with the claws. Yes, you can dig, and we're on the same team! At last, some help!

Mole Knight and Tinker Knight, as Shovel Knight Showdown states, are like oil and water. Tinker Knight believes that safety should always be the first thing to consider, while Mole Knight does what he thinks is the best thing to do, dangerous or not. They are notably similar however in that they are both strong leaders who thrive on control, which only leads to even more conflict between them. In spite of this, because of the Order, they work together sometimes, such as cooperating in the Magma Furnace of the Lost City.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

In the opening phase of the fight you can defeat Tinker Knight with one hit from the Mobile Gear. If you can't, simply dodge the wrenches he throws as he runs back and forth, then when he trips, stay away from him as he will throw a temper tantrum, throwing wrenches in all directions.

Once he gets into his mech, the Tinker Tank, jump on the large missiles or Shovel Drop the bouncing bombs he fires to get up to the spinning lance. From there you have two options for damaging him. The first is to start pogoing on his head. The second is to hit his red shoulder missiles back at him (each one does one full circle of damage to him when it hits). You can also use your Throwing Anchors without having to get on top of his mech.

Campaigns[edit | edit source]

In Shovel of Hope, Tinker Knight is one of the knights of the Order of No Quarter who needs to be defeated in order to progress. Shovel Knight encounters him at the Clockwork Tower and the two have a battle, where Shovel Knight wins. He later reappears in the Battle Royale alongside the other knights but also gets defeated. At the end, he is seen making toys for children with the help of Armorer and Shovel Smith.

In Plague of Shadows, Tinker Knight has one of the essences required to make the Ultimate Potion. Plague Knight offers to just take the essence and don't harm the engineer, but they end up having a battle and the alchemist wins. Tinker Knight reappears at the Battle Royale, where he and the Order get angry at Plague Knight and they all decide to have their revenge, but they all get defeated by Shovel Knight. At the ending, Tinker Knight, Plague Knight and Mona are seen tweaking the Torque Lifts of the Clockwork Tower.

In Specter of Torment, Tinker Knight is the engineer that Specter Knight needs to recruit. He and Specter Knight battle and Tinker Knight ends up forcibly joining the Order. At the end, he is seen automating the process of powering up his army of minions.

In King of Cards, Tinker Knight is paranoid, thinking that King Knight wants to take his robots and the two end up fighting because of the misunderstanding. At the ending, Tinker Knight is seen at the Birder Bluffs in his way to the Tower of Fate after being recruited to the Order of No Quarter.

Joustus Deck[edit | edit source]

RedCardTinkerKnight.png RedCardFairy.png RedCardFairy.png RedCardFairy.png
Tinker Knight Fairy Fairy Fairy
RedCardClockameleon.png RedCardElectrodent.png RedCardElectrodent.png RedCardTinkerbot.png
Clockameleon Electrodent Electrodent Tinkerbot
RedCardTinkerbot.png RedCardTinkerbot.png RedCardCogslotter.png RedCardCogslotter.png
Tinkerbot Tinkerbot Cogslotter Cogslotter
RedCardCogslotter.png RedCardSineDagger.png RedCardSineDagger.png RedCardSineDagger.png
Sine Dagger Sine Dagger Sine Dagger Sine Dagger

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

Before his boss fight:

"Tinker Knight:
Did you make all that noise? I can't think straight!! I have so much work to do!
"Shovel Knight: Just work on letting me past, little friend."
"Tinker Knight:
, big words, tin man! I'll show you a thing or two!

Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]

Before his boss fight:

"Tinker Knight: Oh, look, it's Plague Knight! I heard you might show up! Why have you come here?"
"Plague Knight: Ah, the esteemed inventor! I
so respect your craft, hee hee... Relinquish your Essence and you won't be harmed.
"Tinker Knight: What? I don't think so, bird mask. You have your own brain, use it or lose it!"

Specter of Torment[edit | edit source]

Before his boss fight:

"Tinker Knight: What are you, some kind of ghost? Get out of my shop, I have work to do."
"Specter Knight: The Enchantress would like a word. We have an army to raise, and talented engineers are in short supply."
"Tinker Knight: Ha! You may be a tool, but I am not. Time to make short work of you!"

At the tower's banquet hall:

"Tinker Knight: Tools of war can force a kind of peace, but I think our rule should be fair and just. None but fools would break things and not rush to fix them."

King of Cards[edit | edit source]

Before his boss fight:

"Tinker Knight:
Who are you? Are you friend or foe?
"King Knight:
I'm just passing through this abandoned house! Are you a ghost? I've seen so many ghosts lately!
"Tinker Knight: I'm no ghost, but I am a fool. I tried to make men from brass and tin. This time I went too far. Now they have a mind of their own! I thought they would fight for me, but in the end, I hide here. Are you here to take them? No, I can't let you use them.
Leave, now!

At the Glidewing:

"Tinker Knight: When I left, men of tin swept through the halls of my proud home. I plan to build parts out of their scraps. But first, I have time to play a match or two."

Showdown[edit | edit source]

Before third stage battle (Propeller Knight only):

"Tinker Knight: Oh! What? Why are you here too? I thought it was just me. Are you harmed?"
"Propeller Knight: Only my pride, hah! And only for a moment, until I've found my beautiful flying machine."
"Tinker Knight: Hm... That could be used to get us both home... I think I'll join you! Do you have a plan?"
"Propeller Knight: Worry not! I definitely have a plan! A foolproof one, my petite friend. Now don't dally, we've a flight to catch!"

Before ninth stage battle (Propeller Knight only):

"Propeller Knight: Our chance to escape draws close! The Flying Machine can't be far off! Get in gear!"
"Tinker Knight: Wait... It seems like we are dead lost, and you did not think this through. When you said you had a plan...did you lie to me?"
"Propeller Knight: ...Perhaps I fly by the seat of my pants. But I'm the best of misfortune, not spinning my wheels! I didn't see
offering any ideas from your hiding place over there!
"Tinker Knight: You did not ask, you just
Like you still do, right now. But no more from you,
I've had it!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tinker Knight's mask appears to be based off of a welder's mask.
  • Tinker Knight is the only boss (other than the Enchantress) to have two phases (and thus two health bars) instead of one. This is likely a throwback to platformers of old where high-level or extremely tough bosses had multiple forms that needed to be defeated.
  • He is also one of only three bosses to have two themes along with Black Knight and the Enchantress.
  • Tinker Knight's super-weakness to his own stage's item appears to homage Mega Man 2, in which Metal Man was similarly defeated in a single hit by his own weapon, the Metal Blade.
  • Tinker Knight's first form may be a direct reference to the Changeling boss from the NES title "Wizards & Warriors". His initial attack and behavior pattern is very similar and the room in which the battles takes place is nearly identical.
  • In Specter Knight's campaign, Tinker Knight subverts his initial weaker battle by actually incorporating the Mobile Gear, what was previously his weakness, into the fight against Specter Knight, along with a height adjustment mechanism to make things more difficult.
  • In addition to the first phase difficulty increase, as Specter Knight’s campaign lacks a Battle Royale, the platter containing the turkey that restores health comes after the first phase is defeated. This marks the only time this happens outside the Battle Royale.
  • In the Japanese version he is called Machine Knight.
  • Tinker Knight is seen creating toys for children with help from the Armorer and Shovel Smith in the end credits of Shovel of Hope.
  • Oddly enough, Tinker Knight normally speaks in one-syllable words only. The only exemption to this is when he's discussing complicated machinery.
  • When Tinker Knight is battled in the ninth stage of Propeller Knight's story in Shovel Knight Showdown, "The Destroyer" plays instead of "The Schemer". This marks the only time "The Destroyer" is played outside the Tinker Tank phase.

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