My gems... My vessel... My ocean. Your very presence tarnishes.

Treasure Knight is one of eight Knights of the Order of No Quarter who serves the Enchantress as well as a ill-famed pirate. He is the boss of the Iron Whale, his personal submarine.

Official Bio[edit | edit source]

Towering over most of the Order of No Quarter, Treasure Knight is a tidal terror. A loner by nature, he rules the ocean as captain of the Iron Whale, a prototype underwater vessel. With his retractable anchor cannon and impermeable diving suit, he is at home on the seafloor, where he spends his days hunting down ancient relics. Just keep your hands off his hard-earned lucre... or you’ll find yourself floating home!
  • Pros: Can handle extreme physical and mental pressure
  • Cons: Greedy, unintelligible while wearing helmet

Dig the Vote[edit | edit source]

Tone[edit | edit source]

Treasure Knight is greedy, so his campaign will be about coming to the surface in search of treasure, where he is drawn into the conflict. Expect him to explain the reasons for his self-imposed exile.

Original Play Style Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Grappling Anchor – Fire anchor upwards or horizontally and reel yourself in. Jump to break free while retaining your reeling momentum.
  • Water Flush – Pour water out of your suit to push enemies away.
  • Game of Greed – Money is important to Treasure Knight, and so he will declare a game over if he hits rock bottom.
  • Gem Shot – Shoot projectiles at the cost of money.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Mole Knight[edit | edit source]

Heh. You, of all people, should understand the value of timeliness.
The gems, now!

Mole Knight and Treasure Knight have a mutual respect for each other. They have a deal, where Mole Knight would remain in land and Treasure Knight would stay, submerged beneath the waves. They left one another alone so they wouldn't enter any conflicts.

Propeller Knight[edit | edit source]

How about we both wager our takings here on who can grab more of the lucre surrounding us? Winner takes all.

Treasure Knight and Propeller Knight have a mutual respect for each other. Although they respect each other, Treasure Knight is umbrageous and thinks no one should be trusted, so he never fully trusts the sky pirate.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Treasure Knight employs a high mobility fighting style, using his retractable anchor to deal damage and move around the arena at high speeds. He also relies on caltrops thrown into the arena to provide area denial and control.

Techniques:[edit | edit source]

  • Horizontal Grapple Anchor
    • Treasure Knight aims his cannon arm toward a wall for a split second before firing his anchor toward it. After a small delay he will either retract the anchor or pull himself toward the wall. This is particularly deadly as the anchor projectile AND his subsequent dash will both cause damage on impact.
  • Vertical Grapple Anchor
    • Similarly to the horizontal grapple Treasure Knight will aim his cannon arm toward the ceiling. After a short delay, he will rise up toward the ceiling. This differs from the horizontal grapple in that it's the trigger for some of Treasure Knight's other abilities to become ready.
  • Grapple Slam
    • Whilst floating high Treasure Knight will aim his cannon arm toward the ground and fire the anchor. He fires it very quickly and as such it causes the golden coins to blast from the floor. Whilst in the "air" he will do this attack twice, placing himself above his target using Horizontal Grapples. Afterward he will grapple to the floor again.
  • Ground Slam
    • Treasure Knight readies his fist and punches the ground, causing a large golden coin ripple to travel from one end of the arena to the other. Caution should be taken, standing close to Treasure Knight can cause damage to be taken from the punch and then the displacement from the punch will cause the incoming wave to catch you as you exit invulnerability.
  • Caltrops
    • Treasure Knight throws floating caltrops into the arena. After a short delay he will cause them to pop dealing damage in a small area of effect.
  • Suction Chest
    • Treasure Knight throws a chest into the middle of the arena which acts as a vacuum, suctioning Shovel Knight toward it. Shortly after the chest activates Treasure Knight will toss Caltrops into the arena, the suction from the chest will cause them to swirl around the area becoming somewhat unpredictable damage sources. Once trapped in the chest, his target will lose 500 gold and lose four points of health once hit by Treasure Knight's horizontal grapple anchor.

Joustus Deck[edit | edit source]

RedCardTreasureKnight.png RedCardSerprize.png RedCardSerprize.png RedCardSerprize.png
Treasure Knight Serprize Serprize Serprize
RedCardGrapps.png RedCardGrapps.png RedCardHermittack.png RedCardHermittack.png
Grapps Grapps Hermittack Hermittack
RedCardHermittack.png RedCardHermittack.png RedCardGulperMage.png RedCardGulperMage.png
Hermittack Hermittack Gulper Mage Gulper Mage
RedCardGulperMage.png RedCardMantar.png RedCardMantar.png RedCardMantar.png
Gulper Mage Mantar Mantar Mantar

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

Before his boss fight

"Treasure Knight: My gems... My vessel... My ocean. Your very presence tarnishes."
"Shovel Knight: You are to lay claim to the sea itself? Your greed knows no bounds, Treasure Knight."
"Treasure Knight: Your hands are no less dirty. Even now, others are paying for your avarice. Let us duel. Winner take all..."

Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]

Before his boss fight

"Treasure Knight: What's the matter, Plague Knight, alchemy business slowing down? Here to make some coin? Or are the Order's coffers running dry? Can't you just synthesize all the fool's gold you want?"
"Plague Knight: Ha! Good guess! But no, it's something
more important than mere gold.
"Treasure Knight: !!!
More important than gold?
Now you're just being ridiculous. Get out of here you bottom-feeder!
"Plague Knight:
, your Essence is showing,
hee? ?hee? ?hee!
I hope you don't mind if I help myself!

Specter of Torment[edit | edit source]

Before his boss fight:

"Treasure Knight:
I just brought my ship to the surface...and already I find a beggar on board.
"Specter Knight: I'm not here for a hand out. Instead I bring a proposition...unrestricted salvage rights and a place as the Enchantress' financier."
"Treasure Knight: Oh, I'll
spend gold to make gold. But how can I take your word that my investment would be secure?
"Specter Knight: Our deals go far beyond words. Behold a glimpse of the power she commands!"

At the tower's banquet:

"Treasure Knight: I was told there was a banquet hall. This? This is a travesty. The only thing fit to order here... is a complete renovation."

King Of Cards[edit | edit source]

"Treasure Knight:
That fish had drawn near! I waited for hours! You scared it away, with that gilded getup!
"King Knight: Gilded indeed, workman! Have you no respect for your betters? You've found royalty!"
"Treasure Knight: I respect only one thing, and that's wealth... but you appear to be
most of yours!
"King Knight:
Thank you!
The trick with gold polish, you see, is small clockwise circles, with a soft brush.
"Treasure Knight: I'll bear that in mind as I toss it in the vault. And you overboard, with the other worthless trash!"

At the Glidewing:

"Treasure Knight: As if this...
would be seaworthy. Dry lungs, indeed! Sailing the skies... What folly! Perhaps playing Joustus will distract from the poor atmosphere.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Treasure Knight was enlisted as the the Order of No Quarter's financial manager. He can be seen at the end of Specter of Torment distributing the salary for various minions. Accountant visor included.
    • In the challenges "Dirt Clod Dash", for Specter of Torment, and "Dirt Clod Bash", unlocked with the King Knight amiibo, you can find Treasure Knight taking care of the Order's finances if you, respectively, go right or left at the beginning.
  • He is the only knight who willingly agreed on being a member of the Order of No Quarter in Specter of Torment. Specter Knight only fought against him to show the power the Enchantress could give to him.

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