Tower of Fate: ????
ToF Final
Stage Type Tower of Fate
Valley Quadrant Fourth
Theme The Forlorn Sanctum

The Tower of Fate: ???? is the final stage in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. It is here Shovel Knight, Plague Knight and Specter Knight finally do battle with the Enchantress.

Description Edit

This level appears to take place at the very top of the tower, within the Enchantress's personal keep. For all three campaigns, it is a relatively short level that starts with an empty room. The player must attack the floor or walls to break through the floor and drop down into the next area, which contains a cluster of floating platforms suspended above a pit of lava. Some of the platforms willl turn into deadly projectiles and fly at the player. Once all the hostile platforms are gone, a doorway will open, leading to a long corridor full of platforms that only appear when the player is close enough to them. At the end of the corridor is the room in which the Enchantress is encountered.

Story Edit

Specter Knight infiltrated this area to find and destroy the Enchantress after discovering that she was actually Shield Knight, who he blamed for his death. After their battle, the Enchantress expressed her disgust towards Specter Knight's disloyalty and called upon Dark Reize, who was then transformed into Nightmare Reize and ordered to kill Specter Knight. Specter Knight was forced to fight Reize to bring him back to his senses, and after defeating the monster, Specter Knight struck a deal with the Enchantress to put Reize back to normal in exchange for his freedom.

Plague Knight arrived in the Enchantress's keep later on to try and take her essence. The Enchantress resisted at first, but finally surrendered her essence upon her defeat. Now having all the ingredients he needed, Plague Knight was able to create the Ultimate Potion, but the sheer power of the Enchantress's essence caused an unexpected reaction which resulted in the potion creating a darker clone of Plague Knight known as the Plague of Shadows, which then became the Corrupted Essence. Plague Knight managed to stabilize the potion after dealing with that monstrosity, only to realize that he didn't need it anymore because he already had Mona's love...

Meanwhile, Shovel Knight entered this area in the hopes of getting Shield Knight back, which he managed to do by defeating the Enchantress, which freed Shield Knight from the curse of the amulet. However, Shovel Knight had also accidentally released the dark magic that was in the amulet, allowing it to take on a physical manifestation and become the Remnant of Fate. Shovel Knight and Shield Knight teamed up to fight the Remnant of Fate in order to keep it from escaping the Tower of Fate, and eventually managed to defeat it, while Plague Knight decided to use the Ultimate Potion to destroy the tower. These actions caused the Tower of Fate to become extremely unstable, triggering an earthquake. Plague Knight and Mona managed to escape safely, but the Remnant of Fate attacked Shovel Knight and Shield Knight one last time, resulting in Shovel Knight getting badly injured. Black Knight arrived to rescue the pair, but Shield Knight insisted that he take Shovel Knight to safety while she stayed behind to hold off the Remnant of Fate (she managed to escape later and rejoined Shovel Knight at his camp).

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