One of the three main types of items commonly found in Stages alongside Food and Jars, Treasure is the currency used in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Treasures are collected in the form of gemstones and measured in Gold, which is marked with a little chest symbol. The most gold that can be possessed at any given time is 99999 gold.

The value of the gems is based on size, with the smallest being the lowest; the values are 1 (gray), 5 (blue), 10 (green), 20 (yellow), 50 (red) and 200 (magenta). Also, in certain sparkling pits, golden fishes worth 350 can be reeled in.

Any treasure that wasn't out in the open when it was first found (being dropped by enemies, pulled out by chests and fake walls...) will blink in and out and eventually disappear permanently from the stage, unless the protagonist exits it and then re-enters. In case of the enemies, the same thing will happen if their dropped treasure falls into a pit. As such items like the Ichor of Fortune or the Treasure Trappings, which magnetize treasure drawing it towards their users, can be very useful.

Upon death, the protagonists drop approximately 25% of their treasure (halved if they're wearing the Final Guard/Treasure Trappings/Cloak of Clemency) in the form of three winged sacks, that will float near where they died. The protagonist, once revived, can then visit the place where he died and attempt to recollect his lost gold. It should be noted that if he dies again before recollecting the floating treasures, said loot will be lost once he restarts again. Also unlike jars and food, after dying any previously collected or blinked out treasure in the stage will not be reset, with the exception of treasure found inside dirt, which, if it fell into a pit instead of being collected, will reset until it's obtained.

Collecting large sums of gold is also how the Custom Knight unlocked by the Shovel Knight amiibo levels-up, unlocking more Relics and features as he does so.

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  • Treasures in the original game's beta versions were different and more varied. Their value were changed between the PAX 2013 demo and the trailer version.
    • In the PAX 2013 demo: silver coins (1), gold coins (5), ruby (10), amethyst (25), sapphire (20), emerald (30), gold (35), small diamond (50) and large diamond (100)
    • In the trailer version: silver coins (1), gold coins (2), ruby (10), amethyst (15), sapphire (20), emerald (25), gold (50), small diamond (100) and large diamond (250)
  • As with other elements in the game changed for the Japanese localization of the game, the gold bars worth 20 gold were re-textured for the most part as antique Japanese gold coins.
  • It is revealed that during their adventures, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight collected much treasure together. However, Shovel Knight starts with zero gold in a new game.
  • Treasure Knight is unsurprisingly obsessed with treasures, claiming it as the most valuable thing in life. Similarly, Mole Knight loves to dig out hidden riches, although more as a way to confirm the superiority of his excavation techniques.
  • One of the major reasons as to why the Alchemists are seen with suspicion and disdain from the majority of the Valley population is implied to be because they produce fool's gold from sawdust and mouse skulls and sometime use it in place to genuine gold as they don't see any differences between the two, leading the common folk to see them as cheating thieves.
  • It's impossible to go below the numerical value of three gold by death.


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