Toader is a minor character in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Unlike Croaker, he is rather moody and looks for ways to be cheered up.


Toader is a bipedal frog with a dark green hue, wearing a dark grey vest and black trousers. While his counterpart is lighthearted and cheerful, Toader is grumpy and doesn't approve of puns.


Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, Toader can be found in the Armor Outpost. Shovel Knight tells him puns to cheer him up, but Toader disapproves them.

Toader also appears in the Mysterious Area after the exclusive fight with the Battletoads. He frowns at Croaker's Battletoads puns. Occasionally, he ends up in the middle of the pose the Battletoads and Shovel Knight are striking. He leaves, annoyed, while Croaker poses too.

Toader reappears in the ending with Croaker and the rest of the Village, who are cheering on the defeat of the Enchantress while he still looks grumpy.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, Toader can be seen in the Armor Outpost and will flee with the rest of the townsfolk Plague Knight's invasion. After the battle, he escapes with them on board the Aerial Anvil.

Croaker reappears in the ending, watching the fall of the Tower of Fate and celebrating with the townsfolks at the Village.


When talked to at the outpost:

"Toader: I'm so grumpy! I'm just not in a good mood... I wish someone could cheer me up..."
"Shovel Knight: (Well, OK. I'll give it a shot.)"

Shovel Knight's bad puns:

"Shovel Knight: Why would they just leave the catapult unattended? The operator is out to launch!"
"Shovel Knight: Why don't the snow wolves make any sound? They don't know howl."
"Shovel Knight: Why was Treasure Knight talking to a therapist? He had deep sea-ted anchor issues."
"Shovel Knight: What do they serve for breakfast on the Flying Machine? Two eggs, hover-easy."
"Shovel Knight: Why is Mona like a math book? Because they both have problems!"
"Shovel Knight: Why didn't Specter Knight go to the dance? He didn't have any body to go with!"
"Shovel Knight: Why did King Knight go to the dentist? Because he needed a new crown!"
"Shovel Knight: Why don't the rats in the Clockwork Tower make good pets? They are full of ticks!"
"Shovel Knight: Why is it called the Dark Ages? Because there's no shortage of knights!"
"Shovel Knight: Have you heard the Gastronomer is starting to cook with bullion? I tried some, but my soup was gold!"
"Shovel Knight: I applied for a job at the Juice Bar... I said "put me to good juice!""
"Shovel Knight: How did Baz feel after being rejected by the Order of No Quarter? Wrestle-less!"
"Shovel Knight: New disciples always ask about weapons besides the Shovel Blade... but we'll hear nothing of the sword!"
"Shovel Knight: I tried to pick up some gauntlets the other day... ...but the blacksmith said "arm working on 'em, but armor not finished yet!""
"Shovel Knight: Did you hear about the time Tinker Knight went on a date? It was heart-wrenching!"
"Shovel Knight: Did you hear about my battle with Polar Knight? Snow problem!"
"Shovel Knight: Did you see my painting of the Troupple King? I'm not one to brag, but it's the spitting image!"
"Shovel Knight: Why does Mole Knight keep digging all the time? Just beclaws."
"Shovel Knight: What did I say as a rat knocked me into the bottomless pit? Rats!"

At the Mysterious Area:

"Toader: ..."


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